Scott Jones Shoots Silverstone - Rainy Race Day

In the wet, there was only ever going to be one winner from this battle

Clear visors make watching motorcycle racing in the rain even more interesting

Smoke, steam, or spray? You choose

Preparing bike swaps. Rules on bike positioning are taken very seriously indeed

Yonny Hernandez was one of several riders to crash out of the MotoGP race

You know how this feels, and it's not good

Fast at last, and off to Ducati

Andrea Dovizioso got back on the podium again at last

What the riders leave behind. Rubber everywhere

Jack Miller got a brilliant start, chasing down his teammate, before taking down his teammate

After his first podium, Danilo Petrucci told the press he kept expecting to wake from a dream

Tensest part of the day for Pol Espargaro

Nicky Hayden had a great result at Silverstone, winning the Open class

Love is... helping your future husband chase his dream

Not Bradley Smith's best result, but another solid finish on his way to his best year in MotoGP

He went thattaway

Toughest task on the grid? Selecting the next Elite:Dangerous mission

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*comment motivation below*

first of all, thank you david for your work, we could not praise you enough
i've been enjoying your website very much, and it looks like i am not the only one.

May this be a call for sanity / wake-up call to all those people feeling the need to give these ridiculous criticisms on the last race write up.

secondly, a message for all those people feeling the need to critize david over his work they enjoy for FREE, how dare you! At least become a site supporter before giving yourself the right to dis him over what he wrote. There's a saying for all these negative commentators, "don't bite the hand that feeds you", which would be well in place here!

thirdly, about the unfortunate usage of the word luck, i have to agree it is not a good idea to bring up luck in these circumstances.
On sunday (from my point of view) all of them were lucky, in fact, to me they are some of the luckiest people i know of, being paid for doing this ridiculously fantastic job!
Though as far as i know all four out of five aliens (don't know about DP26 and freely included CS27) were superlucky their fathers allowed them to race! Nah!

That said the danger with using luck in this context is it can be applied in every thinkable way to explain something, so i believe it is better not to use it at all...

I think what most people tried to say but got to wound up to do so was that Vale was as lucky with the conditions as George was losing only 12 points... if but's and know the drill

so keep up the great work and don't let them fools get to you! :)

PS: maybe you can find a way to close comments for non supporters when you feel the need? :p

*motivation for doing this comment: I read this website offline on the train, so i have time to go through the comments as well... and as i was shocked to see some of these comments I did feel the urge to at least try to add some sense to the section, so i made a little text "offline" only to find out the comments section was closed when i got to posting it! I hope this does not offend you.*

PS: a hardcore VR46 supporter since 1996 :)

oh, and let's not forget, these pictures & captions are superbe!

well said that man 100% agreed. brill work david thanks so much for your effort.
i look forward to all expected and unexpected write ups.
just going to join the site supporters crew!