Ducati Desmosedici GP 2016 MotoGP Launch Photo Gallery

The 2016 Ducati Desmosedici GP, or Desmo 16 GP

Wings feature prominently, and are now color matched. But for how much longer?

Lower exhaust nicely tucked away

2016 is Ducati's 90th anniversary

Whatever you think of the wings, they look much better in color

The office

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they're attached to the fairing with pop-rivets for chrissake!

seriously, a couple pounds of force and you'd rip one right off.

granted, they're probably not looking for much absolute downforce, but more of a reduction in lift so their TC doesnt have to be so aggressive.

I don't think those are pops, no flattening of the head. Look like hex or torx set screws to me.

Either way, they look like they'll take a sight more than a few pounds to shift.

David, Is Phillip Morris still sponsoring the team? If so I'm surprised that their 'banner' is nowhere to be seen here. Will we see it on the bikes in Qatar?

Are still the title sponsor. They are no longer using MotoGP and F1 to reach consumers, they are using it to do business deals.

I'm sure they do plenty of business but the bikes keep getting extra white bits every year (especially noticeable in F1 this year), they are just being creative linking the product with colors alone. Guess that's why we have plain packaging laws in Australia.

But it sure looks like a riding pack of cigs. Replace Ducati with Marlboro and you're there.

Aerodynamically interesting fairing this year, lots to look at. Is this thing going into space?

Visually, glad they slimmed the tail with the black underneath. Overall the bike looks too "busy" for me and I prefer the smoother red menace. Edit add: I hereby declare that this bike is to be called "GP16" ...if Ducati wants to try to make us call it something else and we keep forgetting then we are just going to end up calling it "the wingdinger" or "ugly Duc-ling" or whatnot. Especially when there are GP15's on the track too, just unnecessarily confusing something that needn't be, a bit like this livery. They have made some of the most gorgeous bikes on around! And this isn't one of them. Edit #2 - not strongly enough said, this is the ugliest bike they have made since the 999, except that - no, wait, this is the ugliest bike they have EVER made.

I am still cheering for you, go get a win you homely wretch!

As i said in the live stream, it looks hideous when looking at it from the front. Luckily motoGP doesn't have side mirrors otherwise it would have been giving people nightmares.

Anyway, MotoGP is not a beauty contest, hope it gives them efficient Aero. still, it could have looked nicer, especially when compared to ducati stablemates over at WSBK e.g. Barni Racing or VFT

That front end is wide and aggressive. But I think the winglets should be banned. They just look like something that can get caught on someone's leathers in close competition and cause an issue. Besides that, they do not make anywhere near the difference that they do on the four wheeled relatives. Beautiful bike though from my heavily biased point of view.

time to ban the winglets. Coloured or not, they are getting way too big and prominent and look just ridiculous.
And then there is the question of when (size wise) they become a safery issue.

One of have most hideous looking creations on this planet. I was a little bit sick in my mouth.

I don't get it, they produce some of the most beautiful bikes ever... but for racing they bring this? If it looks this bad and doesn't win...

The wings cannot extend beyond the widest part of the fairing, not that they can't extend out from the fairing itself. You can see that in the photo they are narrower than the top part of the fairing, as they've slightly extended the area next to/in front of the riders hands (in the first photo you can see a bare unpainted bit of fairing extending out from the blue TIM logo).

Recently published here, he was all about how dangerous the winglets are and how they are probably only going to be here this year before they are banned.

Personally I don't agree with banning them. However, it shouldn't matter what the bike looks like. MotoGP is the pinnacle of function over form. If it works and gives the riders more usable power down the straights then go for it.

What also surprises me is the amount of people who are so sure they don't do anything. Surely Ducati have the brains and resources to not put something on their bike that doesn't work.

I hope the Italians, always sensitive to aesthetics, must have a realy good reason for using these monstrous protruberances.

No longer winglets(they have colour now). IMO as someone said earlier I simply think they aid the traction control(straight line speed)
Should they be banned, probably.
Will they be banned, probably not.

Sure, the wings look better painted, but they're still ugly. Not just quite as ugly as they used to be.