Andrew Gosling's Photos from the MotoGP Test at Phillip Island

46 heading into 2016

The most famous tail in racing

Heavy rain at Phillip Island. Summer is a relative concept on the Bass Strait

Lorenzo's advantage from Sepang disappeared in Australia

Honda is starting to fix their problems

Now officially a superstar

Scott Redding - not as close as at Sepang, but still a strong start on the Ducati

Pol Espargaro is under a lot of pressure this year. Has to prove himself

Sharp, but not quite as iconic as the rear end of an RC213V

Valentino Rossi, fast, happy, determined

Even the shoes are fast

What is the collective noun for strakes? A dragonfly?

In this rain? No takers

"The worst test of my career." Adding insult to injury was his teammate going fastest

Cal Crutchlow's beard: LCR Honda's own attempt to match Ducati aerodynamically?

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some real mechanics at work:
- duct tape on 46 to hold a wire in place
- tie wrap on the Duc
- philips screws to mount the fairing on the Duc
- duct tape on 41's radiator
lol :)

Well spotted! It ook me some time to find the tie wrap on the Duc (I actually expected many more of those) and especially the duct tape to hold a wire in place on Rossi's YZR-M1. I enjoyed the search. Thanks ;-)

What the heck brand of helmet is AE41 using? "XVT?"

I really don't understand how riders gamble on their head being ok in off-brand helmets. And I wouldn't blame HJC for giving me helmet problems, I would blame me for giving me HJC problems.

And Iannone looks to have ditched his helmet's seagull reticle. In favor of just plain red. Looks essential, focused clarity. Ready for blood of battle. Grrrr.

Suzuki livery? Yawn. I miss the light blue Rizla era.

Not sure that Honda getting to grips with the new electronics at P.I. amounts to "fixing their problems." That engine still needs to behave in the first two gears. Crutchlow's facial hair may assist with excessive perspiration as his bike pumps and waggles driving out of tight corners.

Having a touch of difficulty being patient for Qatar, particularly at 2/3rds race distance when we see the new electronics/tires drop off. Shifting gaze to WSBK and P.I. for a week so I don't go nutty.

Would you put your brains in the hands of "KYT" even sport touring?
I'll bet you a pint you have a Shoei or Arai.

Aleix and Andrea last year are wearing KYT branded Suomy helmets. Suomy is the European distributor of KYT helmets.

Also I noticed "Nyalakan Nyali" on the Suzuki's, which is the tagline for Suzuki Indonesia.

... and Satria F150,the most popular (i think) Suzuki bike in Indonesia recently