Andrea Iannone Given Penalty Point For Move During Qualifying

Andrea Iannone has been handed a penalty point for an incident during qualifying at Le Mans on Saturday. The Italian was deemed to have ridden dangerously after he rejoined the track at the Garage Bleu Esses almost directly beside Marc Marquez, who was on a flying lap. 

Marquez had complained about the move during the press conference, but Iannone had claimed that he had run out of brakes at the Chemin aux Boeufs chicane and cut across the sliproad. Marquez had responded to that suggestion by pointing out that if you've run out of brakes, you normally close the throttle across the sliproad, rather than accelerate. Race Direction appear to agree with Marquez' assessment.

Below is the press release on the incident:

FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix

Monster Energy Grand Prix de France - Decision of the Race Direction

On 17 May, 2014 during the MotoGP Qualifying 2 session of the Monster Energy Grand Prix de France, the rider #29 in the MotoGP class, Mr Andrea Iannone ran off the circuit and rejoined the circuit at a speed and in a position which caused danger to himself and another rider, and disrupted the progress of the other rider.

This is considered to be irresponsible riding and is therefore an infringement of Article 1.21.2 of the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Regulations.

A Race Direction hearing was held with the rider in attendance.

The decision of Race Direction is to impose the addition of one Penalty Point to the record of rider #29 Andrea Iannone, according to Article of the 2014 FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Disciplinary and Arbitration Code.

No appeal was lodged.

The decision of Race Direction is final.

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This is a good decision, IMO. It is reasonable and proportionate. By F1 standards, Iannone would be further penalized for taking out Hayden in the race. I hated that it happened to Nicky, but am inclined to call it a racing incident that should not be penalized.

As I remember it, Iannone was already trailing Marquez, and when he outbraked himself, he just tried to be quick enough trough that escape road to get in behind Marquez again. It wasn't a close call.

On another note: maybe they will now start to see how laying acres of tarmac ouside the actual track introduces as much safety problems as it tries to solve. Already we are seeing riders leaving the track everywhere, just because they can afford to. Even in a race you hardly lose time if you completely miss your turn-in point, cut across other riders and go full speed over the run-off area to re-enter the track in a dangerous move without losing a place.

Missing a corner should lose you some serious time, and make you think you might topple over; that will induce safer riding to start with. And it will make the tracks look way better again. More and more tracks look like giant parking lots with colored lines marking out where you are supposed to ride. But that's just a side thought.