Nicky Hayden Hospitalized After Cycling Crash In Italy - UPDATE

Nicky Hayden has been hospitalized after a collision with a car while training on his bicycle near Riccione in Italy. According to reports from local newspaper Rimini Today, Hayden was out cycling on Wednesday afternoon when at around 2pm, he was hit by a car. The causes of the accident are as yet uncertain.

Hayden was treated for his injuries by the emergency services, and then taken to the emergency department of Rimini Hospital. He was assessed there, and was transferred to the Bufalini Hospital in Cesena, 40km away. According to reports from Italy, he is being treated in the trauma center of that hospital.

The precise extent of Hayden's injuries is as yet unknown. As soon as we have more confirmed details, we will let you know.


According to, the press chief of the Bufalini hospital issued a statement on Nicky Hayden, saying that Hayden was in a "very serious" condition and that he has been moved to the intensive care unit. Hayden is in a coma for the time being, and will be assessed again on Thursday.

UPDATE 2: 12:30 CEST, 18th May

There has been no change in Hayden's condition. He remains in critical condition in intensive care. He has thoracic and cranial injuries, but there is no news on how serious or permanent those injuries are.

UPDATE 3: 23:00, 19th May

Roadracing World's John Ulrich has spoken to Nicky Hayden's father Earl, after false reports appeared on clickbait websites and Facebook that there had been a change in Hayden's condition. Earl Hayden told Roadracing World there had been no change in Nicky Hayden's condition. He is still in a coma, and stable. 

The hospital continues to send out press releases twice daily, explaining that Hayden is still in a critical condition, but that his condition is unchanged.

The Red Bull Honda WorldSBK Team is updating it's Twitter feed with links to its press releases on Hayden's condition. For the official word on his condition, check there.

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Damn. I hope it's not too bad and he recovers quickly

Still critical condition. Was stabilized enough to transfer to a trauma center.

Head trauma and multiple thoracic (above abdomen/below neck) traumas.

All that time pushing the fastest of racing bikes, got hit by a car on a bicycle. Blessings to Nicky, the Haydens and caring community. Heal well.

worst news ever. I hope he pulls through. you're in my thoughts today sir.

Thoughts with you Nicky, really hope you pull though and injuries are not as bad as we fear. 

bloody hell!....... that does not sound good..... hoping he can muster his fighting spirit and pull through.  

I'm copying a couple of lines from Superbike Planet, which, so far, has the most information I've seen:

"We know that Nicky arrived in Cesena in very serious conditions with a cranial and thoracic polytrauma, in addition to various bruising. It is a frantic time, with the rider in the operating room now and the medical team conducting all the due assessments to understand how to proceed."

Now, my sister (an MD) was kind enough to explain this gobbldygook to me:  "Read: very serious brain and spinal injury.  Definitely not good."

At the risk of sounding way too negative from the moment go, I have a bad feeling we saw Nicky's last race this past Sunday.  If they've had to induce a coma, he's definitely fighting for his life, and I seriously doubt that he's going to get back on a motorcycle again.  Any of you out there who believe in prayer, get started.  He's going to need it.  Right now, I'm more worried about his being alive and functioning this time next year, not even considering that he'll be racing again.

but I prayed today.

Been following him and his brothers since he was racing AMA Superbikes. Started watching MotoGP when he moved over. He's a very likeable guy, and I hope he's able to pull through this. Seeing how much support and love that has been pouring out since his accident is not surprising.

Bad news indeed---I've been fortunate enough to see Nicky advance his racing career from way back when him and Tommy were so young and shy, they wouldn't come out of their trailer so I could take their picture. When he moved to the Honda Superbike team, my good friend, Merlyn Plumlee was his mechanic, and shared his thoughts with me about what an amzing talent young Nicky is (I am not gonna say "was")---I got to talk to Nicky on several occasions and he always came across as a real gentleman, but a fierce competiter on the track and grateful when I provided photos of him racing. My thoughts and prayers are with Nicky for his full and complete recovery. And spare a thought for another good friend and racer, Jody Nicolas, who is recovering from his road accident as well... 

David, can you switch off the voting of comments please ?
Every one of the comments are expressing concern and well wishes and some people are down-voting them...??
I am saddened to hear this happening to anyone, let alone such an obviously all round nice guy like Nicky  :O(
My best wishes for him and his family are the same as all of us fellow humans and bike enthusiasts.

As sykerocker said, I too (first & foremost) am worried about Nicky's well-being on the 'short term' (coming days, weeks, months... years?). Ever since his GP championship I've always wanted him to do well in racing! Had hoped seeing him kick some asses in WSBK.

This coming just after Scarponi's fatal accident paints an awful picture for the sport.
I'm an avid cyclist, and while I do both road and mountain biking, road cycling is my primary discipline, and it's just unfortunate how such a beautiful sport caries so much risk.

A lot of the riders in WSBK and MotoGP train much in the same way because it's such a great platform for building endurance, and this shines a light on just how much can happen to riders with most of them having "extracurricular" activities ranging from cycling, through dirt-track, pit bikes to MX.

Nicky is one of the kindest and gentlest souls in the paddock, I hope he comes out of this one swinging, better and faster than before!

. . . . . who spends as much time on a bicycle as I do on a motorcycle, and has a hobby/business restoring antique bicycles, this scared the hell out of me, too.  Not helped by the memory of being injured worse when a derailleur jammed and high sided me over the bars of a vintage Gitane (broken right wrist), then when I lost my '95 Triumph Trident in T-boning a deer at 60mph (walked away with abrasions).

It's a dangerous world out there, full of idiots in four wheels, who aren't watching.  Be careful, everyone.

Yes, I have the same experience. Broken nose and elbow after a 2mph bicycle spill when my front wheel went down a wrongly-aligned grate - it could easily have been a broken neck. No more than bruises and abrasions after dropping motorcycles on several occasions.

Leathers help, and so do full face helmets.

Nicky has to be the most liked rider on the planet. My thoughts go out to him and his family. I cycle as well as ride a bike and with high vulnerability combined with a lack of care/blatent disregard for a cyclists safety cycling is no safe option :(

It's bizarre how you come to care for people you see on television. I've long been cynical of public worship of sporting stars only to surprise myself at the shock I experienced when reading this headline a few hours ago on the bus to work. And yet he wouldn't know me from a bar of soap.

I think this comes from his face time on camera rather than his action on the track (that we all admire). Can anyone else him in your mind's ear saying, "Yeah you know, the weather hasn't been kind to us today?" Or "Yeah you know, we've had a great weekend?" Or "Yeah you know, ..." pretty much anything? As well as his favorite aphorism, "That's why we line up on Sunday."

His person is deeply embedded into MotoGP. Nothing I can say here will change anything but we're all obviously thinking of him.

... agree, bizarre. It's been going through my mind all day.