Superbike Commission Tweaks WorldSBK Regulations

The Superbike Commission, the rulemaking body for the WorldSBK series, met in Switzerland last week to review the rules for the 2018 season. The meeting came to approve the changes agreed earlier, and introduce a couple of minor tweaks to the rules.

The most significant act of the Superbike Commission was to approve the rev limits, performance balancing and so-called concession parts (the provision of approved and homologated parts to private teams at a fixed cost) agreed earlier, with some clarifications appended. What those clarifications are is not made clear in the press release, but should be apparent once the rules are published. 

The Superbike commission did make clear that the use of aerodynamic components (aka winglets) will only be allowed if they are fitted as standard to the bike homologated in Europe, North America, or Japan. Should a manufacturer start selling a bike with winglets attached, much as the Kawasaki H2R has, then the teams will be allowed to race with those devices. Given that WorldSBK rules say that the body work must have the same silhouette as the production bike, it will be interesting to see to what extent teams are allowed to tweak the winglets on a production bike.

The only other measure of interest was the adoption of the SCAT5 regulations on concussion. This measure - a set of standardized tests to test for concussion after a crash - has already been adopted in MotoGP, and this brings WorldSBK into line with the other World Championship.

The full press release from the FIM is shown below:

MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship & FIM Supersport World Championships
Changes to the Regulations for 2018

The Superbike Commission composed of Messrs Gregorio Lavilla (WorldSBK Sporting Department Director), Rezsö Bulcsu (FIM CCR Director), Takanao Tsubouchi (MSMA Representative), in the presence of Messrs Daniel Carrera (WorldSBK Executive Director), Steve Aeschlimann, Fabio Muner, Charles Hennekam, Scott Smart and Paul Duparc (FIM) in a meeting held in the FIM Headquarters in Mies, on 29 November, made the following changes for the 2018 MOTUL FIM Superbike & FIM Supersport World Championships Regulations:

Sporting and Disciplinary Regulations

  1. The time schedule of practices sessions and warm ups (time and duration) has been reviewed.
  2. Slight changes have been carried out to the Sporting rules mainly to clarify the Practice restrictions and the starting procedure.
  3. It was also clarified that any rider, having taken part in the qualifying practices (WorldSBK and WorldSSP) who failed to achieve a qualifying time within 107% of the fastest rider of his class, will start the race from the back of the grid.
  4.  A start delay with a “quick start” procedure has been put in force.
  5. Taking into consideration that the penalty points were withdrawn from the list of penalties, a clarification and the definition of the penalties have been adopted.

Technical Regulations

The Superbike Commission approved a number of clarifications and editorials with regards to the earlier introduced ‘REV limiter’, ‘Balancing calculator’ and the ‘Concession parts’ (with price capping, in order to provide availability to all parts and for all teams along with controlled pricing).

The use of aerodynamic components (e.g. ‘wings’), would only be permitted if fitted on the homologated model sold in the Europe, Japan and North America.

Furthermore, it was agreed that electronic suspension could not be used (even if present on the homologated model).

Medical Regulations

  1. Various regulations improving the Medical Code have been decided. The SBK Commission included the SCAT5 (in accordance with the current Intl Consensus Statement of Concussion in sport).
  2. The alcohol testing procedure, in line with the one adopted in Grand Prix has been accepted.

The 2018 MOTUL FIM Superbike & FIM Supersport World Championships Regulations will be available at FIM-LIVE.COM within the next two weeks.


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