How To Watch The Second Edition Of the Superprestigio Indoor Flat Track Race In Barcelona

Saturday night is the last chance to see the stars of motorcycle racing turning a wheel in anger. On 13th December, the cream of both the MotoGP and AMA flat track paddocks meet for the second running of the Superprestigio, an indoor invitation dirt track race, at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. The setting is a classic location: the Palau Sant Jordi is part of the former Olympic park, set atop Montjuic, scene of many legendary motorcycle races of the past.

For those who could not make it to Barcelona themselves, they need not despair. The event is to be broadcast in several countries around the globe, as well as streamed live online. In the UK, the Superprestigio will be broadcast on the BT Sport channel. In the US, the event will be streamed live - with English commentary - on the Fanschoice.TV website, as well as on the website of Cycle World magazine

Action starts at 6:30pm local time, with heats for the two different classes: Superprestigio, an invitation-only class for GP and elite road racers; and Open, for AMA flat track racers and other offroad disciplines, including enduro, long track and European dirt track. The final is a run off between the best riders from both classses, which starts at 9:10pm. You can see a full schedule on the DTX Barcelona website, as well as a full list of riders, and ticket prices.

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Sincere question: why don't flat track races alternate direction? I understand the cars getting set up to only go one way, is it just that bikes get stuck following suit?

This is awesome! watching the intro right now! can't believe I didn't know about this. And its free?!?! Will this have all the new AMA/MotoAmerica races next year?

I changed browsers and all was well. Marq was amazing. I confess that I was heart broken with Jared's second place finish. I would have liked to seen Shayna compete with them on a mile. I think the big unheralded story though is Noyes.