2015 Moto2 Provisional Entry List Announced - Herd Mentality Sees Massive Switch To Kalex

The FIM today released the provisional entry list for the 2015 Moto2 class, consisting of 31 entries for next season. Most of the championship contenders remain, with only Maverick Viñales making the move up to MotoGP. They are joined by the two top contenders from Moto3, Alex Rins and Alex Marquez, withMarquez going to the Marc VDS team, and Rins taking the place of Viñales at the Pons HP40 team.

The biggest change in Moto2 is the continuing transformation into an almost completely spec class. A collective fear of risk and innate conservatism sees the vast majority of Suter teams abandon the Swiss chassis builder in favor of Kalex, leaving just a single Suter on the grid, the German rookie Florian Alt at the cash-strapped IODA Racing team. The migration from Suter is odd, as the Swiss chassis builder has two wins, three 2nd places, and six 3rd place finishes, which would suggest that the chassis is extremely competitive. 

The mass flight to Kalex means that 23 riders will be on the German chassis. All of the 2014 teams will receive 2015 material, while the newcomers will race the 2014 chassis. In addition to Kalex and Suter, there will be three Tech 

The full list of entries for Moto2 appears below. It is still provisional, and so changes may still occur up until the start of the season.

No Rider Nationality Team Machine
2 Jesko Raffin SUI SAG Team Kalex
3 Simone Corsi ITA NGM Forward Racing Kalex
4 Randy Krummenacher SUI Jir Moto2 TBC
5 Johann Zarco FRA Ajo Motorsport Kalex
8 Gino Rea GBR AGT Rea Racing Kalex
10 Thitipong Warokorn THAI APH PTT The Pizza SAG Kalex
11 Sandro Cortese GER Dynavolt Intact GP Kalex
12 Thomas Luthi SUI Derendinger Racing Interwetten Kalex
19 Xavier Simeon BEL Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 Kalex
21 Franco Morbidelli ITA Italtrans Racing Team Kalex
22 Sam Lowes GBR Speed Up Speed Up
23 Marcel Schrotter GER Tech3 Tech3
25 Azlan Shah MAL Idemitsu Honda Team Asia Kalex
30 Takaaki Nakagami JPN Idemitsu Honda Team Asia Kalex
36 Mika Kallio FIN Italtrans Racing Team Kalex
39 Luis Salom SPA Paginas Amarillas HP40 Kalex
40 Alex Rins SPA Paginas Amarillas HP40 Kalex
49 Axel Pons SPA AGR Team Kalex
53 Tito Rabat SPA Marc VDS Racing Team Kalex
55 Hafizh Syahrin MAL Petronas Raceline Malaysia Kalex
60 Julian Simon SPA QMMF Racing Team Speed Up
66 Florian Alt GER OCTO Iodaracing Team Suter
70 Robin Mulhauser SUI Technomag Racing Interwetten Kalex
73 Alex Marquez SPA Marc VDS Racing Team Kalex
77 Dominique Aegerter SUI Technomag Racing Interwetten Kalex
88 Ricky Cardus SPA Tech3 Tech3
94 Jonas Folger GER AGR Team Kalex
95 Anthony West AUS QMMF Racing Team Speed Up
96 Louis Rossi FRA Tasca Racing Scuderia Moto2 Tech3
  To Be Confirmed   NGM Forward Racing Kalex
  To Be Confirmed   Gresini Racing Moto2 Kalex


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Time to open up the engine regulations. A spec class has no place in Grand Prix.

Outdated Honda engines in one make frames, this has to stop. Road bikes have no place in GP racing, especially spec engines.

I have disliked this from the moment the class was announced. I keep banging on about it but 500cc Twins, same rules as Moto3, what's wrong with that?

Or if not that, no spec tyre. Its no surprise chassis choice is normalising to a choice of one. Open the class up to tyre competition & suddenly there will be a number of possible chassis answers to how to go fast with the spec honda engine.

Put this dreary class out of it's misery please. It was bad enough when it was a bunch of chassis manufacturers you'd never heard of battling it out, now that it's all but a one-make cup it's lost any appeal at all.
Get the manufacturers involved again, make it what it once was, which is a transition class between the tiddlers and the big bangers. 500 twins with moto3 style engine/ecu controls to keep costs in check but allow them to be proper racing motorcycles.

They never should have left the two strokes in the first place and if you bring back the manufacturers in, well ............... start saving money because the costs will explode, just look at the moto3 class ..................
I've said it many times before, if you start racing 4 strokes the costs will increase every year for the simple reason that the maintenance costs are much higher compared to 2 strokes

I agree, 500cc twins would make the most sense. Saw a RC213V engine in half, put some standard electronics on them and bam, there you go.

Can you imagine how awesome they would sound?

The Moto2 class as makeshift for two or three years would have been alright but it is being dragged along long after its expiry date. It is a shame that everything in this class is turning out to be spec. Spec engines. spec chassis, spec tyres, spec whatever else. At least previously it was a world chassis championship now with Kalex taking over everything except three Speed Ups and one Suter all others are Kalex. So what is this championship about?

Agreed that w (almost) one chassis, spec engine and tire we have much less to be interested in here. However, a few thoughts...
When we have had periods of just two manufacturers filling a grid that has not been good either.
This HAS done a good job of keeping costs down and a full grid, especially during our global economic recession.
The sliding and bar banging aggressive style that has made its way into MotoGP is welcome in my book.
Whatever has made for a MarcVDS step up into MotoGP is a positive, although how and if this relates to the Moto2 rulebook is beyond me at the moment.

That said, I would like to see an affordable place for lots of manufacturers of all sorts to get involved. I would also like to see it be a good balance of cost, accessibility AND be a fit for transitioning towards MotoGP. From where I sit is has been 'good enough' on most counts but far from optimal. Participation from lots of different makers and innovation being sorely lacking.

Methinks the 600cc 4cyl is plenty fine. Keeping costs down w minimal electronics and basic motor seems fitting in the light of aforementioned big cost differences to do otherwise. How else could costs be so low besides a spec engine? Would there be a que of manufacturers and smaller bike builders interested and able to jump in if it were opened up? Is it reasonable to expect that a middleweight prototype class can flourish now?t

you don't remember the spec class that was the Aprilia Cup in the 2t 250GP days of not so long ago. You even had Aprilia deciding the annointed ones capable of battling for the title by bestowing a handful of Factory bikes.

And you have rocks in your head if you think racing a 250 GP bike is less expensive than a Moto2 machine, the 250's were horrendously expensive! Like $1M expensive just to lease (not buy) a machine for a season.

Far better the stepping stone we have methinks. No the Kalex situation isn't ideal but as it stands there is nothing stopping a clever team building a good Moto2 bike without needing the GDP of a small European nation to fund it.

Don't be confused with what's coming on moto3.... There is nothing for moto2 that says these kalex machines need to me similar or the same.

Also Suter's been loosing customers ever since they sold themselves to one team at the expense of all others by not providing new parts to anyone but Marquez team. Those who wanted a chance a the championship immediately moved to kalex.

For all we know the Suter's that have been out there could still be old relics that never been updated with information and parts paid for by repsol...

I agree the class is not perfect. But the racing and racecraft learning is spectacular. I also remember the "annointed" ones on their factory bikes dominating. I don't wish for that to return.