Nicky Hayden Has Wrist Surgery To Clean Up Injured Joint

Nicky Hayden has had surgery on his right wrist to attempt to cure the continuing problems the American has had. On Tuesday morning, Dr Riccardo Luchetti performed arthroscopic surgery to remove floating material and clean up various arthritic build up which had occurred after previous injuries. Hayden also had anti-inflammatory drugs injected directly into the joint, in an attempt to reduce the swelling which was present.

Hayden is hoping to return to action at Barcelona, in just under two weeks' time.

Below is the press release issued by the team:


DRIVE M7 Aspar rider undergoes arthroscopic cleaning of right wrist, carried out by Dr Riccardo Luchetti

Nicky Hayden underwent surgery today to cure a niggling wrist problem that caused him to pull out of the recent Italian Grand Prix. The American had already ridden through the pain at the previous rounds in Spain and France, and falling on it again in Le Mans after the contact with Iannone did not help to his situation. But the discomfort proved too much at the more demanding Mugello circuit and the DRIVE M7 Aspar Team rider took the doctors' advice to take no further part in the Grand Prix and to go under the knife today. The operation started at 8:10am and took around an hour and a half.

Dr. Riccardo Luchetti was the man in charge of the operation, which was carried out at 'Casa di Cura Profesor Ernesto Montanari Spa' in Morciano di Romagna, Italy. An arthroscopic cleaning procedure was carried out on his right wrist and some floating matter was removed. Nicky was also injected with an anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling and loosen the joint.

Following a brief spell of rest the DRIVE M7 Aspar rider will be discharged today and then he will rest and recover, with the hope of returning next week in time for the GP of Catalunya.

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Unfortunately it won't solve the bike problem. Fingers crossed that he goes to WSBK ASAP so he can start attacking the front again. Tired of empty promises by manufacturers to provide competitive bikes, only to sabotage themselves time and time again.

Nakamoto'san says "next year more power" yeah, right buddy. Excuse me if I'm not buying your BS anymore.

During my 41 years of riding, and 18 of racing, I broke my left scaphoid (carpal navicular) at least 3 times. The hardest bone in the body to heal if at all. Since the blood supply flows through the center of the bone, once broken no blood flows, and the far end dies. Once dead, it will not knit. This is why I had a screw inserted in mine. Frankly I felt immeasurably better the next day. I can't help but second guess Nicky on this, but of course I'm far away. Was the original screw, they one that "gave him problems" put in for speed healing, or because of necrosis? If the latter, his wrist will never be right without the screw in there holding it together. I believe he originally mentioned that the screw was sticking out and rubbing something. Mine is totally embedded in the bone. It is an interesting piece of kit. The bone is peanut shaped. They drill a shouldered hole down the length of it. The screw, really a set screw, has threads of different diameters and pitches on each end. Once the threads engage, tightening the screw draws the two halves of the bone tightly together. I find it hard to believe that he needs better doctors or advice, but from the outside looking it, it looks like an effed up situation, which could be career ending.