Alex De Angelis Injury Update - Stable, And Cleared To Fly Home

More good news on Alex De Angelis' condition. Earlier today, the Ioda Racing team issued a press release announcing that De Angelis had been cleared to fly home by the doctors at the Dokkyo University Hospital. 

After eight days in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital, doctors are no longer listing him as being in critical condition. With De Angelis no longer critical, he will be able to fly home to San Marino, where he will receive further treatment in the State Hospital in the tiny mountain microstate

The man from San Marino will not be able to fly straight away. The team announced that it will take up to ten days to prepare De Angelis for the long journey home, and arrange the details of his medical transport. He is still being assisted by Dr. Michele Zasa of the Clinica Mobile, who has stayed with De Angelis throughout.

In their statement, the team thanked the Dokkyo hospital for their care and treatment of De Angelis, but they also thanked Dr. Zasa and the Clinica Mobile for their care and assistance, and Dorna and IRTA for their help in arranging his care and transport. They also expressed their gratitude to the marshals and medical services at the Motegi Circuit.

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