Scott Jones Shoots Assen - Part 3, Race Day

It's called a "shoey" apparently. Though why anyone would want to consume alcohol from their footwear is a mystery in the Northern Hemisphere

Torrential rain meant a MotoGP race cut short

What victory looks like - Pecco Bagnaia celebrates his first win in Moto3

That will probably buff right out

Assen was not so much a flag-to-flag race, as a red-light-to-red-light race

The Ducatis reigned supreme in the wet. Well, almost

Now that's what I call monsoon conditions

Post-crash rituals: step 1 - argue with a marshall

Never give up

Jack Miller leads Marc Marquez, all the way to the line

Second place, but celebrating it like a victory. Marquez took a big step forward in the championship at Assen

The Moto3 freight train never gets old

A victory has been a long time coming for Takaaki Nakagami. He took his first with style

A message from the junkies

Brad Binder had a lucky escape from a bad mistake. Lost ground, but still scored a lot of points

Belgian beer billionaire Marc van der Straten, making dreams come true

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I'm an Aussie, and I hate the local stuff.

For me, Asahi Super Dry is #1 . Great to see Jack Miller come through .

That's an interesting podium photo, Scott.

It's an acronym for Vomit Bombs.  It's generally considered to be pretty bad, cheap beer here.

Is it my imagination (and pardon me if this has already been brought up) or did Jack Miller's bike only have one winglet on the right side of the bike and none on the left? Is that a strategy I was unaware of or did one of the pit crew forget? haha

I'm asking a legit question haha look at the photos! can anyone explain to me why Miller would only have 1 winglet on the right side and none on the left???

I stand corrected, thank you Dawg! One of the photos on the GP website gives a bit of an optical illusion. I spent hours scouring the photos, and you are indeed correct. From the angle of the other photo it looks like the decal banner is actually sticking out, but nay.

And to your point, it is high time I became a Site Supporter. I've reaped the benefits of this site for far too many years to not support it.

Anytime! :D

I had to look hard too, it did indeed seem like he had one winglet... but I didn't recall any close encounter on the footage, and it would seem very very strange to be done on purpose :)
So a brief check on the higher res pictures and it was more clear.

Repsol Honda's winglets are lower down, and Crutchlow had them on the upper fairing, close to Millers decals (but extending more than it seems to on be doing with Miller):

Tying together the first at last pictures, "shooting the boot" isn't just Australian. At the end of every rugby match at my college in the North Western USA the players who had scored all had to down a boot full of beer. Fits the sponsorship for Miller well!

Fun pictures. Moto3 freight train is beautiful.

...says the man drinking from his boot.

Seriously though, good for him. Be an idiot off track all you want, as long as you're serious about what you're doing on track, and it seems like he's making some strides there. 

An excellent in difficult circumstances for a photographer. 

Love the one of Bradley Smith pushing his bike. Bit of a commentary on his season and the one of Dovi, really shows just how the conditions were. 

Perfect Moto3 shot. 

The photo of Marc vd S prompts me to ask what the relationship with Marquez is that the piggy back off the podium happened, probably much to Marc vd's surprise.

Drinking from your boot is not a southern hemispere thing, at least not in my world nor my old rugby teams.

Marc's younger brother Alex rides for Marc VDS in Moto2, so perhaps Marc has spent a little bit of time here and there with some of the team and personale.