On A Brief Hiatus - Full Service To Be Resumed Next Week

You may have noticed a distinct lack of articles over the past few days. That is in part because there is nothing much happening - motorcycle racers are hard at work training, while factory race departments are frantically working on the last details of their 2015 machines - and so there is not much to report. It is also in part because we are having a well-earned break, and are spending some time away from our computers.

We will start to provide coverage of World Superbike testing, which starts later this week, while normal service will be resumed from Monday, 19th January, when we are back at our desks. From then, we will also resume our review of 2014, before looking forward to 2015. We apologize for not providing you with anything to help fill the empty weeks of January, but hope to make up for it once we return, together with some new initiatives.

Thanks for your patience!

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Aha! While the cat is away...

I love stoner and I hate every Rossi fan boy idiot here and everything they think. If the media treated Stoner like they do Rossi he would unquestionably be here beating Marquez.

Can we please talk politics? I come here to get to say what I also know to be fact, which is that we should have no taxes for anyone and pass out guns like toothbrushes from the dentist.

AAnd because of my vast knowledge of business and economics gleaned from running my own window washing business let me just enlighten you about how the sales of scooters in Thailand relates to Dorna's marketing plan, as it relates to pay per view tv.

I also put together an RD400 track day bike, and now know EVERYTHING relevant to engineering and rules prohibiting dual clutches. In addition to washing windows I have used Google's cloud based products to do spreadsheets with my cousin Vince who helps me wash windows. Vince says two stroke 500's would solve all our problems in MotoGP. He's right, and we know it because the software and electronics development MotoGP is doing right now is taking shape in a logistical plate of spaghetti. Believe me, I know what it takes.

No one else wants to hear me talk, so I just come here and yell through a megaphone. I have a lease on reality. If Dorna just did what I said...


Enjoy a break David. Hope this gave you a chuckle.

Enjoy your holiday David, refill your battery and last but not least I want to shout out loud:



Go for it David. Your fantastic reporting and dedication to keeping us moto heads in the know has more than earned you a well-deserved break.

I am, however, going through withdrawal over here. To keep the conversation going amongst us readers.........

Cal Crutchlow, 2015. Where will he be in the standings after 2 races, 6 races, 10 races and end of season?

Smoke em if you got em.


Cal? He is an ingrate loud mouth whiner like an adolescent girl. Even HRC can't re route his mouth to exit rearward on the bike while riding, but if they could it would make him as fast as he seems to say he is. At Tech 3 he was given everything he could want, cried his way to the bank at Ducati, then made it sound like the bike was hard to ride (did Stoner ever say that? No, because he is the best that ever was and that's a FACT). At Ducati he was given a bike that Stoner could win a championship on but look at his results. All because he complains and wets his pants.

Here is another fact: there is a conspiracy in MotoGP to have a certain rider win. They just WANT you to think HRC is the puppet master. Think again. What happened to Spies and his Factory Yamaha? Rossi. That's right, Dorna and Graziano have every crew chief in their pocket. See those bikes "slowing down to save fuel" at races? Ever see Graziano on the TV at the same time? You really think Burgess and Yamaha got the M1 that competitive so fast? Or tthat the Italian bike Stoner got on "adhered to a design making set up difficult and turn in poor?"

Just wait, you'll see I am right eventually when the "unified software" conspiracy scheme is in place. I am really well known you know. I have a blog and podcast I have been doing for years on the Russian Ninja 250 Cup series. You might have heard of it, it's a pretty big deal.

ha ha nice Freudian comments motoshrink! I need to point out a huge error in your line of truthniess. You say Cal :"At Ducati he was given a bike that Stoner could win a championship on but look at his results. All because he complains and wets his pants." The fact is the bike Cal was given was closer to ( i.e. further from the 2007 desmosedici) the version of the Ducati that caused Casey to take time off from racing. Or was it lactose intolerance?

I'm going to guess that he could wind up behind both Ducatis if Iannone keeps progressing as he is.

But hopefully Cal will be as competitive on the Honda as he was on the Yamaha in '13 an at least finish the year in the top 7

Thank you very much for the porn. Good stuff !

Love it Highside. I have used Guy as a great example in therapy with young people diagnosed with ADHD that are horribly unsuccessful in a conventional school setting that there are invaluable gifts of the "Hunter-Inventor" focusing style. Their immersive externalizing into moments. They never "practice" and can stay "in it" past what was possible.

Bridge back to Britten, and again over to IOM.

Britten did what he did "because I was single and had little money so spent 18hr days doing what can't be done in any other fashion" (my paraphrase). Guy Martin = Hunter style, Britten = Inventor focusing style. Both could have been diagnosed with psychological ailments in our conventional medical model.

Modern post industrial culture is brand new. Industrial a quick flash. Farming? Newish, and determines a great deal of conventional consciousness. We are, however, mostly put together as Hunter Gatherers. We did that for a LONG time. In bands of about 120 people. In which these sorts of people were superstars.

You're break is very well deserved. When the season's start, you'll be non-stop. Thank you for the great work you do.!

Aegerter to test Kawasaki MotoGP prototype?

Moto2 race winner Dominique Aegerter has been invited by Kawasaki to test a 'prototype' at Jerez later this month, "prompting speculation" Team Green is still interested in MotoGP. 

Aegerter told "The test team of Kawasaki will work with me. I will ride a prototype. The invitation came directly from the factory. I don't know exactly what I will test. The machine is equipped with Michelin tires. But not those being developed for the 2016 MotoGP class.” 

Interesting eh?

Hey 4!

There have been several horses being beaten, and this one may not be destined for glue and pet food.

There was substance behind Avintia and the Green factory bobbing for apples to feed a previous horse but the CRT platform was left to starve. I believe this to be a fresh pony.

I will NEVER forget what the Hayate/Melandri contractual obligation "abandoned to starve in the pasture" horse galloped up to for a season not long ago. Talk about a dark horse! Against ALL odds. And so much better results than the previous year in green. Triumph of the human spirit, that one. The inverse opposite with propping him up in Spiderman livery which wads up "pop!"

"Monster Energy manager" Tommy Hayden just announced that they are major sponsor for 2015 Kawasaki WSBK. They have Sykes AND Rea, and a new set of rules that knocks the Aprilia down a peg. They just unleashed a production bike upon the world that is a fresh (and supercharged) horse of another sort and shows vision.

They may be gathering more resources in the war chest, engineering dept, and rider pipeline than could be assumed. Smells fresher than the Suzuki MotoGP outfit from my afar sniffer.

Inevitability. 2017 or 2018 is my question.

$170,000 U.S.

Can anyone loan me a couple hundred thousand bucks? I need one. Think there is a way to mount a rack and trunk on the back to hold a sleeping bag and pillow? If so I am in luck, as I paid $197k for my house and might be able to line up a trade.

Stoner tested it alongside the new factory bike, and it was 5 tenths slower at Motegi. I promise!

Hi Motoshrink, interesting thoughts. I am hoping the green horse gallops back. The 2009 'Hayate' season was stirling, no doubt (even enough to briefly accept Marco Melandri. Then he went to WSB and resumed normal service). I am hoping their return will be sooner rather than later.

Other links well worth a read, thanks. Oh and I will happily lend you $170k. The rate will be 200%apr representative with a strict repayment schedule of 6 months. Order 2.

Pink Floyd meets Golden Mountain. Hadn't seen it in a good while, big thanks for this blast of awesomeness in a bleak winter break. :) Bring On Sepang!!!

There are a few compelling bits in here I hadn't seen before. "Feel the power" theme.

I don't experience it that I am "buying a product" by clicking on site support once per year. Or guilt if I don't. I sincerely feel good about buying David and Scott a lunch. They are our friends doing something invaluable.

Watch for the couple of flaming bike bombs...