Carmelo Ezpeleta And Vito Ippolito To Address Teams And Riders Ahead Of Valencia

In another twist to the Rossi vs Marquez tale at Sepang, the FIM today announced that all of the teams and riders in MotoGP have been called to a special meeting with the Permanent Bureau on Thursday, ahead of the final round of MotoGP. The Permanent Bureau, consisting of the president of the FIM Vito Ippolito and the CEO of Dorna, Carmelo Ezpeleta, are to talk to the riders at 3:30pm local time on Thursday, in an attempt to calm the situation down. To further ensure that the situation is not made even worse, the pre-event press conference to be held on Thursday has been canceled.

The briefing is a sign of just how far out of hand the situation has gotten. Though the two protagonists have been laying low in recent days, the conflict still hangs in the air. Canceling the press conference is not likely to make the situation any better. Instead, riders will be given the chance to speak individually at their press debriefs, which may lead to even more inflammatory statements. Though the meeting will take place behind closed doors, what is said in the meeting is sure to leak out, especially as the camps around Rossi and Marquez will want to add their spin to what goes on.

Below is the press release from the FIM:

MotoGP™ riders and teams to be summoned by the Permanent Bureau 

Following the events that occurred at the Malaysian Grand Prix and further developments over the following week and given the exceptional circumstances, the Permanent Bureau of the FIM MotoGP™ World Championship, comprising of Messrs Vito Ippolito, FIM President, and Carmelo Ezpeleta, Chief Executive Officer of Dorna Sports, will summon all MotoGP™ riders and their respective team managers to address the situation on Thursday 5th November at 15.30 Local Time. 

Given these circumstances, the pre-event press conference scheduled at 17.00 will be cancelled.

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I think at this point, because of the recent event at Marquez's residence, that Rossi has an obligation to address the media about how he feels his fans should react to the situation. He doesn't need to change his view on the matter but he does need to do what he can to help keep order, as it were. I think this would go a long way towards restoring his image which I think has been diminished to some extent because of the incident.

Rossi would be very shrewd to try and calm his fans.

But in his defence, he has no control over an Italian TV show and what crazy crap they get up to generate ratings....

....That you couldn't make this up!

I wonder what the agenda will be...

Boredom for all but 2 or 3 riders I guess...

Threats perhaps? Don't do/say/act this way or else....

What's the current standings again? Let's just disqualify MM/VR/JL completely and let DP and AI duke it out for top honours?!!


Word is that Rossi's appeal has been fast tracked and a decision will be handed down on Friday, so he may not start from the back of the grid afterall.
One almost feels that the 2015 season ended at Phillip Island with Rossi getting his 10th title.
The most comfortable place now, going to the finale is to be on a Ducati or a Suzuki or to have #26 on your plate.
What a shambles.
We did not enjoy a silly season of high profile musical chairs and teams this year,
but the season and title chase has been epic.
The press conference cancellation on Thursday is understandable, but a bad judgement in my opinion.
Anyway we wait with baited breath

I think that the CAS will reach a decision on whether or not the implementation of Rossi's penalty will be suspended, their actual FINAL ruling will take a lot longer to reach

I've noticed Dorna tried to take down every overhead video of the Sepang incident from Youtube. IMO, all fans should have the right to see the incident from all angles,
And no one rider is above the sport.

Dorna Holds the rights to motogp videos. if they do not post the video and find out about it, it gets taken down immediately. Its not a conspiracy, its business.

Dorna polices all unauthorized posting of their content from social media. I can go onto right now and watch the whole incident over & over from broadcast feed, helicopter feed, Rossi's bike, Marquez' bike and without inflammatory commentary.

I wrote before that everyone involved in this ugly story should have learned something to make it better. Clearly they did not. Uglier and uglier.

At this point, and as dyed-in-the-wool, kool-aid drinking Rossi fan, i truly hope that CAS does not intervene by either staying or over-turning race direction and FIM's ruling. Rossi, while egged on, is a rider and should understand -as he stated a few years ago while dacing against Lorenzo when he was not a title contender- that the competition should fight for every position regardless of title outcome or they should stay home. Rossi had a tremendous lapse in judgement and let his emotions boil over on a world stage with 300M eyes watching.
To have CAS step in will just add even more fuel to this fire regardless of outcome.

Such a shame that this title is tarnished for whomever wins.

he's not appealing the decision because of the fighting in the race. He's appealing it because we suspect he thinks its an unfair because maybe marquez was trying to influence the race instead of being 10 seconds up the road with pedrosa...

What Marquez did or didn't do doesn't matter; either way it was within the rules. Rossi made a sanctionable error in judgement. He's admitted he purposely ran him wide, Yamaha(Jarvis) has said what he did was wrong, Race Direction has said it was against the rules, and the FIM stewards concurred. He's appealing the decision solely to postpone the sanction and to render the consequences of his error moot; Which is his prerogative. I think it could set a dangerous president. However, just like Marquez's riding, it's allowed by the rules.

It really does not matter why he is appealing, it is that he is appealing. It does not matter where we, VR, Lin Jarvis, David or anyone else thinks Marquez should have been at race end. The fact of the matter is that Marquez was where he was and VR had to negotiate him as an obstacle and had a very hard time dispatching him. If he were fast enough he would have been able to do that. Yes, even Race Direction suspected Marquez was violating the spirit of competition but he did not break a written rule, only one of honor. VR gave into the red mist and lost his focus and his composure and made a decision that he undoubtly regrets.

We as fans cannot be selectively outraged when something bothers us that involves VR and whatever other protagonist at the moment. If we are truly 'fans of motogp' and not iusf a particular rider then we owe it to Rossi and each other to be objective and call the balls and strikes as they are.

Similar but different, it killed me to say Simoncelli closed the door against Dani at Le Man, but the black flag was appropriate.

The entirety of this Sepang on-track dust-up has disgusted me and is really challenging some deeply held beliefs i had. That is too bad. No one is fool enough to think their idols are perfect but i did not expect to see poor sportsmanship from VR - who i thought to be the epitome of sportsman.

...and I'm done for. I simply will not watch the circus on Sunday. Have decided (truthfully) that the time will be better spent peeling the VR and JL stickers from my bike's windscreen. Boycotting in disgust over this whole thing. I do understand that stuff happens, and that I should not expect any year to be "clean" of such situations. But, to me, this is beyond the pale and I have lost interest. Whoever wins on Sunday will, as David said recently in a tweet, be nothing more than the "provisional championship winner"; if not technically provisional, then at least in many people's minds.

I'm coming back next year, but my flag will not fly any of those who have acted so poorly throughout this entire sordid incident. Sorry to be a downer but how else to react when what looked to be one fantastic year was ruined. If Sunday was going to be clean race, a hard fought race (by all 20-something riders), then I'd watch. But I expect half the field to move out of Rossi's way (unless CAS goes ahead and negates his punishment) and with that, I couldn't care less about the results. Not because he might win, but because it's not a race if they do move out oft he way.

I'm thinking maybe I should just stick to watching half or two-thirds of the MotoGP season - when everyone actually races instead of defers to championship contenders and gets out of their way. Maybe Assen should be my final race of each year, so I can avoid this silliness at year's end.

or follow WSBK as i plan to. it's really sad how underrated those guys are. plus, the drama & the show are secondary to the races.

As a big Rossi fan, I hope that he decides to take the high road and do some damage control. I feel like he never should have said anything public in the first place. He is part of a much bigger industry and should represent it more professionally. Let your riding do the talking Val, ride the best you can and accept the results!

You're not fighting one of the hardest fought and last chances at a championship title only to have someone bearing a grudge scupper it intentionally. I'm not saying that as fact but as Rossi has presented his perception. If someone was fawking with me like that I'd absolutely publicly out them and shine a light on the mess. Nothing wrong with what he said. It's what he did the following Sunday that was wrong.

You're right, that was too easy for me to say. I guess I expect more from a World Class Champion like Rossi. Maybe I should lower my expectations.

There would be no problems. It would be simple in this meeting. He could say to all teams:

You WILL behave. If any rider further provokes or inflames other competitors directly or through the media or rides in race or practice sessions in a way that harasses another rider without regard to their own results will receive an immediate 2 race ban. What is deemed harassment or provocation is not limited to the rule book but very much subjective to my interpretation of the spirit of sportsmanship. No appeal.

I think that'll do it.

To those who claim to be 'disappointed' or even 'disgusted' by the Sepang Showdown, from the press conference to the Incident to the ongoing political wrangling... Lighten up! The off-track stuff is all part of the war the riders and teams wage on each other week in week out, and all part of the show that we avidly follow. And count yourselves lucky, because this season and its climax will be talked about for as long as MotoGP exists.

As well as the incredible racing I love all the off track drama too: the statements, the counter statements, the legal moves and counter moves. It has set us up for an incredibly intense final weekend, as well as wonderfully poisoned the atmosphere between the main protagonists for next season and beyond. No more bland statements and hiding behind smiles, we'll have dark looks, mutterings, spin, rumours, accusations and rebuttals galore to feast on :-) The great gladiators simmering in their garages before going to fight it out with fair means or foul on track. Goodies and baddies, the old stag vs the young pretenders, it's classic stuff.

Dorna couldn't have dreamed of a better script for getting the buzz going and social media humming. Excellent, can't wait for it all to kick off in Valencia. I don't really care about all the rights and wrongs or even who wins the championship, both Rossi and Jorge deserve it in different ways. Just hoping for a great race to top off a great season. Anyone who says they won't watch it I don't believe for a nanosecond.

I wonder what will happen to the Yamaha seats in 2017??? I guess Lin has got lot of homework to do....

As a Vale fan I though he is gonna stay till 2018, but in the current scenario I don't see it happening...

I also believe this is the virtually last chance that Jlo has on the championship and no wonder he is being desperate...

I will be happy to be proved wrong in all of my above comments...

Hoping for a clean and safe race on Sunday ... GO VR...