Scott Jones' Texas Adventure, Part 2 - Track 'N' Tech

Up close and personal with the factory Yamaha M1 - Slipper clutch, brake cylinder, datalogging junction box

Fast and furious. The old man still has it

If only the MotoGP paddock was as open as AMA Superbike... 

The demise of the Drive sponsorship means Nicky Hayden can add a more personal touch to his bike

A competitive Ducati means Andrea Dovizioso is a consistent threat

Rookies of the year so far: Suzuki and Maverick Viñales

This is what determination looks like

Jack Miller has been quietly impressive on his debut in MotoGP

Marco Melandri: Going Gaga

Things didn't work out for Cal Crutchlow in the race

MotoAmerica made a modest but hopeful start to the series. Josh Hayes is still the man to beat

Eugene Laverty is learning to change his style from a Superbike to MotoGP

You can feel the optimism in the Ducati garage now

We're putting the band back together ...

When a Bridgestone front tire deflects that much, you're braking pretty damn hard

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What's with the Dunlop sticker on the fender? Stolen from a Moto2 garage?

Apples and oranges Whorida - England had motorcycle fever after WWII that never really waned, they birthed road racing as we know it.

USA? We made Nascar. It sucks. So do hot dogs and hamburgers. Wait, British food is horrible. ..but you get the scoop. USA does not have a significant motorcycle culture proportionally and the one that we do have is primarily cruisers and dirt bikes.

Me? I am a full blood Scotsman, and own a Triumph. Just happen to live here.

What's your explanation for being counterculture?

A man can dream damn it! A man can dream. Besides, what country puts out more promotions of this and that than USA? If people here can successfully sell a "Pet Rock" when I was a child, then there is no reason not to be able to sell motorcycle racing. ;)

Jack Miller quietly impressive...... So is everyone else because Donna have pretty msuch showed ZERO if the rest of the field apart from the front runners this season so far.... I hope it changes.

I feel exactly the same! I upgraded the motogp package to see if I could get any other sort of viewing from the other angles...honestly wanted to see more of Vinales; especially him fighting back up to 14th in Qatar or the other rookies since they're pretty much back of the pack. Nothing wrong with the scraps up front but a little view of the rest of the grid wouldn't hurt, hehe!

Anyone send their comments to MotoGP support? They have been very responsive to me when I have complained about things. If a bunch of people ask for the same thing, they might listen ...

They may not air the back of the field on race day but if they have footage, they could put together a reel for the Video section after the fact. Just a thought ...

By all accounts Miller and Hayden had a ding dong battle.... Would have loved to have seen it. Same as seeing Vinales. These are the new guys with much fan interest around the world. Dorna are doing no favours by showing zero footage of them. Especially when we have to sit through countless cut aways to bunches of men standing around in the pits..... (a very big pet hate of mine).