2015 Preseason MotoGP Testing Dates Announced

At Silverstone, the provisional testing calendar for the winter of 2015 was agreed. Preseason testing for the 2015 MotoGP season will take place at the usual locations, starting with the post-race test at Valencia, and continuing at Sepang and Qatar for MotoGP, while Moto2 and Moto3 go to Valencia and Jerez.

The 2015 season gets underway on the Monday after the final race of 2014 at Valencia, the MotoGP bikes testing from Monday through Wednesday. After the traditional winter test ban in December and January, testing will once again resume at Sepang, on 4th February. The MotoGP teams return to Sepang for the second test on the 23rd of February, before heading to Qatar. The dates of the Qatar test has not yet been fixed, as it depends on the date of the opening round of MotoGP at Qatar. That race will either be on the 15th or 22nd of March, but the date cannot be finalized until the Formula One series draws up a calendar. The Qatar test will take place a week before the race at the circuit.

The Sepang and Qatar tests will be four instead of three days long, to allow testing of the Michelin tires to begin. With Michelin set to replace Bridgestone as the spec tire supplier from 2016 onwards, one day of each test will be set aside for tire testing. At both Sepang tests, that will be the last day of the test, while at Qatar, it will be the first day. At the first Sepang test and Qatar, only test riders will get to test the Michelins, while at the Sepang 2 test, everyone will get the first feel of the Michelin tires.

The Moto2 and Moto3 riders will do their preseason testing in Spain, as usual. They start in Valencia on 10th February, before moving south a week later, testing  at Jerez on 17th February. The final official preseason test will take place at Jerez again on 3rd March. All of the official Moto2 and Moto3 tests last three days.

Below is the testing calendar:

10-12 November 2014 Valencia
4-7 February 2015 Sepang 1
23-26 February 2015 Sepang 2
6-9 / 13-16 March 2015 Qatar
Moto2 / Moto3:
10-12 February 2015 Valencia
17-19 February 2015 Jerez
3-5 March 2015 Jerez


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Hi David,

Thanks for that. Good to know exactly how long we have to go without any MotoGP action!

I was wondering, any information on a provisional calendar for 2015? As you say, the opening round can only be decided once Formula 1 has finalised it's calendar, but I was wondering if any of the other rounds had been settled as yet, the round at COTA specifically.


Yes the Round at COTA and Jerez would be of great interest to me... thx.

First day at Qatar seems odd, usually that's a writeoff, principally going 'round to blow the sand off and grind tires down to the nub in 5 laps.

Do they expect to get meaningful data or are they actually wanting to see how the tires deal with a dirty abrasive day?