Andrea Dovizioso To Stay With Ducati For Two More Years

It had long been expected, but it is finally confirmed. The official Ducati Motor Twitter account just confirmed that Ducati have signed a new contract with Andrea Dovizioso for the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

Dovizioso is to speak to the media about the contract at 5pm on Friday, after which point a press release will be released. Dovizioso becomes the thirteenth rider confirmed for next year.

The tweet announcing the signing is below:


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I saw it pop up during FP2 Le Mans on the feed. Tardozzi has secured his man. Ducati have finally endorsed a racer based on his value to the team rather than his title record with other manufacturer's. I don't care what finiancial deal they cut. Finally he is Ducati's #1 and first time he has been #1 in any MGP Factory Team. What they need to do now is give #2 to Jack Miller. He obviously adapted bloody quick to #4's 2017 bike. Petrux's physical stature would tug the bikes development in different directions. Jorge's precise riding, inability to adapt to changing conditions on track and flagrant disregard for the team in a race situation precludes him as an option for contract in my book. Age too. Miller is a seasoned gamecock and 9 years younger than Dovi and Jorge. Dovi and Jack would be an ideal pairing going forward with a re-energized Tito moving to Pramac. Suzuki would be well advised to retain Crazy Joe. Jorge to Aprilia would be great. A cash injection into the Noale factory for their development , with Jorge on board? Who knows? Its his kind of bike but, no doubt, Aprilia would like an Italian on it. Petrux and Peco or Peco and Tito. Anyway its great news for Ducatista all round. If Ducati had acted like this in 2010, they may well have had Stoner and Dovi racing at Le Mans on Sunday in red. Mind you, had HRC aplied due diligence back in 2003, Vale may be racing RCV Honda today alongside Marc!!!! Hindsight being 20/20 vion and all.

It now looks like Jorge and Dani, both top tier riders suffering an almost career low point in terms of results, are being left out to dry in the contract reshuffling. Perhaps we will end up having an all Spanish ex-champ line up in the satellite Yamaha team if it gets picked up by Aspar.