Alex De Angelis Injury Update

Alex De Angelis has suffered serious injuries as a result of a very heavy fall during the FP4 session of practice for the MotoGP class, losing control of his bike on the exit of Turn 9 and ending up against the crash barrier on the opposite side of the track before turn 10. The crash caused Race Direction to red flag the session, while De Angelis received treatment on track. Fortunately, De Angelis was soon reported as being conscious and able to move his limbs. 

The man from San Marino was taken first to the medical center, then airlifted to the nearby Dokkyo Hospital in Mibu. After examination, De Angelis was found to have fractured several vertebrae, with initial reports stating five vertebrae, and later reports bringing the total to seven vertebrae, including three where the vertebra body was fractured, the round part of the bone which encases the spinal cord. Doctors are working to stabilize those fractures, to ensure De Angelis does not suffer spinal injury, of which there is currently no sign. De Angelis also suffered three broken ribs and a bruised lung, which is a cause for concern. The lung is being monitored for bleeding and infection, both of which could cause breathing difficulties.

De Angelis took a very heavy blow to the head in the crash, and is unable to remember anything about the accident. Though no brain trauma has been found, the doctors are once again monitoring his condition very closely to ensure nothing untoward turns up.

The Italian will remain in hospital in Dokkyo for the next few days, and is likely to be flown back to Italy as soon as he is stable enough to be moved. He is almost certainly out for the rest of the season, and given the difficulty of finding a replacement rider at such short notice, right at the start of three back-to-back flyway races, it seems unlikely he will be replaced soon.

There is a statement on the Ioda Racing website on De Angelis' condition, as well as a quote from MotoGP's medical director Dr. Macchiagodena on the website.

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Those are very serious injuries ,I hope he recovers and has another go at life, can't see him racing again after this kind of trauma. Get well ADA!

I'm very happy to hear he is hanging in there. I was watching live and when the Japanese marshals started putting up blankets to block all cameras, well I'm sorry to say it reminded me of when I was in tears watching Simoncelli at Sepang. I'm so happy that Alex made it through it. That's about as close as you get to not coming back and just very thankful for him and the sport. I give him my best wishes in recovery.

I just couldn't understand exactly what led to such serious injuries. There was no footage and no replays. I am sure he hit the metal barrier in the inside, as such horrific injuries cannot happen just by crashing. God's grace what a relief i felt after learning he was breathing. He seems to be so alone in this far away corner of the world. I hope his family joins him as soon as possible and pray he gets fit as soon as possible. The riders too should pay him a visit after the race. Such a long list of injuries that it gave me goosebumps. I wish somehow he gets back to full fitness.

When I saw the raising of the blankets all I could think of was Jules Bianchi and Justin Wilson (the worst). I was even more shaken when I heard the bike was broken at the steering head.
I am so relieved that he is alive and can recover. I know crashes and injuries are part of racing, but as a former racer I know how it feels to lie there not knowing how badly hurt you really are.

Heal up Alex we all are pulling for you.