Dani Pedrosa To Miss Jerez, Aims For Le Mans Return

Dani Pedrosa will not be racing at the Jerez round of MotoGP. Despite the optimism displayed by Repsol Honda team principal Livio Suppo earlier this week, a test ride on a supermoto bike showed that Pedrosa's arm is not recovered sufficiently for him to be able to ride.

The Spaniard announced the news on his blog on the Repsol website. He wrote there that he had ridden a supermoto bike to test his arm, and that though the riding had gone well, it gave problems after riding, Pedrosa describing it as "not 100%". Having already missed two races, Pedrosa believes it is better to miss this race as well, and try to come back fully fit at Le Mans, two weeks after Jerez. The priority is to make a full recovery and come back competitive for the rest of the season, rather than trying to race at any cost, and risk creating a bigger problem.

The Jerez race was always going to be a big ask. The recovery period for the surgery Pedrosa had - a fasciectomy of the right arm, to cure arm pump - was estimated at five weeks, and Jerez comes just a week too early.

With Pedrosa out, that leaves Hiroshi Aoyama to take his place in the Repsol Honda team again this weekend. At the moment, Marc Marquez is intending to ride, but with a shattered and plated proximal phalanx in his left little finger, riding will be painful. The plan is for Marquez to assess his fitness on Friday, and make a decision from there.

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This news was looming... BTW good for him that he will get more rest and for this weekend hiroshi will again substitute him. Now what remains to be seen is the situation of marc marquez. If he isn't able to ride then the aim of leading the championship later in the season will be a strenuous task. As we know his mentality he will ride at any cost but how competitive he will be is what wil be on the mind of everyone.

Good chance for crutchlow to fight for the podium and the prospect of a rossi win doesn't seem much difficult. Ducati's will be strong but lorenzo.......????????

that Marc will ride in Jerez this weekend. He himself confirmed the green light, although his finger will be checked after every session.

I could think of another rider who could probably do a bit better than Hiroshi. Oh wait a minute he doesn't know the track .. oops yes he does Oh well, Dani's pit crew are not used to him but they are seasoned experts with Hiroshi, aren't they? No? Oh well there has to be another excuse laying around here somewhere. Ahhh yes I remember. We don't want team Repsol to score too many points this year.

Though I'd really like to see Casey on it, why not Hayden?! I guess he doesn't have experience on the factory bike, but still, would he not do better than Aoyama? Maybe not, but throw the guy a bone eh? The team Hayedn is riding for doesn't even have sponsor he had to commit to haha

If they're going to grab a rider from another team then there's a better chance they will take Miller. Miller is already contracted to Honda directly, and he's the up and coming talent, whereas Hayden is the outgoing development talent.

More importantly, though, is this already a season filled with unexpected and variable incident or what? Repsol Honda beset by injuries and maybe less pace from their riders than hoped. Valentino Rossi leads the championship, and with exceptional speed. Ducati, mirabile dictu, seems to have the best bike. Marco Melandri is toiling around the back of the pack in some kind of 2-wheeled perdition. Suzuki is back on the grid.

Whatever this season brings, the first few weeks have been a-mazing.

I don't think so, and I think he will come back stronger.

Dani is signed up for 2016, plus VR's renaissance may give heart to a few riders that they too can come back strong.

Please stop posting under the influence? Still we see cries to bring back Stoner or give Hayden a factory Honda? GIVE IT A REST! It thankfully isn't going to happen. Remember HRC gave the hapless Kiyonari and woeful Elias rides after the deaths of Katoh and Simoncelli, for the remainder of the season. Aoyama will ride out the season if necessary with Crutchlow given factory support in an outside team - as happened with Biaggi, Gibernau and Simoncelli.

As I said in a previous comment on another article (or in he forum), I believe that this will be Pedrosa's last year in MotoGP. He's stated that the arm pump bothered him a lot last year. He didn't want this last surgery done then because he knew it was a last resort and doesn't want to accept the fact that it's over. HRC, pushed by Repsol, stood by him for many years. Again, the spanish influence comes into play. He's been a great rider and it's a shame he never got that title in the premier class. However, he's not the first one that's happened to. He's been a mainstay in MotoGP and after Randy Mamola is one that will always be recognized as the bridesmaid instead of the champion.

If Dani can't continue and HRC leaves Aoyama on the factory bike, I'd be not only surprised but also disappointed. He's a test rider, at best, and without help won't finish inside the top 10, even with arguably the best bike on the grid under his butt. As for Hayden getting to ride the factory bike. Please be serious. They didn't even have the intelligence to keep him on the secondary factory test bike that he won his championship on. Why the hell would they do anything to reward him now??

Enjoy retirement miniPed, I hope you find a way to stay involved in the paddock in some capacity.

Could it be possible for Dani to race smaller bikes? Moto3 is not possible and is a 600 small enough to make a difference? (Maybe I've answered the question)

People always talk about Lorenzo being smooth, I've come to think of Dani as silky...

Maybe a bike swap could be the answer for both Dani and Jorge. The Yam rewards smoothness rather than super late braking, and Lorenzo might need a change.

Dani is already a three time world champion in the smaller classes, and one of the most successful riders of the motogp era. I think he'd rather retire than step back into a "support class".

He just had surgery for arm pump, is healthy and young, and one of a half dozen people that currently can run at the front of a MotoGP race.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves eh? Let him get healthy and see if his arm pump on the right forearm is gone. THEN let's let the posts fly.