Revised Schedule For Saturday At Qatar - Updated

The schedule for Saturday at Qatar has been revised. With the track still wet, and rain falling on and off, Dorna and the teams have agreed to test the track first, and then, after the Safety Commission has met and declared the track safe in the wet, run a later schedule for practice and qualifying. The revised schedule is below.

All times are local times for Qatar:
17:00 - track inspection
18:00-18:20 - track evaluation session by MotoGP riders
18:30-18:40 - Safety Commission
18:55 -19:40 - Moto2 qualifying
19:55-20:25 - MotoGP FP4
20:35-20:50 - MotoGP Q1
21:00-21:15 - MotoGP Q2
21:30-22:10 - Moto3 qualifying

The situation could still change if the riders decide it is not safe, or if the weather or track conditions change.


The extra MotoGP session has been canceled. A new schedule is due to be issued shortly.

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At this time, live feed is still saying that Moto3 qualifying is next in 38 minutes.  Hope they get it all sorted out!

Given the amount of money they throw at Dorna for this event, maybe they should throw some at DRAINAGE!