Scott Jones Goes Dutch - Pictures Of Assen

No comment necessary

Pol Espargaro is trying hard to go fast. Perhaps a little too hard

No walk in the park

Scott Redding, like his old adversary Pol Espargaro, is trying really, really hard

A great rider, a smart team, a brilliant crew chief, some clever engineers. A potent brew

Follow the fast guy

Andrea Migno hooning round a racetrack on a naked 250cc four-stroke single - it could be 1925 all over again

Bradley Smith has come into his own in 2015

A new swingarm, and a track he doesn't have to learn for a change, and Eugene Laverty is fastest Open Honda

Red, white, and blue?

Has the beast been tamed? It is perhaps slightly more manageable. Now to try to stay on

What hides behind the carbon? Is it a torque sensor, perhaps?

Jacob's Ladder. Welcome to Assen

Crowd pleaser. Cal Crutchlow is always good value

Mr 100%. Because Aleix Espargaro never gives less


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it's been a while Mr. Emmett...
as always brilliant pictures with brilliant commentary