Scott Jones 2014 Retrospective: Part 2 - Austin

Jorge Lorenzo's season went from bad to worse at Austin, with a jump start of almost comical proportions

By the end of 2014, two of the three Americans in this picture wouldn't be racing. It was a tough year for Americans in GP

Austin was still not a Yamaha track in 2014

Welcome to Texas, Mr Pasini

Up close and personal with a Yamaha YZR-M1 clutch

This would be Colin Edwards' last race in the USA

And that, my friends, is why riders do dirt track

Once upon time, American racers ruled the world

This was one of them. Settled law suits meant that Kevin Schwantz was allowed back into CotA


Turn One was the scene of much carnage in Moto2

Boxing? No, taping up palms to prevent blisters

Colorful Fenati

Andrea Dovizioso scored Ducati's first dry-weather podium since 2010 at Austin. Signs of real progress

Desmosedici GP13 vs Desmosedici GP14

Riding the wave

Andrea Iannone aims high

Toughest braking spot of the year: uphill into Turn One

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"Andrea Dovizioso scored Ducati's first dry-weather podium since 2010 at Austin. Signs of real progress"

Misano 2012? Rossi 2nd?

While you are quite correct that the race at Misano in 2012 was dry, it was a strange weekend. It was appalling weather on Friday and Saturday, the track only really drying out on Saturday afternoon, meaning that the riders had almost no time to work on a dry set up. Rossi and Hayden had tested at the circuit a couple of weeks previously, and so had a lot of data which the other teams and riders did not have. Rossi scored a highly creditable podium that weekend, but the weather was a factor. At Austin this year, it was pretty much dry all weekend, and nobody lost any time to the weather. 

When putting together the captions, I try to limit myself to just a sentence, or two short sentences. That leaves little room for nuance or subtleties. So while you are technically 100% correct, I feel that Rossi's podium at Misano involved a couple of mitigating factors, while Dovizioso's podium had a little more to do with progress made by Ducati. Even then, Austin saw Lorenzo get a jump start, and Rossi suffer extreme tire wear, but those, perhaps, are more akin to the normal randomness which any race can throw up.

Incidentally, I remember Misano 2012 particularly well, as I went for a walk down pit lane in the soaking rain. Misano has windows in the garage doors, one of the few tracks to do so, and one of the Honda teams had left one window uncovered as they worked on the bike, not expecting people to be walking along pit lane in the rain. I peered in and got a glimpse of an RC213V uncovered, and saw just enough to convince me that the engine was a 90°V4, rather than the 72°V4 of the RC212V.

Another dry Rossi podium with asterisks. The infamous Simoncelli-Pedrosa incident.

Given that Dovi's podium at CotA also had a bunch of asterisks that you mentioned (in fact very few races don't, in general), my humble opinion is that it's best to stick to the facts for short captions and the like. The point about Ducati's progress is clear anyway. Again, just my humble opinion on the matter. By the way, the "Retrospective" series is fantastic for the winter. Keep up the great work!