Scott Jones' Catalonia Dreamin' - Saturday At Barcelona

The fastest Marquez on the day: Alex

A new style from the old master

Where the old master got it from?

Rain. It almost held off on Saturday. Will it do the same on Sunday

Mono. Dovi. Desmo.

Lorenzo's helmet and number have been designed by Anna Vives, working for those with Downs Syndrome in Spain

Brad Binder has been fast all weekend in Moto3. Sometimes, too fast

Number 6? 4th!

Mojo located. Pedrosa bagged his first pole

Lightweight sprockets

Anything to escape the sweltering Catalonian heat

Yonny Hernandez, an impressively fast Colombian at Barcelona

Big Red

Bradley. Better than before

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Like these shots. Especially the ones in the corners. Really catches the speed that they are going.

Interesting to see Rossi adapting to the new winning style. If he can actually re-invent himself at 35, it will be amazing. Even more amazing than he has been already.
Could also be that it is just that particular corner of course. And it may not work on the Yamaha... We'll see!