Jorge Navarro Breaks Leg in Training Accident

A week after taking his first ever Grand Prix victory in the Moto3 race in Barcelona, Jorge Navarro's luck has taken a turn for the worse. The Estrella Galicia 0,0 rider has broken his left leg in a training accident in Valencia.

Navarro crashed while riding a minimoto bike at a karting track in Valencia. According to Spanish newspaper El País, a rider fell in front of Navarro and he was unable to avoid him. Navarro broke both tibia and fibula, the two bones in his lower left leg. The Spaniard is due to be operated on in the Dexeus Institut in Barcelona on Monday.

The crash will put a damper on Navarro's Moto3 title hopes. The Spaniard has been the only rider to be able to consistently challenge Red Bull KTM rider Brad Binder, though he trails the South African by 44 points. The only piece of good fortune in Navarro's mishap is that there are now long gaps between races until the championship resumes in full again in Austria.

The Assen round of MotoGP is two weeks away, and Navarro is certain to miss that race, but the Sachsenring follows three weeks later. Being fit for that is unlikely, but not impossible: when Valentino Rossi broke his tibia and fibula in 2010, the Italian was racing again in just under six weeks. The Sachsenring is five weeks away, but the race at the Red Bull Ring in Austria is four weeks after that. Nine weeks should be long enough for Navarro to make nearly a complete recovery. The worst case scenario for Navarro is that he misses two races. When Rossi suffered the same injury in 2010, he missed four races.

Below is the press release from the Estrella Galicia team announcing Navarro's injury:

Jorge Navarro suffers tibia and fibula fractures in training in Valencia

The Estrella Galicia 0,0 rider has been admitted to the Hospital Universitari Quirón Dexeus in Barcelona, where he will undergo surgery on Monday.

Estrella Galicia 0,0 rider Jorge Navarro suffered fractures to his left tibia and fibula in a training crash this Saturday. One week on from his first victory in Grand Prix racing, the Spaniard had been undertaking laps of the KSB Karting track in Valencia in preparation for the Dutch TT Assen.

Navarro will undergo surgery on Monday, performed by Dr. Mir and Dr. Ginebreda of the Hospital Universitari Quirón Dexeus in Barcelona –where he was taken at midday on Sunday.

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i've been watching roadracing since lawson and spencer fought it out at seattle.

(gives away my heritage)

as this last year has gone by, i keep rewatching the 2015 grand prix of australia.

i've seen many great feats of extraordinary ability by single riders over these years.

for so many reasons, i'm of the firm belief that this race is the best i've ever seen.

i hope they're reading, because i'd like to thank all who participated for giving me the most 'edge of the seat' show i could ever hope for.



I've said it before.  I envy these riders' jobs.  Everything they do, no matter how outlandish, is "training".

Lose a World Championship via idiotic 'training' on a child's bike.

Hey, it's your career - waste it as you want.

I think the title was already slipping from his grasp.  Binder has a commanding lead, and is riding very maturely.

All riders do this sort of thing, even Valentino goes flat tracking on his ranch with the academy riders.  Jorge might have shown poor judgement to be doing this sort of riding at this period in the season, but he is only 20.

Are there riders who do not train on motorbikes at all between racing weekends? Seems the norm that all do in some capacity.

I don't blame them. How else do you get good and stay good with bikes besides riding them? Part of the risk of the job if you ask me.