Dani Pedrosa Suffering Intractable Arm Pump Problems, Facing Uncertain Future

Dani Pedrosa is to seek urgent treatment for a severe arm pump problem. After the race at Qatar, in which Pedrosa could manage just a sixth place, the Spaniard revealed that he has been suffering with severe arm pump for the past year, which has badly affected his results. Pedrosa spoke to a lot of specialists over the winter, all of whom suggested avoiding surgery, as the Spaniard has already had surgery to try to fix the problem last year, which has not proved successful.

The less aggressive treatment he tried over the winter has failed to solve the problems, which arose immediately during the very first race. Pedrosa will now try to find another solution to this problem, and will seek further medical advice on treatment. His main priority, he told the media, was to fix the problem with arm pump, before trying to race again.

Though Pedrosa did not give a straight answer, his immediate future is not clear. Whether he will race at Austin is uncertain, and whether he could miss more than one race is equally unknown. It seems likely, given Pedrosa's history with the problem, that he could miss part of the season. If he does miss any races, it is unknown at this time who Honda might select to take his place. The most likely candidate will be either HRC's official test rider, Hiroshi Aoyama, or someone from a satellite or Open Honda team. Aoyama is the most likely candidate, as he raced until the end of last year. Although Casey Stoner is officially a HRC test rider, he has made it amply clear that he has no desire to race in MotoGP.

In the post-race press release, Pedrosa was quoted as saying the following:

"Tonight’s race didn’t go to plan and unfortunately, I had serious problems with my right forearm which isn’t good news for me. I worked very hard over the winter in order to find a solution, because I was suffering in every race last season. Every doctor recommended that I not undergo another operation and I have tried to look for alternatives, but by the looks of things nothing is working positively for it. Now I have to assess my options and see what I can do. It is probably the most difficult moment of my career. I will do my best to find a solution but in this moment it is difficult to imagine what it could be."

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No way. It would be pretty amazing though. How about Rabat though? That's one way to get him on your team, and after today maybe he's re-thinking staying in Moto2. :-)
But I think my favorite would be to have them give the seat to Hayden. Just so everyone can really see once and for all if he still had it...
Lastly, bummer for Pedrosa.

Stoner has plenty of money. He has a beautiful wife. He has already made it
quite clear that he detests everything about MotoGP other than the racing itself.

Sensible people will understand that Stoner, like most other Aussies, says what he means and means what he says. Stoner is not coming back.

But it would be pretty awesome if he did, and of course you are a fan.

Given how pissed Crutchlow must be at himself for jumping ship from Ducati at the completely wrong time, and he placed top non-factory Honda rider, it would be great if they give him a crack on Pedrosa's bike.

I have no empathy for Crutchlow. He reminds me of the coworker who's always making excuses and looking for greener pastures.

If anyone, Nicky deserves to have at least tasted some of the success of the GP15.

Minimum weight in MotoGP should be 145kg.

If HRC had any class, they'd put Hayden on the bike for a farewell tour.

If HRC had any class, thy wouldn't have given Jonathan Rea one of the slowest bikes on the grid year after year after year.

They treat aliens like Marquez and Stoner very well, the rest they treat as if they should be happy to even touch a Honda.

I agree. I think it personifies a bad relationship where one party keeps promising things will get better with no intention of keeping that promise. Rea imo should've got a crack in MotoGP with Honda.

"I had serious problems with my right forearm"

Yet you placed 6th on a +250bhp motorcycle, on a field of extremely fit , almost super-human athletes?

Dude, I had a serious problem when I got cancer!

You were just not 100% fit or had kind of a pain in the arm, but that's a long way from a serious problem,but rather a minor discomfort. I think Pedrosa is looking for a scapegoat, maybe his serious problem is HRC management, since Papa Puig is not there anymore and HRC is getting tired of the same old story.Maybe Marquez got over his head or getting beaten by an old men did him in.

out of the replies, your's is the most pompous

You getting cancer and Dani Pedrosa having an arm pump problem are not in anyway comparable. For a GP rider an arm pump problem could be serious in the context of that becoming an impediment in his quest for a victory. If Pedrosa has a problem with HRC the first race of the season is not when it is likely to show up. It could have happened before the start itself or somewhere midway through the season. When Casey Stoner had a lactose intolerance problem sapping him of energy, it was also seen by many conspiracy theorists as a problem between himself and the Ducati Team Management. To say such things about riders perhaps is being uncharitable to them and their problems. Dani Pedrosa was once Honda's golden boy but as Livio Suppo said he still doing better with his one arm than most other riders. Puig may have been abhorrent as a person but just because he mentored Pedrosa is not a valid enough reason for putting him down brutally.

Even if it is true that riders and in this case Pedrosa make up stories to get out of problem situations, I would still give them the benefit of doubt. While I am no big fan of Pedrosa myself, I do not think I will ever disrespect his talent, which he has in good quantity. Let him be, there seriously is no reason to trash him.

Well, another vote to put Nicky on the works Honda after that third rate bike they gave him last year and the second rate bike this year---this would be pay back for the years Honda screwed Nicky after he won the 2006 Championship and Honda redesigned the bike so only the midget Dani could ride it (and Dani STILL couldn't bag the big prise)…
I am sorry for Dani---nobody wants to leave a career because of health problems…
Oh, and Cal already has a "good" Honda...

I've come to love the comment section on this site for the insightful and mostly accurate musings about MotoGP from seemingly knowledgeable people.

Right now though I am pretty disappointed to see some of the completely empathy-free and downright spiteful comments on what might potentially even be the end of a highly successful rider's career. Go figure, even on that well-known page everyone here quickly points to for the trolls, the top comments are those of support for Dani.

Whatever your personal feelings about Pedrosa might be, it's a pretty sad day for MotoGP when one of the four top riders has to call it quits for an indeterminate amount of time due to health reasons and I for one wish him a speedy recovery and hope he'll be back in the saddle soon and I couldn't care less at this point about who might or might not replace him.

Pedrosa has a habit of not disclosing the full extend of his injuries to the media until a long time after the fact, he's already done that in the past and whoever alleged that he's "just using this as an excuse" you apparently have not followed his career at all.

He is very talented, definitely deserves his place on a top flight bike. Gloating over his problems is nasty.

Like all top riders he is tough and determined I saw him put a couple of brave overtakes in even yesterday.

I hope for a recovery and wish him all the best.

I dont care who they put on it as long as its someone who can put it close to where it should be. Getting riders from other competitions doesnt work in my opinion, they should have at least some motogp experience. At any rate hope dani gets well soon.

Poor guy has had a career ful of doctors and operations, GWS and come back fit.

HRC historically bring in riders from outside the series when a rider is unavailable e.g. Johnny Rae not so long ago.

Sylvian Guintolli is a current Honda rider, current WSB champion with MotoGP experience who is stuck on a CBR which is going to win nothing at the moment, would be a sensible choice to cover for Dani in the short term.

To steal an expression (Barry Sheene?)
Pedrosa is so unlucky that if he had a had a duck it would drown.

I am really sorry for him. He was not my favourite in 250 but I came to like it over the years, and to build sympathy for his proverbial bad luck.
Best wishes to Dani, and yes another vote for Nicky :)

What planet are people on to think Hayden should be given the ride? I like Nicky, he seems like a decent bloke, but he wouldn't have been moved on from HRC and the factory Ducati squad if he still had the speed - and that's all that matters. I think we're forgetting Nicky didn't exactly win lots of races when the RCV was unquestionably the class of the field - which isn't necessarily the case now. Nicky is also older and most normal people slow down with age. So lets see past his passport here people and get a sense of perspective...

Aoyama will likely get the ride unless LCR's sponsor problems mean Crutchlow or Miller get moved up to help Lucio's finances.

"That Sunday, he had ridden a solid race and taken advantage of the misfortunes of others, ending the day on the podium. The heady mixture of hope, determination, talent and a smattering of luck put him where he wanted to be."

You said it in your other post, and that's the story of his World Championship too. Whilst a really nice guy and a very good rider, he is where he deserves to be. He may not even still be there if it wasn't for the fact that he is American and there aren't others for Honda and Dorna to support!

He doesn't warrant the Repsol Honda at all, but then I don't know who does, certainly not Cal. Possibly Aoyama, and then only because he knows the bike, has MGP experience and Honda may need some more race speed development after this weekend.

I've never been a great Pedrosa fan, but like others I have warmed to him over the last few years. He doesn't deserve this at all and I hope he gets the problem sorted soon as he is always capable of a rostrum and even the occasional win and the more people like that the better. It is always more enjoyable to watch exciting , close races - even more so when there are five or six riders in the mix. This season already looks good, long may it continue.

I'll start like others and say I am not now , nor have I ever been a fan of Dani. I have never thought him capable of a Premier Class Championship. I do not however wish him any physical pain or discomfort and he has endured a lot. I didn't see anywhere that he is retiring, so in the short term who could fill his shoes ? Not sure who that might be, but it sure is not Nicky. Being American I am a fan , but the results do not warrant a factory seat at this point of his career. He too is still injured and could not do the bike justice. Cal would probably just bin it. Aleix is the only rider I see putting it on the box right away and that just ain't gonna happen. Bring up Tito, or put Miller on it seems like the only logical answer for Honda. Wow, the silly season got an EARLY start this year.

I feel Dani's career is surely at an end. He's taken plenty of knocks over the years and he's no need to endure even more pain at this stage of his life. I think he'll most likely retire from racing.

Seeing as they've already got Aoyama on the payroll, in a testing role, it would make perfect sense to stick him in his place. Assuming Pedrosa doesn't get his problems sorted, they could use him as a test mule for Márquez for the whole year, at every race.

For next year, though, the question is open. It's not beyond the realms of what is possible that Crutchlow could end up getting the seat. But, I'm not convinced that merely finishing the season as the second best Honda behind Márquez would be enough. I'd completely discount Guintolli or Van der Mark too. Unless one of them can somehow miracle his way to the World Superbike title on the steam powered Fireblade.

They may well be looking to Moto2 for Dani's replacement.

That! ^

At least I speak up mi mind!

Pedrosa is one of the greatest, no doubt. But he seems stalled, is he a little too fragile for this sport?

And I shall not post while UTI !!!!!

I think the problem was not detected until the race due to his habit of doing very short runs in free practices. If he did longer runs like everyone else, he may found it up much sooner. then again he could have felt it and decided to just race anyway. hope he can be cured and soon.

I suspect the latter - he was simply hoping against hope that he'd be able to race with no arm problems.

Very sad day for him; any title challenge aspirations he had might be lost already. 6th in race 1 of the season isn't a deal killer, but missing even one race is, in this company.

Arm pump would rate as one of the most serious problems for a racer. Something similar ( nerve damage from a crash ) ended Freddie Spencer's career . Losing the ability to control your hand would be a severe detriment to operating a GP bike! I'm not a huge Pedrosa fan but I feel bad for him.

I have always been a great fan of Dani since 125cc in 2001. His speed and clever style always matched with what I like and respect in a rider. He has talent that many don't, and I think his time in MotoGP has been nothing but a nightmare in terms of injuries. I still remember Malaysia 2006 where he broke both ankles but still managed a 3rd place in that race. But that was the first of the many injuries he sustained.

I think 2008 has been his 1st real title shot but the crash at Germany really blew it away. He was currently 1st in the championship and was leading the race by 7 seconds. 2012 was his real chance, but then some guy named Hector Barberá knocked him out at Misano. Then at Phillip Island, while under the pressure of Lorenzo and being forced to push from the beginning, he fell on a cold front tire and that was it. 2013 he was going well until crashing again in Germany. And that's how Marc Marquez was champion (not forgetting that Lorenzo also crashed a day earlier than Dani).

At the start of this season I saw Dani much more happy and confident than ever before. He seemed to have changed and regained that desire to win like in 125cc and 250cc. But then he shocked us all with this new. I just hope that he can recover and get back to where he belongs, to the elite of racing, making us fans dream and enjoying what he does best: ride his RC213V, but honestly I fear his permanent retire.

Like our spanish pals say: Siempre 26. No corres solo.

allright, this is what Honda says; I don't care about Dani, All I care is Marquez, and maybe put the second Marquez in the near future.

Dani's been racing a long time yet this arm pump problem seems to have started relatively recently. It doesn't sound like he had these problems in 2012 or 2013 even after MotoGP switched to 1000cc machines. Could the modifications made to the RC213V in 2014 and this year for Marc Marquez be a contributing factor? Cal Crutchlow said the RC213V was the most physically demanding bike he's ever ridden, which is saying a lot coming straight from the GP14. Perhaps if Dani were on a less physically demanding bike like the M1 he wouldn't have these problems.

I'm sure he's unhappy about it, and I don't blame him.
But I don't feel sorry for him, either.

He's had a great run. And at worst he's looking at
retiring to a Hugh Hefner lifestyle.
He'll be alright.