Official: Marc VDS To Move Up To MotoGP With Scott Redding Aboard A Honda RC213V

Marc VDS Racing are to move up to MotoGP, fielding a factory Honda RC213V for Scott Redding. The deal was announced late on Sunday night via the Marc VDS Racing Twitter feed, after meetings between the team, Honda, and team owner Marc van der Straten.

The agreement means that the Marc VDS team will field a factory Honda RC213V for the next three seasons, through 2017. The duration of the contract had been a critical point in the negotiations, allowing the team to spread the costs out over a longer period, and showing HRC's support for both the team and Redding. 

The move to MotoGP had been mooted after the Indianapolis GP. After Indy, rumors emerged that Gresini's title sponsor, Go&Fun, would be pulling out of their deal a year early. Without the money from Go&Fun, Gresini could not afford the factory Honda. Gresini have now officially switched to Aprilia, leaving a factory Honda and an Open class Honda going begging.

Once they realized the bike was available, the Marc VDS Racing team started work on gathering the sponsorship to cover the cost of a factory Honda. They thought they had covered the cost at Silverstone, only to find that as a new team, they would have to pay for their own tires and freight, and not receive support for travel from IRTA. That left them €1.7 million extra to find in less than two weeks. They were believed to be just short of the necessary amount, but some last-minute negotiations - including the signing of a main sponsor for the project - may have covered the shortfall sufficientlly to make the move.

The team have yet to issue a full press release on the move, as there are still details with Redding's contract with Gresini to be cleared up. Once those issues have been resolved, then a full statement from the team will be expected. There are some details we know, however: unlike at Gresini, the Marc VDS bike will run Ohlins and Brembo, rather than Showa and Nissin. A crew chief is yet to be announced, but it is unlikely that Redding will be reunited with Pete Benson. Benson is currently working with Tito Rabat, and as Rabat is expected to be challenging for the Moto2 title again in 2015, the team feel it is a bad idea to split Benson and Rabat up.

The Redding annoucement means that two British riders will be on the satellite Hondas. While Redding is on the Marc VDS bike, Cal Crutchlow will be switching to LCR Honda for next year.

The announcement also clears the way for a further raft of announcements. Redding was being courted by Aprilia, Ducati, and Forward Yamaha, while Aspar were also waiting to pick up the factory Honda and Redding if Marc VDS decided against making the jump. With Redding gone, the second seats at Pramac, Forward and Aspar will quickly be filled. Expect a flurry of activity at the Aragon round in two weeks' time.

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The fight between LCR's Crutchlow and MarcVDS's Redding will make the satellite competition much more exciting from next season and a huge point of interest.

As an extra, I would love MarcVDS to find the cash for an Honda RCV1000R on which to place Camier as Redding's team mate. With Miller on the equivalent LCR it will make another interesting comparison.

I guess it's a pipe dream given the struggle for funding for the one bike, the fact the price will be significantly higher for 'new' RCV1000R customers and it would require another pile of money for tyres and logistics costs. This raises a thought: If a team is an existing one man team (and not last in the championship standings) then in year two expand their entry to two bikes, must they pay for tyres and logistics for the second machine as a new entry?

Yes, any expansion won't be funded. The second bike at LCR Honda (for Jack Miller) is also a new entry, and LCR won't receive tires or freight for that bike either. They will continue to get it for the first bike, the RC213V to be ridden by Crutchlow.

and assuming PBM outpoint Avintia what was stopping Marc VDS buying out the PBM team for a small fee and using their grid slots / transport / tyre allocation?

After all if there are no new teams coming in except MVDS, then PBM's grid slots are effectively worthless.

Edit, forgot about Suzuki but the question still stands, buyers market?

Very good point. Paul Bird already has allocated grid places/funding etc.

It seems so obvious now you've mentioned it.

Maybe that was one of the small details they said they needed to sort out before the press release??

My thoughts exactly regarding PBM, what is the value of a grid slot if it means the travel and tyre money does not come with it. As far as I can see the only way the e1.7m per bike would only be forthcoming if PBM continued as the same team in some form, not just sell their slots on the grid to another team. If MVDS bought a controlling share in PBM that might do it but from the reports it seems like that deal can't have been a possibility. So what is happening to PBM David, any whispers?

Good news for Redding and great to see a team such as Marc VDS in the premier class.

Also can't wait to hear all the excuses Crutchlow comes up with as to why redding is beating him.

"...there are still details with Redding's contract with Gresini to be cleared up."

Presumably Gresini owes Redding something for failing to live up to it's end of the bargain. Will they be contributing towards his new ride? Go@Fun must pay SOME penalty for early termination - yes?

I thought I put a longish post here (all my posts are long actually) and then posted on the other thread and I find that the post is gone. Did I say something controversial? I don't think so. So I presume I forgot to save it after previewing it. Old age does funny things to people.

Now that it is clear that Scot Redding is going to be on the RC213V Honda with the Marc VDS team and also that this team will have only one rider, it looks like the existing production racer Honda that Gresini has can go to LCR and maybe that will clear the way for Jack Miller to get onto a MotoGP bike. Gresini's misfortune may have worked to the advantage of Marc VDS and LCR, not to talk of Jack Miller (Redding is getting what he was promised anyway). What is interesting is that Gresini will shortly be promoted to running a works Aprilia team but for how long would that situation remain is the question. The subject of Suzuki has been off the radar thanks to these developments and the early return of Aprilia. So are PBM's slots going to Suzuki? Are Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Vinales their riders?

I also read on an interview with Loris Baz's manager that Aspar is not keen on having him due to his height even though they have some kind of document already signed. Amazing.

Gresini has signed a 4 years deal with Aprilia, will keep all the team and Aprilia will send extra engineers. Bautista seems to be confirmed, Melandri rumoured but yet to be confirmed.
Baz is up for a seat at pramac like di meglio and Petrucci (the last less likely).
Laverty to go to Aspar?
Still one forward yamaha to be filled.

It has seemed for weeks that the rest of the production bikes are going for the guys that are bringing in the largest pile of cash instead of aiming for the fastest guys available on the series. And based on the latest to week news and rumour feed that seems to 100% spot on.

There is something really fundamentally wrong in the motogp paddoc as motogp teams are running a 4-10 million business/bike but they are not willing to pay anything even for extremely quick riders (if they don't have the right passport or very thick wallet from the sponsors). As a one example it has been reported that Kallio has been offered a Aspar seat during weekend but with no sallary which he turned down and critisized the attitude of some teams in the paddoc,without putting the team name on the table. (With other option being baz, that would bring in really heavy subsidy from Dorna, and Laverty that most likely will get the seat for having a better wallet than other "competitors"). It has been also rumoured that Luthi had also received an "offer" before which was even a lot worse and the rider should have piled high amount of cash, and obviously not getting paid anything.

The motogp series should be fully about having the best riders on best, but equal enough bikes,but the sport couldn't be much far from it like it is nowadays. Just can't accept the fact that part of teams are running bikes for highest bidder, undepending on the speed or aim to achieve best possible results in competition, like if they would be renting fiat pandas or other cars as a main business. :( and on top of that Dorna putting heavy subsidies in for passport riders, every time they is trying to sell TV rights on big countries ( yeah right, like a subsidy riders in the back of the pack would increase the sales and market value of business)

Extremely good thing still for redding that he got the chance for a suberb bike and for two years!! Good to see that at least someone is able to get the chance and financial backup in the series to try to show what you are really made off on a top pack bike.

David, quick question. I haven't heard much about how Go & Funs early termination will affect the Gresini Junior Team. Presumably they will be losing their sponsorship as well, but where does that leave them for next year?

I only thought they (Go & Fun) were terminating the MotoGP Sponsorship, not the junior team also. Given that there are currently over 32 bikes on that grid, perhaps a slight thinning of the herd isn't such a bad thing. Just saying...

I was just going off the story that Iannone had not received funds for his bucket sponsor either. Logically I figure the Junior team is on the chopping block as well.

I agree it should be 'the best' riders who get chances. However, if you are a team owner who isn't flush with cash and you have two options, one of whom brings cash rather than needing it....
It's easy to see how this starts and how you stop it isn't easy.
Perhaps Dorna, now they have saved a few $mills from team support, can set up a standard deal whereby teams/sponsors who don't pay their riders the Dorna-preferred $300k net per season can get a Dorna top-up. Sort of a welfare for riders....... Quite how you means test that I don't know though....
Or, perhaps Dorna should deduct $300k for each rider and pay it direct. Any rider who was having to hand it back could easily blow the whistle. Actually, this is quite difficult to stop. Leave it as it is. If the rider is happy, so be it.