Saturday MotoGP Schedule Under Discussion At Qatar - Revised Schedule Expected Later

The teams and Dorna are currently meeting to discuss the schedule for Saturday's qualifying and practice sessions for all three classes at the MotoGP season opener at Qatar. Torrential rain on Friday night and Saturday morning has left the track waterlogged, and while the circuit is doing all it can to clean and attempt to dry the surface, the track is still wet.

A meeting between the teams and Dorna is still ongoing to discuss what to do about qualifying for Moto3, Moto2, and MotoGP. An agreement and a new schedule is expected after the Asia Talent Cup, in around an hour. All possibilities are being discussed, from carrying on as normal, moving the times of qualifying and practice, to holding qualifying on Sunday afternoon. 

UPDATE: There is  to be a track inspection at 5pm local time, and based on that inspection, a decision will be made on whether to run MotoGP FP4 at either 6pm or 7:55pm, or cancel it altogether. The Asia Talent Cup has now been canceled, and the circuit is working with blowers to try to clean and dry the track.

Social media was full of dramatic images of the rain in Qatar from last night and earlier today. This short video from MCN's Simon Patterson gives the best sense of just how much water has fallen in the past 18 hours or so:

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