Scott Jones In Saxony: Friday From The Sachsenring

Sachsenring: Dani's track

Over the hill? Nobody thinks so any more

Old school style on the newest bike on the grid

Has Scott Redding finally cracked it? He had on Friday

Trees and hills, that's what Saxony is all about

Eugene Laverty is one of two sets of brothers on the MotoGP grid, now that Michael has gone to Aprilia


Livio Suppo, the power behind the throne at HRC

Right now, Britain's best racer, Bradley Smith

Fabio Quartararo hoists a mono

Ana Carrasco - one of two women on the grid now, and finding it tough to match Maria Herrera

CWM passes BMW

So that's where he has been keeping his mojo. At the bottom of the Waterfall

The devil is in the details, says Dovizioso

Welcome to Saxony


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