Scott Jones On The Island: Race Day Photos From Australia

Attack vector: Rossi about to try to pass Lorenzo at MG

The new Cal Crutchlow is a completely different kettle of fish to the old one

After faltering in the last few races, Jack Miller got it perfectly right at home

The tale of the race? Marc Marquez dived into the lead from the start...

... built a massive lead ...

... but it ended in tears when temperatures dropped and grip disappeared

Maniac Joe lived up to his name in Australia. Two dodgy moves, the last ending with him in the gravel

It also ended Dani Pedrosa's race, Iannone having damaged the rim of Pedrosa's rear wheel

Phillip Island produces great racing. Fantastic battles up and down the grid...

... an insanely intense Moto3 race ...

Even Moto2 was worth watching

Maverick, Master of Moto2

Pick a winner. Moto3 was a free-for-all

Rossi's win was almost as popular with the crowd as Miller's in Moto3

Some spectators were just happy to have survived the weekend without incident

A forest of photographers

The runaway train went over the hill...

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Thanks David, but I was only making a joke, though if I lived alone in my house I would surely think about it ;-), I do like these pictures a lot by the way, the thing I like to see most is the rider his eyes but with the dark visors they are using today this becomes nearly impossible.

"Some spectators were just happy to have survived the weekend without incident."

I see what you did there - cheeky bastard!

Great shots from Scott as always.
Vale and Jorge look like synchronised dancing, there's something about the colours that make pictures of those two really special.