Valentino Rossi Breaks Right Leg In Enduro Training Crash

Valentino Rossi has broken his right leg in a training crash, according to various Italian media. The 38 year old was riding enduro with the youngsters from the VR46 Riders Academy, when he fell heavily and broke his leg. Reportedly, Rossi broke both the tibia and fibula of his right leg.

Rossi was transported directly to the hospital in Urbino, where he has been examined and is scheduled to have surgery to pin the bones tonight. Requests to Yamaha for comment have as yet gone unanswered.

The crash puts an end to any hope Rossi may have had of winning a tenth MotoGP title in 2017. The last time Rossi broke a leg, at Mugello in 2010, he was back on the bike within six weeks. If Rossi can get back on the bike within six weeks, he would miss two races, his home round of Misano and the following race at the Motorland Aragon circuit. But his return would be ahead of a tough schedule of three flyaway races, with Motegi, Phillip Island, and Sepang back-to-back. 

This is the second time this year that Rossi has suffered an injury on a dirt bike. Ten days before the Mugello Grand Prix - Rossi's other home race - the Italian crashed while riding motocross, running wide off a jump and hitting soft sand. He was relatively lucky that time, suffering only soft tissue damage, and was able to race at Mugello. A tib/fib fracture is much more serious. and Rossi will be sure to miss Misano.

Further details will be posted when we get them.

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Rossi will do anything to make sure he has a reason to not win his home GP... 

Jokes aside, it is a shame for the championship and the poor home crowd.  Oh well, if they all chose to not attend the race, at least it will show who the real fans are that do turn up.

Hate to say it but 40 year olds don't bounce as well as twenty year olds. I think it was one year too long

He's 38 isn't he ? Don't age him prematurely, please..
Yep, older bones heal slower. And....?
After his performance at Silverstone how can anyone still be focusing on his age ??

I don't deny that Valentino is not competitive and for his age still in good physical shape and that he will still be up the pointy end of the field and may win the occasional race but as with all us normal folks, the reflexes are just that tad bit slower, the bones just a little bit creakier, and I don't believe all the records he has set over his career will be broken any time soon, but IMO he will have to look at the big picture as I think another championship may have passed him by.

No-one thinks this years championship has passed him by...
Everyone, including Rossi, knows this years championship has gone out of the window.
Here's to some good close racing for the rest of the year, with those left in the running..

... his racecraft is craftier, his bike setup experience is more complete, his track knowledge is better, etc.


Rossi has been racing competitively since before many of the field were even born. That experience can not be replaced or substituted - people are keen to write him off for being too old, but with age comes experience, and he has proven time and time again that his level of bike control, commitment, outright speed, etc. is still front of the field.