2017 Ducati MotoGP Team Launch Photos

The launch of the Ducati MotoGP team was full of surprises and left plenty to talk about. There will be much more news on the site about that later today and tomorrow. For now, here is a massive gallery of launch photos, with a lot of close up shots of the bike.

The 2017 Ducati MotoGP team

The #04 bike

The #99 bike

Based on the chassis, this appears to be a 2017 chassis with 2016 bodywork in 2017 livery

All photos taken at a slight angle, to prevent other factories from measuring

Old fairing. Aero secrets to be revealed later

Mounting blank for tail camera

Carbon fiber goodness

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Dovizioso uses a thumb brake on the left bar, so he needs two different reservoirs, one for the brake and one for the clutch.

I know Lorenzo has expiremented with a handbrake / clutch lever combo before, maybe Ducati can find somthing that works for him there.

Also intresting that Dovi still has the foot brake lever on his bike and with the same yelow spring on what would be the rear master cylinder clearly visible same as on Lorenzo's bike. 

So it seems Dovi has an extra input to do Somthing at his option.  Curious what kinds of things you could do or signal to be done with a little bit of rider controlled hydraulic pressure.  

Noticed in these publicity photos that Lorenzo appears to have a slightly lazy right eye (Amblyopia).  "Appears" being the operative word, I suppose.  Just an interesting detail, if true, given the level he's performing at.  Have you ever picked up on this, David?  Or am I just seeing things?

(Can't seem to attach the 2 photos I'm referencing, but they're available here:   http://www.ducati.com/media_gallery/ducati_team_motogp_2017/index.do#MGI...)

If so, some "lazy eye" is only when the person is really tired and while not "in use" - when it is "go time" it can be non existent.

Many different weaves and weave directions in the panels and structural parts, why?

The headstock appears to employ the floating lower and upper bearings that FTR moto2 teams turned down circa 2011? It's mega dense so my eyes may be deceiving me...

What is the thumb switch below the front master cylinder clamp!? 


What does the sticker on the inside of the left front fairing say, in front of the left clip on?

Who are "Reflexallen" and what is their relationship to the swingarm? Must be a technical partner but in what regard? 

Weave patterns and directions vary dependent on the stresses on the part.

It's the beauty of composite structures, you can tailor the strength and stiffness in any direction.

Dunno if it's floating headstock bearings, but they do have inserts in the frame so they can alter head angle and fore-aft position.

Thumbswitch below throttle is to allow selection of neutral.


What appears to be a carbon ring on Dovi's left grip is just a nubby pattern in the rubber.


Sticker inside the fairing is for tracking the part as an individual piece.

Serial number, weight, weight after repair#1, repair #2, etc.


Reflexallen are a sponsor in some fashion; reflexallen.com