Post-Sachsenring Surgery Update - Arm Pump Operation For Crutchlow, More Wrist Surgery For Hayden

With nearly four weeks of rest between the German Grand Prix at the Sachsenring and the round at Indianapolis, riders are taking advantage of the break to have surgery. On Tuesday, Cal Crutchlow had surgery to relieve arm pump, and help reduce the swelling in his forearms. Crutchlow had had swelling in his forearms since crashing at the Sachsenring in 2013, a situation which previous surgery has done little to relieve. Though he posted a picture of himself on Twitter with both arms in bandages on Tuesday, he was fit enough to type several messages on the social media website a day later. Crutchlow is expected to be fully fit and back in action at Indianapolis. 

Nicky Hayden has had more invasive surgery. The Aspar rider has been suffering the after effects of his first-corner crash at Valencia 2011 ever since it happened, Hayden breaking a scaphoid in the incident. Further crashes exacerbated the injury, and his wrist became seriously inflamed at Jerez earlier this year. One operation to clean up the joint earlier in the year provided some relief, but now, Hayden has decided to try a more serious solution. Hayden underwent surgery to have a proximal row carpectomy, which involves removal of the scaphoid, lunate and triquetrum bones. Hayden had long been suffering arthritic symptoms around his scaphoid, and the scaphoid had failed to heal properly after the crash in Valencia. The PRC procedure should allow for increased mobility and much less pain. Hayden also expects to be fit to ride in Indianapolis.

Below is the press release issued by the Aspar team on Hayden's surgery:

Nicky Hayden undergoes successful operation in San Diego

DRIVE M7 Aspar rider was treated yesterday at the Oasis Center in San Diego

DRIVE M7 Aspar rider Nicky Hayden has decided to go back under the surgeon's knife yesterday in order to increase mobility in the joint. With nine rounds now completed out of eighteen in the 2014 season the 'Kentucky Kid' is making the most of the summer break to fix his wrist properly.

On Wednesday morning at 6am the DRIVE M7 Aspar rider underwent an operation that lasted an hour and a half, carried out by Dr. Chao at the Oasis Center in San Diego. The medical term for the procedure is a proximal row carpectomy with radial styloidectomy, which involves the removal of a row of small bones in the wrist in order to increase mobility within the joint.

Dr. Chao reported that the operation had been a success and that Nicky now has increased range of motion in his wrist. The former MotoGP World Champion will now take some rest and begin therapy to recover and return to racing as soon as possible. The DRIVE M7 Aspar Team has full confidence in the rider and wishes him a swift and full recovery.

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I'd never heard of a PCR, but "ectomy" suffix told me they were pulling parts out of him. That sounds pretty drastic. "Let's pull some bones out of this guy and not put them back."

Heal well, Nicky.

I saw Kevin Schantz wrist close up several times before he retired, it was as thick from the top as it was from side to side, really bad. I hope he gets over it.

I took a look at the description of this surgery.
I am not a doctor, but it looks like a big gamble.
I really hope it works for him, I am sure he can performance well if fit.

Hey's the Kentucky Kid! Toughest bastard in the paddock. Keep kicking ass Nicky. Less bones = less weight. Less weight = faster acceleration. I see what he's doing there.

'Doctors completed a top-end pneumaticvalvectomy for Mr Hayden, and cut the sheathing surrounding the contractual legalities for Mr Crutchlow with success.'

Awesome! Wish I could vote more than once, thanks for that one ;)

So it sounds like an orthopedic surgeon evaluated Nicky's wrist, decided it was a simple design issue, and redesigned and rebuilt to a new spec that improved it's performance. Huh. Sounds pretty straightforward and sensible.

So maybe Dall’Igna could use a few orthopedic surgeons on his staff, as it seems likely that Nicky's wrist will be able to turn long before any Ducati will.

Nicky, Nicky, Nicky...

First you have the Herbert Screw removed because it was sticking out past the bone and rubbing soft tissue. Never mind the screw is in their to hold together a dead bone that won't knit. Then when it doesn't get better (why should it), you have clean up surgery. Then when that doesn't work you have a row of 3 bones (including the offending scaphoid or carpal navicluar) removed, and the top of the Radius bone trimmed (which I'm sure leaves that surface in just a prime condition for a joint surface).

Did anyone consider re-installing the Herbert Screw into your bone properly so it didn't stick out. I realize according to the literature that the PRC is supposed to get you back quickly, but do you really think there will be any strength in your wrist? If you think it was arthritic before, just how well will the 2nd tier of remaining carpals mesh with the end of your (trimmed) radius and ulna now?

I pray that this is not the end of your career, and salute your toughness. I am sad in that, from an outside view, it appears you received less than stellar medical advice. Then again, what the heck do I know.

Nicky Hayden

"I was having some issues with the wrist and the Doc went in and found a significant build up of stubbornness, bad ideas, Rossi memorabilia and marinara sauce. He'd seen similar damage in Stoner's wrist, but nothing this bad. Doc said it was lucky I got in now or I'd probably have to ride in World Superbikes, so I definitely dodged a bullet there".

Pass the KY

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