Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Launch Gallery - Blue And White Is The New Black

Biggest change this year is from fluorescent green to white for the Movistar logo. Monster will be happy. Movistar too.

They say white is slimming. Works on the M1

For ducking and diving

The advantage of the I4 engine in the M1 is compactness

Rossi's yellow no longer clashes with the green

Viñales is all red white and blue

The affair continues

Viñales was happy enough with Yamaha to sign on for two more years

Rossi's new Mexican-inspired helmet design for 2018

Even the rear stand is color matched

Beast mode

Compare this photo with the one above, and Rossi's bike is lower. Whether that means anything on a show bike is questionable


Hello 2018

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Looks nice. I might prefer a small angle change on the black Monster bit to line up with the tail. Or that it were at the bottom of the lower fairing instead like Castrol. But it looks good. Little risk taken.

Takes a moment to adjust to a white Movistar M doesn't it? Then it looks really good to me.

Dear Ducati - that is what a tail looks like. If your salad box just keeps the roll of duct tape that holds your tank and lower fairing on you might rethink things.

Dear Suzuki - see where "Yamalube" is? That is where Ecstar goes. And where the M is, a main sponsor goes?

Dear Honda - we are coming for you. Or, where you were last year. If you moved the goalposts further over winter and Ducati improves mid-corner...?

Dear Zarco - if Maverick outperforms Rossi or both the Honda and Ducati outperform the Yamaha will we wish you had signed with this team rather than having gone to KTM before Vale heads over into team management? Nice to see a top rider in Orange yes. But 2019 could have seen another title challenger w you in blue. Double edged sword.

Dear Herve - what are you anticipating and how is it for you? No 2nd rider and looking in places unimagined. Knowing Zarco is moving on. AND seeing Rossi/SKY46 coming for your satellite Yamahas? Pondering satellite Suzuki or KTM bikes? Contemplating such outlandish things as how the Aprilia factory merged with a satellite team for grid spots? Feel free to check in with Kawasaki just in case, can't hurt. And I recommend KTM over Suzuki for you. But Suzuki could really benefit more from what YOU have to offer them via rider pipeline and a project in lower classes. Sincerely hoping you are sleeping well at night, interesting times over there eh?

Dear Aprilia - congratulations on your rider line up, looks good. Best of luck catching up with KTM as they continue forward. Pol and Aleix are a perfect measuring stick on your bikes, hugely competitive, and Orange is on the gas. Find several horsepower somewhere ASAP!