Aprilia 2016 RS-GP Photo Gallery


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Intrigued by the large Piaggio Group logo front and centre, outshining the Aprilia branding. Any insights on why they decided to do that?

Now THAT is a beautiful bike. Flowing lines, curves in the right places, nothing extra. Look at the flow into the tail. More color. Everything is gorgeous. Touch the side fairing with the green just under the orangey red atop the big sponsor billboard area, or down at the bottom. Then paint the mumbling front wheel orange. And nail an invigorating sponsor so we don't have to wonder what Ecstar is. MOTUL - Come on, they even have your exact COLOR here. Don't you wish you were like Repsol?

Well done Aprilia!

Ha, I thought just the opposite. I'm sure it looks better in person but to me, it is not photogenic. But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. LoL

The throttle cable looks well ... like a cable and not a wire.
I assumed all motogp bikes were ride by wire.

Throttle cables run to a POT-meter probably, just like on the RSV4.
Ride by wire is sort of the only option if you want a decent traction control, wheelie control etc. Large + with this construction is that you still have the feel of a ''real'' throttle.... you can adjust the free travel on the cables.

Ever driven a Ducati 1199 Panigale? That one has a POT-meter directly on the handlebar with an artifical free travel, wich is unadjustable... no feeling what so ever...