Alex De Angelis Announced As Colin Edwards' Replacement At Forward Racing For Rest Of 2014

After the news that Colin Edwards would be taking early retirement comes news of his successor. As had been widely trailed, Alex De Angelis is to take Edwards' spot in the NGM Forward Racing team for the remainder of 2014, while Edwards will return to do a wildcard at Silverstone at least. De Angelis has been racing for the Tasca Racing team in Moto2 this season, his place will be taken by the Italian rider Riccardo Russo.

De Angelis will concentrate on riding the Forward Racing chassis, rather than the Yamaha chassis, while Colin Edwards will continue to work in an advisory role. De Angelis has previous experience, both in MotoGP and with Bridgestone tires, having spent two full seasons in the class in 2008 and 2009 with Gresini Honda, as well as replacing the injured Hiroshi Aoyama in 2010, and Ben Spies at Pramac Ducati for the Laguna Seca round of MotoGP. No doubt his experience in the class and with the tires played a role in Forward's choice.

Below is the press release issued by Forward racing making the announcement:

NGM Forward Racing and Alex De Angelis together in the second part of the 2014 season

The NGM Forward Racing Team announces that Alex De Angelis will race alongside Aleix Espargaro starting from the GP of Czech Republic on board of a Forward Yamaha.

Alex will replace Colin Edwards who announced the retirement from racing competition but will continue to be a key figure in the NGM Forward Racing team.

Giovanni Cuzari

“I have always considered our team as a big family and Alex has already been part of our team. Moreover he has experience in MotoGP so I thought that he was the best rider to line up with our colours and I’m happy to give him this opportunity to return in the premiere class”.

Alex De Angelis

“It’s a dream come true for me to return in MotoGP. I was working on this project last year, when I was racing with this team. Racing the second part of the championship with the NGM Forward Racing Team on board of a Forward Yamaha it’s a great occasion and I’d like to thank Giovanni Cuzari for this opportunity as well as the Tasca Racing Team that released me. I know that it won’t be easy for me to be competitive from the beginning as we have no time test the bike before Brno, but we will give my best. I can count on a very good team and competitive package so I really look forward to it.”

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I guess it doesn't really matter at this point, but does anyone know if Edwards' decision to take his retirement early was his, or his teams? I know there are lots of Edwards fans on this board but walking away from full time competition in the middle of the season, without any explanation, looks really poor IMO.

Of course I know nothing of his situation so maybe I shouldn't judge, but I like it when people see their commitments through to the end.

Colin's a prototype bull-headed, butt-stubborn, I'm-gonna-do-it-or-die-tryin' kind of guy. Just take the last few years as an example. He didn't quit then, why would he quit now? In retrospect, he probably should've gotten out after Tech 3.

But he didn't. In typical bull-headedly stubborn fashion he persisted, taking rides he should have known were going to yield unsatisfactory--for him, at least; sidebar: note the linguistically ironic presence of presence of both "un" and "factory" in "unsatisfactory,"--results. but he kept butting that head of his against the wall. Again, if he didn't quit before, why would he quit now? I don't think he did.

On the other hand, he's certainly not shy about saying whatever he wants to say. Which is a subset of doing whatever you want to do. Maybe he just finally found the limit of what he'll put up with and said "f*ck it." Everybody gets one of those in a career. I don't think he didn't.

The press release included comments from Giovanni Cuzari and Alex De Angelis but none from Colin Edwards. That seems like a pretty good indicator to me.

Isn't DeAngelis the guy Colin referred to as "A Dumb-Ass Italian at the Italian GP" for skittling him at San Marino in 2009?
I know, racing incident, lots of water under the bridge and all but kinda funny that DeAngelis' former interaction with Colin was when he did that subbing for another rider in MotoGP.

I think that quote came from Nicky Hayden after De Angelis punted him off at the first bend. The same thing had happened to Nicky the previous year as well but it may have been Capirossi to blame that time.

No kidding!! Alex has done nothing GP except take other riders out. He must come with a load of cash because tire experience of not, there is loads of other guys in Moto2 that would better suited.

I mean I know he's under contract with them and it makes sense, but was there NO ONE ELSE???
We've been down this road (lost count of how many times). He shouldn't be in GP so why not try to give someone else a shot

I have always remembered that being Nicky who said that. Sounds like the team is being respectful to Collin and I bet that Alex will have better results. Maybe Collin can get to work getting us some new Americans in the series.

That's how I remember people calling him back in his MotoGP years, because of his rather infamous passing attempts.

It was Nicky that used the term "fruity rainbow helmet" referring to Alex Dangerous after being punted off the track at Mugello. Colin was commenting on the incident when he made the generic reference "there's always some dumb ass Italian at their home track trying to win the race in the first turn."

Come on now it is obvious why he is replacing Edwards, to take out Marc. This is Yamaha's last effort to salvage the season.