Hector Barbera Breaks Collarbone In Training Accident

Hector Barbera has broken his left collarbone in a training accident, the Avintia Ducati team announced via their Instagram account. The 30-year-old Spaniard was training with a 600cc sports bike at the Valencia circuit when he crashed, fracturing his collarbone.

Barbera is due to undergo surgery at the Dexeus Institute in Barcelona on Thursday, where Dr Mir will put a plate on his collarbone to correct the problem. 

Barbera's crash puts his participation in the next test at Qatar in doubt. The test is due to kick off on 10th March at the Losail circuit, and run from 10th to 12th March. Barbera could potentially be fit enough to ride, but the value of him riding at a test with a weakened collarbone may be questionable. It would be a more reasonable approach for Barbera to sit out the test, and wait until the start of the season at Qatar two weeks after the test, with practice for the race starting on 23rd March, ahead of the first race on Sunday, 26th March.

Below is the Instagram post from the Avintia team:


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Reale Avintia Racing rider Hector Barbera underwent successful surgery today in Barcelona. The surgery, performed by doctor Xavier Mir – Head of the Upper Extremities Surgery and Microsurgery Unit of the Hospital Universitario Dexeus and Head of Traumatology for MotoGP – was a success. Barbera had a fracture of the middle third of his left collarbone with five fragments and Dr. Mir needed one hour and a half to place a 6-hole titanium plate and fix the three smaller fragments with screws of small fragments. It was a difficult operation because and old callus from a previous fracture in the same collarbone, occurred in his teens.
The MotoGP rider crashes yesterday while he was training with a small bike at Circuit de la Comunidad Valenciana Ricardo Tormo test circuits and immediately travelled to Barcelona.
Héctor Barberá will stay in the hospital for 48 hours and he will be able to begin rehabilitation in 4 or 5 days. His participation in the Qatar test next week is still in doubt, but he will certainly have no problem to race in the first Grand Prix of the 2017 season in Qatar from 23 to 26 March.

to hear of a MotoGP rider training on a 600.  I know many of them do a lot of dirt bike training but I don't think I have heard about anyone doing serious time on a 600.  It would be interesting to learn what type of things they focus on with the 600s.  Other than that I hope Barbera mends quickly, his preseason results were looking very promising.

Yet another example of how the riders are more than the "regular men". Guy breaks a collarbone and is expected to return to racing in less than 20 days. If I broke a bon, I'm pretty sure i'd be spending the summer in my sofa sipping beer. He had a good last season and it would be sad to see him lose all the momentum because of a crash. Hope he recovers well.

But in the past I have posted press releases in full elsewhere just as David does here. I posted this in full because it was a very recent update to the situation. I don't receive links to press releases in my inbox I receive press releases, from all the teams and I have permission to reproduce in full, unaltered. If I choose to add editorial comment that's down to me and where I am posting.


My only faux pas was that I should have credited my source as the newly named Reale Avintia Media Service and for that error I apologise. To them.

Press releases are public available, copyright-free, so I have absolutely no problem with people cutting and pasting press releases. It's articles from other websites which should be linked. 

I was thinking about what to do with that press release, but you beat me to it and put it in a fairly relevant place. So thanks for that!

for getting arsey in your comment section. I should have better manners. I've had the six months from hell and my nerves are still exposed. I'm sure the advent of the racing season will cheer me up even if I'm not in the paddock.