Tom's Tech Treasures: Up Close With MotoGP Bikes At Misano

Thomas Morsellino is a French freelance journalist and photographer, with keen eye for the technical details of MotoGP bikes. You may have seen some of his work on Twitter, where he runs the @Off_Bikes account. After every race, will be publishing a selection of Tom's photos of MotoGP bikes, together with technical explanations of the details. subscribers will get access to the full resolution photos, which they can download and study in detail, while readers who do not support the site will be limited to the 800x600 resolution photos.

Thumb rear brake lever on Jorge Lorenzo’s Ducati GP18

Aerodynamic (large version) fairing used at Misano on Andrea Iannone's Suzuki GSX-RR

Stefan Bradl’s Honda RC213V used at Misano, probably the 2019 version with a curved radiator

Rear tyre temperature sensors on the KTM RC16 (Pol Espargaro)

Battery of the KTM Moto2 bike

Ride-by-wire throttle on Stefan Bradl’s RC213V. Throttle position is measured electronically, and sent to ECU to operate butterflies

Danilo Petrucci’s front fork with the two brakes temperature sensors (small red sensor behind suspension reservoir)

A mysterious part underneath the front of the fairing on Michele Pirro's Ducati GP18. Could it be a ballast weight?

6-axis accelerometer (Suzuki GSX-RR) that provides gives accurate information on lateral grip. This also helps to be more precise for vibration analysis and grip loss detection.

Yamaha M1 electronics connector "hub" with wheel speed (SPD), suspension travel (SUS), brake temperature (BRK) and a fourth connector, with a cable marked TB

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I'm thinking it's a temp sensor, looking at the track.

It does have what appears to be an adjusting screw, labels read+ and read-

i know it’s hard to come by but more of this please!!!

The secret details of peak motorcycle engineering are such a joy!

Fascinating.  Jewel like parts, incredibly complicated electronics. But is a way it makes it easy to see how if one part isn't operating at 100%, race and qualifying positions might be lost.

Not meaning to hijack those lovely pics but considering that people who look at these would be technically inclined...

I was wondering, just out of interest, if YOU were a new rider in a race team and you needed set up advice with your Yamaha race bike, whose advise would you take about changes to the bike.... Jeremey Burgess or Valentino Rossi?

The bottom brackets on the Suzuki Ohlins forks, image nine. Very nice, each machined from a solid chunk of unobtainium. As a ex-metal worker/machine tool operator I love them. All these pix are great !

Thank you Thomas Morsellino & David Emmett.

The " mysterious part underneath the front of the fairing on Michele Pirro's Ducati GP18" is the compulsary transponer, every bike has one. It send it's ID code to every timing loop in the track and receives laptime info plus Dorna & Team messages, to be displayed on the Dashboard.

Lorenzos thumb brake extension is so badly filed! I can only assume he made it himself.

Fantastic pictures, making me feel like I need to sign up.

I remember when I used to spend my two minutes in Rossi's pit on Saturday at PI checking out all of the really tiny sensors and really neat cable routing all over the Yamaha and Ducati !

Thanks Thomas, David and crew!