Marquez And Pedrosa To Try To Ride At Jerez?

It appears that both Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa will attempt to ride at Jerez this weekend. Dani Pedrosa will get his first chance to ride a MotoGP bike after having radical surgery to cure a persistent arm pump problem, while Marc Marquez has just had surgery to plate a broken proximal phalanx in the little finger of his left hand. Speaking to the Italian website, HRC Team Principal Livio Suppo said that he expected both riders to be present at Jerez, and to test their fitness during practice on Friday.

Suppo told that Marquez had phoned him after the crash, and told him not to worry, he would be at Jerez and ready to race. Speaking to the official website, Dr. Xavier Mir, who operated on Marquez' finger, confirmed that. After breaking his finger in a collision with another rider, Marquez had been taken to hospital, where a very slim, customized titanium plate was fixed to the proximal phalanx - the bone in the finger closest to the hand - to fix the bone, which was fractured into several fragments, some of which were displaced. Marquez is now undergoing therapy and treatment to remobilize the joint and suppress inflammation, and Dr. Mir was convinced that Marquez would try to race. He would not be at 100%, Dr. Mir added, but riders are capable of taking extra motivation from such situations. With the advent of seamless gearboxes, the left hand is not used very much - only at the start, and in and out of pit lane - but the two outer fingers are very important in terms of grip strength.

As for Pedrosa, the Spaniard is due to test his arms riding a supermoto bike later this week, before heading to Jerez for the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend. Both Pedrosa and Marquez will assess their fitness during practice on Friday, making a final decision on racing based on the outcome of practice. Hiroshi Aoyama will also be on hand, should Pedrosa still not be fit to race. Aoyama has already substituted for Pedrosa at Austin and Argentina, and will be on hand for the test on Monday, where the MotoGP riders will work on their 2015 machines, while the factory test riders will be giving the 2016 Michelin tires another trial at another circuit.

The decision on whether to ride or not will be easier for Pedrosa than it will be for Marquez. Pedrosa is already 56 points behind the championship leader Valentino Rossi, making a shot at the title look extremely unlikely. His aim for the rest of the year will be to challenge for as many wins and podiums as he can. As reigning champion, the pressure on Marquez to race will be much larger. Marquez is 30 points behind Rossi in the title race, which is not as worrying as it could be given the fact that there are still 15 rounds left in the season. With two competitive Ducatis, and the possiblity of both Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo being competitive, along with stronger challenges from Cal Crutchlow on the LCR Honda and the Tech 3 pairing of Pol Espargaro and Bradley Smith, the opportunities to make up points are much greater than they have been in recent years. It is key for Marquez to manage the points gap to Rossi as best as he can at this stage in the season.

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MM93 will still need the left hand grip to feel good to throw the bike around corners. Possible that stressing it with insufficient rest and healing on the hand he also could exacerbate it and leave it bothering him longer.

Interesting turn of events. Especially perhaps that he hurt it by RUNNING INTO ANOTHER RIDER while training in judo, er, I mean flat track. Right after getting beaten by VR46. The odds that this injury is not directly related to his internal state while riding are small. This kid though, he will come out stronger and wiser for it. Like when JL99 flipped and broke his foot, scaring him out of the gold helmet hubris. Instead of fear, MM93 is getting humility.

(Also, good for Pedrosa news that he has healed so fast. Let's hope the procedure worked...go get em).

Word around the campfire is the rider behind Marquez on flat track ran over the finger. Not sure I'm ready to blame MM93 for the injury and either way, I'm hoping he and Dani can both race this weekend. It's not as exciting of a championship if both Repsol boys are out of action, and I say that as a Rossi fan.

"The odds that this injury is not directly related to his internal state while riding are small."

Hahaha, gotta love the the armchair psychologists. Because it's not like riders don't always get injured riding dirt track anyhow, it must because MM was envisioning Vale while he was riding and THAT caused him to crash. After all one thing we've learned is MM is very mentally weak after all. Hahaha.

Well, I'd personally convinced myself that Motoshrink was an actual psychologist/psychiatrist as opposed to one of the purely armchair variety, but I think your point stands. Until they launch the Inside Your Favorite Rider's Head® simulcast on, even our best guesses are probably pretty far removed from reality.

Has anyone found any details about the accident? I know zip and would love to know more. I still feel pretty good about a hunch about what MM93's consciousness had to churn through following the weekend. Yeah, been working in the psychotherapy field since the mid 90's and love it. There is little magic to it, but it does get one familiar with the inner terrain. And it always seems to me that what arising and happening in any sport portrays one's inner life fairly readily. My golf shots are the best barometer of what is going on for me I have ever seen, it is uncanny.

Anyhoo, hope they both ride and do well.

" Especially perhaps that he hurt it by RUNNING INTO ANOTHER RIDER while training in judo, er, I mean flat track."

I chuckled out loud when I read this.

Having both of them at the starting line is the best news! Nothing against poor Ayo but a replacement does never sound as good....

I am super-glad for Dani because I really want him to be at the top where he belongs. He may leave MotoGP with no WC in the premier class but surely with lot of respect. He is "frail" but though in always coming back and facing adversity of different kinds.

And Marc, well, this is all experience he's stacking up and like Rossi or Lorenzo he's the kind of guy that just gets better!

Cannot wait for the race!

The top team in MotoGP has two Spanish riders and a Spanish sponsor and it's the Spanish GP coming up: There's now way either of them could not show up for this event. I just hope the pressure doesn't induce either one to race if it really isn't medically advisable. I want to see world class racing, not career ending mistakes.

Was that point ever really in doubt? Doesn't mean they can race effectively but they are gonna try....

HRC's strategy the weekend is the important thing to try and second guess;

Option 1, full support to the Repsol riders as always

Option 2, full support as normal but enhanced support for CC35 at LCR to try and get a bike on the podium to take points from Yamaha in the event Option 1 isn't working. You know the type of thing, a couple of extra data techs from HRC just happen to end up at LCR on Saturday and his satelite bike suddenly gets another 250 revs and 10hp.....

Option 3 try and work out which Repsol rider is the least crocked and build a race strategy around him

Option 4?????

I think HRC will have to make it us as they go along and not have a final strategy until the end of FP3, or at least have three plans ready to go in the event that the plans aren't going to plan (IYSWIM)

I agree. I think they will know and decide on Saturday morning when the walking wounded come to the track and report their physical condition (if they make it through the whole day on Friday that is). Aoyama will sub for whoever can't go and if both can't go, one team stays in the garage. As far as Crutchlow is concerned, I think the only way he even has a chance at getting any extra support this weekend is if they are both out after FP1 on Friday.

PS -- Speaking of Cal, he must be furiously poking those vodoo dolls to try and open up one of those factory seats for next year. lol

PS -- Speaking of Cal, he must be furiously poking those vodoo dolls to try and open up one of those factory seats for next year.

That won't help, since both Marc and Dani are contracted to HRC until the end of 2016. So unless Dani pulls a Casey, or even a Ben Spies, Cal will have to either bide his time, or look elsewhere.

Bit of fun;

If DP had to retire in 2015 (lets hope that's not the case) the first choice by HRC to replace him would be

Jorge Lorenzo. Probably. (wouldn't be the first time they've asked him to join)

Which would leave an opening at Factory Yamaha, if 99 was tempted, which is a big 'if' as the RCV's style isn't all about corner speed. So, if JL made the jump who would be the choice for his current ride? Cant see Pol getting the gig at the moment.......

Just joking around here ... but if I was Lin Jarvis and I would have to replace Lorenzo, I would currently be following a very fast rookie in Moto2.

Rins' style appears to be buttery smooth. He doesn't look half as out of control as Lowes and yet he is almost as fast in his rookie season. I have a feeling that the M1 would be just the bike for him. If Yamaha want to continue developing the bike in that direction, that is...

Stoner is a Honda Factory test rider.
Stoner has not tried the Michelin tyre.

Stoner should be present in Jerez if there is any sence in having him as a test rider...

I wish they would get stoner on standby as well, just in case neither DP or MM can race, then they have HA and CS ready to rock, and i think after all the talk we would be very forgiving should casey not win ;) It would be a rare treat just to have stoner in the mix again regardless of how he does.