Dani Pedrosa Set For Surgery On Right Wrist

Dani Pedrosa has suffered a fractured wrist in his lap one crash at the Termas De Rio Hondo circuit in Argentina on Sunday. Although there has not yet been official confirmation from Honda, well-informed Spanish media are reporting that Pedrosa is to undergo surgery today in Barcelona to fix the fracture in his right radius.

Pedrosa's crash was the subject of some controversy. The Repsol Honda rider crashed after being forced wide at Turn 13 by Johann Zarco, who had taken the inside line. Pedrosa was pushed out through a damp line onto a dirty section of track. When Pedrosa touched the gas, he highsided off the bike, falling heavily on his arm. Race Direction ruled it a racing incident, taking no action against Zarco for his involvement. 

Initially, it looked as if Pedrosa had escaped the crash unharmed, though he complained of pain in his right wrist. Further examinations have now revealed a fracture to the right radius bone.

At this moment, it is unclear how long Pedrosa's recovery will take, and how many races he will be forced to miss, if any. Honda currently has two former Grand Prix riders lined up as test riders, Hiroshi Aoyama and Stefan Bradl. If Pedrosa has to miss one or more races, either of those two could be drafted in to take his place.

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If Dani didn't have bad luck, he wouldn't have any luck at all. When I saw him fall I thought for sure collarbone, mainly because it was Dani. Likley the airbag saved the collarbone. I feel for the guy he can't catch a ......break?


As soon as he hit the ground, I said..."there goes his collarbone".  One of my buddies asked me how did I know and I replied..."it's Pedrosa, it's always his collarbone."  Much respect to him though.  To be so small, and seemingly brittle, he has had a hell of a career on the big bike, but I suspect the sun may be setting on his time in GP.  Wish I could have seen him get at least one title though.

So sad for Dani when i saw him literally flying i immediately thought collarbone... i wonder if a wrist bone might be worse...

Given the laughable statements made by Puig post race - please David, do post them: they are the finest exemple of how to insult the readers' intelligenge in less than 100 words- he will be facing a terrible dilemma: either he asks for Zarco to be punished thus accepting that MM too was dangerous. Or he just ignores Dani's damages for the sake of saving MM.

I'm talking about Puig the guy who i think asked that Simoncelli be barred forever from racing.  All in all Pedrosa is the one losing all. Big shame.  I watched again JZ overtake on Dani: tipical thoughtless JZ move: he is behind and on the outside Dani is turning following the dry line and JZ just switches off his brain accelerates gets on the inside knowing he won't make it and pushes dani out. Forget not that in the past Zarco has said several times that he just pushes and gets inside and come what may.... bravo zarco! Excellent attitude. 

For a racer, that is the attitude that wins. See Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi, Troy Bayliss, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna. Zarco clearly doesn't care who the rider in front is, they're just the next faceless obstacle to be shoved out of the way, sometimes literally. Whether that's a healthy attitude or not for life is entirely questionable, but it's why I think Zarco will be Moto GP champion sooner or later and Pedrosa won't be.


It stinks that Dani has gotten hurt again, but that is rather the narrative of his career. Very fast rider, keeps coming off second best in the pit fights, always gets hurt. It's probably the last year of Pedrosa on a factory Honda too, 13 seasons and no title. Darth Puig is not the patient man Master Suppo was. He'll have his eyes on a Zarco or a Rins to keep Marquez on his toes.

Pedrosa left the door wide open in lap 1, when everybody's still packed together. With as much experience as he has, he should've known anyone would've dived into that opening, especially knowing that was the only dry line. Knowing that turn 13 was the trickiest of the track, Pedrosa should've left the door closed and let the wet patches for anyone crazy enough to crash out (or simply be gentler on the gas and not spin/highside on slicks on a damp wet track).

I like Pedrosa, I really hope he's still going to win a championship one of these years, but I really can't blame Zarco for what he did. Any other rider with that option would've done the same, even his team mate!

Also there is no comparison between Zarco and Marquez. Zarco dove into an opening on the track, not hitting anyone. Marquez planted his front wheeel straight into Rossi (and a couple other riders) where there was no space for him. If you're going too fast and can't make the turn, be responsible/safe and choose the outer line so you're not taking any other riders with you. Marquez does the opposite, if he comes in too fast, he'll use the other riders to get stopped so HE can still make his turn and a big whatever to the others who are not worthy of him and his status.

His dilemma is even a little deeper if Honda is indeed pursuing Zarco as a Dani replacement.  Support your current rider, or the one you are trying to hire?

Dani is indeed cursed with the worst luck on the grid.


...then we have no problems!!! He is not Rossi. He is just one of the cleanest great riders in the hystory of sport, but, who cares?


Wrong! This is so wrong! Zarco? Were are you now people? All riders should have the same treatment! 


As Mick-e said, bad luck or no luck for this guy. I always feel a bit gutted when he gets injured, because it seems that it's almost never his fault! How much abuse can one man take, honestly? He's tough as nails, as are all the riders I'm sure. And somewhat ironically, the billboard in Austin I saw had Pedrosa on it. To think that this might be the only way I get to see him on a bike come April 20th.... that's just a massive disappointment. I hope it gets fixed soon and he's back to fighting form; when he manages to finish at COTA, he's on the podium.

If he misses the round at COTA which may happen, I'm sure he will be back for Jerez. The wrist will heal but how much pain can he endure?

Looks like Dani has had his surgery. Distal radius, I have fractured one of them, I think it was my left. Can be nasty, particularly the right wrist for a motorcycle rider. Luckily for me mine was "minimally displaced" but these fractures can result in damage to the articulation surface & cause problems in wrist movement. In bad cases it can be difficult to operate the throttle smoothly. My brother smashed his right wrist, the orthopeadic surgeon said it was a ten (worst). Now my Bro doesn't ride. I hope Dani Pedrosa has a good outcome.

No luck or bad luck, too true. As Barry Sheene said "so unlucky if he had a duck it would drown"

Get well soon Dani Pedrosa.