Brno MotoGP Ticket Sales Suspended - 2015 Round Looking Severely Doubtful

This year's Brno round of MotoGP looks to be under severe threat. Ticket sales on the circuit's official website for the event have been suspended as of this afternoon, after talks with Brno city council and the regional government broke down over funding of the race.

The message on the Brno circuit website reads:

With an immediate effect, Automotodrom Brno suspends the sale of tickets for the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic 2015 due to insufficient funding for the event. The final decision on the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic 2015 will be published on 29 June. In case of cancellation of the event, all paid tickets will be refunded. 

The issue seems to be a disagreement between the circuit, the city council, the regional government and the Czech state. All of the interested parties are keen to see the race happen, but none are willing to cover the costs without imposing conditions. At stake is a total of CZK 50 million, or roughly €1.8 million euros. Funds have been made available by the Moravian regional government, the city council and the Ministry for Education, but the circuit is still trying to reach an agreement with those offering the funds over the conditions for that money. 

The lack of agreement means that the deadline for the circuit to pay Dorna has passed. Talks are continuing between the track and the authorities over a solution, but they will require Dorna's forebearance over moneys not paid to the series organizer. It will be interesting to see whether Dorna is prepared to hang on until the 29th to give Brno a second chance. As the Czech round is the most popular of the season, with the highest attendance figures of the year, it is hard to understand how the circuit can be short of the funds needed to pay the race.

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This week started with all bad news, aaaarghhhh....first poor MVDM and then this statement from brno track authorities. Hope there is not another bad news in the line. As the assen weekend approaches the media is abuzz with so many controversies.

I have already booked air travel and everything and from the Isle of Man you can double the costs of travel.

A pretty poor show at this late stage and I will be interested to hear who has reneged on what here? If the organisers went ahead without the government funding in place then that is unforgivable!

...but this week MotoGP/Dorna is unfortunately beaming back stories that have that kind of odour attached to them. Been to Brno, superb track, great event, lovely place, cheap as chips to travel, drink, eat etc. TONS of free spending Germans who say it's way cheaper to travel there, stop in hotels and get trolled for 3-4 days than to do a Sachsenring weekend. Oh, and for perverts like me, it's surrounded by the original Brno road circuit. Everyone wants it to go ahead it's a big earner, but no one wants to underwrite it??

And the Assen thingie??

Only one constant here Karel Snr....

... at the expense of the sport.
Happy to say I went to the Brno GP some years back, absolutely awesome place. Looks to me that Abraham knows full well how popular it is and is chancing his arm at extracting yet more money from the government and Dorna. On the one hand it would be a tragedy to lose the round there, on the other hand guys like that need to have their bluff called once in a while.

Hopefully if it does go it will only be a brief omission.

David - what you say is true, in that there is a notice on the web site

However, Please note that this message is ONLY on the Czech language version. While I am not directly involved in these negotiations, we are a bit closer to the situation and in nearly daily contact with the circuit (as we always are being our flagship event and one of their biggest agents), I read this as a tactic being used to apply pressure to the parties to complete the financial arrangements which have already been agreed. (Hence the language)

While I only speak for myself, everyone here is 100% committed to making the event go forward this year and in the future.

Brno will happen this year. Don't cancel your flights! I will happily sell you tickets today for it. And I fully expect to carry on with our plans to do a big celebration of 50 years of Brno at our opening party Friday!

(And in the VERY unlikely event it is cancelled, we will refund all tickets fully. )

Look forward to your talk to us tomorrow here in Assen!
Gordon (CEO of Pole Position Travel)

The text in Czech:
Automotodrom Brno s okamžitou platností zastavuje předprodej vstupenek na Grand Prix České republiky 2015 z důvodu nedostatečného zajištění financování závodu. Definitivní stanovisko o konání Grand Prix České republiky 2015 bude zveřejněno
29. června.

If there is a real funding problem, how much are we talking?
They should ask Valentino whether its "only" a million or two...chrchrchr-I´m sure he would pay it. It would be a huge pitty if this magnificent course would not be in the calender anymore.

There was an article here on motomatters a while ago explaining it. IIRC the funding is all there, it's just an argument of who controls the funding. The circuit (Abraham) thinks that he should control it because they're running the race, but the government says that they can't give public funding to a private entity, so they have to control it.