Andrea Iannone Dislocates Shoulder In Training Incident

Andrea Iannone has further aggravated the shoulder injury he picked up while testing at Mugello. While out running, Iannone tripped and fell, and dislocated his injured left shoulder when he stretched out his arms to break his fall. Iannone had an MRI scan done on the shoulder in hospital in his home town of Vasto, Italy, after which the doctors put the shoulder back in place.

The doctors passed Iannone fit, and ascertained no obvious injuries, though they expressed doubt at the state of the tendon in his shoulder. Iannone is having Tecar therapy, an electromagnetic stimulation therapy, on his shoulder, in an attempt to be fit for the next round of MotoGP at Aragon in ten days' time. Ducati expect Iannone to be fit enough to race, though they do not expect him to be at 100%.

The Tecar therapy is just a short term fix to allow the Italian to be fit enough to ride for the rest of the season. Iannone is set to have surgery immediately after the Valencia round of MotoGP, to fix the damage done to the shoulder in the testing crash. That occurred back in May, when Iannone crashed heavily at Mugello and dislocated his shoulder. Though Iannone has not spoken in great detail of the injury, it seems that some of the damage includes injury to the tendons which hold the shoulder in place. The surgery scheduled for November is aimed at fixing this problem.

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O no! hope he stil be competitive for the next race, What I like from him is that he always give a amile to the camera just like valentino. while Marc mostly throw a smile when winning, but still like him though, just expect a more friendly face from him. Get well soon

such a great guy having a good season

best of luck

Wow, he dislocated his shoulder while jogging?
It must have been in pretty bad shape to begin with.
Sheds some light on the disadvantage he has shouldered since May!

He fell on his shoulder and dislocated it - while jogging. It's not like he was just running along and it popped out.

Ja, I read that, too. He fell while jogging. His shoulder must've been almost worthless to have dislocated itself from a fall while jogging.

I'm starting to think that other comments here are on to something. He must've injured himself some other way.

Anyone who has seen someone with a dislocated shoulder knows especialy the first weeks it is very easy to dislocate it again, I have seen drivers that could dislocate their shoulder while swimming or stretching out after a good night sleep, the muscles are very much stressed and weeken the shoulder severly.
I can't see the "LOL" of it .......................

I wouldn't laugh at a rider's injury. In fact I began by pointing out that the Maniac Joe's shoulder must have been in bad shape, and I my intent was to credit his good form despite carrying his injury for four months.

I did LOL, but I was merely laughing off what I thought was a bit of a condescending response to my post.

As far as I'm aware, you and I don't know each other. So I'm not particularly bothered about what you might think of me. Still, I don't want to condone laughing at injuries on this website, so I offer this explanation. Regards.

There's a 95% likely hood you'll dislocate it again.. I had to have mine fixed as it kept coming out... not un=usual at all.... quite the opposite. Luckily it can be fixed but therapy takes months.....

Running is dangerous. Even for people who are used to racing around tracks at over 200mph

This kinda sounds like the common "fell while getting out of the shower" stories you hear from our American baseball players. Unless Andrea is a parkour fanatic

Definitely sucks though, and hope this doesn't affect him long term.

@ghostdog6 - I think a lot of Spies' deal was he was so dang skinny. I have no doubts that the lengths some of the riders go to to drop & keep off weight is very detrimental to their health.

he'll probably win the next race! His first shoulder injury seemed to force him into a smoother more controlled style and his results took a big step in the right direction.

Seriously, shoulder injury's are notoriously difficult to treat usually taking a looooong time to come right (if ever) so wish him the best for a full recovery.

That's very true, maybe not so much "Maniac" anymore. One other thing I've noticed is the difference Honda Vs Ducati during corner exit. During the first part of the season the Ducs were better at getting traction & accelerating out of corners vs the Hondas......not now. That may coincide with Honda (specifically Marquez IIRC) reverting back to the 2014 swingarm.

I have to admit, first thing that came to mind when I read "jogging" was Montoya injuring his shoulder when he "slipped while playing tennis." Main difference here is that the MotoGP guys have to train in more "dangerous" ways, so I can't imagine why this, as ridiculous as it sounds, would not be true.

Iannone has been fantastic this year. When he had a small crash during practice at Silverstone I think, you could clearly see how he was favoring that shoulder, so it was already pretty bad.

Hopefully he is okay and his performance doesn't drop too much!!! Go Steady Eddy!!! :)