Jorge Lorenzo Fractures Left Scaphoid In Dirt Track Accident - Surgery On Monday

Just days before the Repsol Honda team launch in Madrid on Wednesday, Jorge Lorenzo has suffered a wrist injury. The Spaniard fractured his left scaphoid in a training accident while riding dirt track. Lorenzo underwent examinations in Italy and Spain, and is due to undergo surgery in Barcelona on Monday, with Dr. Mir set to operate.

The accident occurred in Italy on Saturday afternoon, and became public when Lorenzo turned up at the Clinica Pederzoli in Peschiera del Garda, in the southeast corner of Lake Garda in Italy. News of Lorenzo's incident emerged on the website of the local Corriere del Veneto paper, who reported that that Lorenzo had spent a couple of hours at the clinic. He was accompanied by two people, a man and a woman, who confirmed that Lorenzo was seeking treatment for a painful hand, but offered no other details.

The news was eventually confirmed on social media, with the Repsol Honda Team Twitter account confirming that Lorenzo had fractured his scaphoid. Italian website has more information on the injury. 

Scaphoid injuries are extremely common among motorcycle racers, as it is the bone in the base of the hand, which usually hits the ground first. The list of riders who have broken their scaphoid is very long indeed: Lorenzo joins such names as Casey Stoner, Nicky Hayden, Stefan Bradl, Jack Miller, Kevin Schwantz, and many more. How badly the injury affects a rider can vary enormously, as the bone receives very little blood and tends to heal very slowly. A fracture can be fixed quickly with screws, but the fracture itself may not heal for a very long time. 

Nicky Hayden had to have a row of bones, including the scaphoid, removed, after the scaphoid he injured in a crash at Turn 1 at Valencia turned arthritic and failed to heal. Casey Stoner had to have surgery on the scaphoid five years after originally breaking it. On the other hand, Toby Price won the 2019 Dakar Rally with a pinned scaphoid, after breaking it in December. 

With just two-and-a-half weeks to go before the Sepang test, the timing of Lorenzo's injury is extremely unfortunate. Lorenzo should be fit enough to test at Sepang from 6-8 February, but he will likely still be in some pain. With Marc Marquez still recovering from shoulder surgery in December, and Cal Crutchlow still in some pain after breaking his ankle at Phillip Island last year, HRC face the first test of 2019 with none of their factory-backed riders at full fitness. 

A press release with details of Lorenzo's surgery is expected on Monday, once he has been under the knife.


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Scaphoid fractures are no good since it is the slowest healing bone in the body. If he had surgery as a result, it is nearly certain they put a screw in it and that is 8 weeks minimum which puts him out until early March. The alternative is risking damaging it which will result in an injury that will affect his riding for the rest of his career.

Ouch those scaphiod injuries can be nasty, painful & slow to heal. Get well soon Señor Lorenzo.

With Marquez, Crutchlow and Lorenzo all in the middle of lengthy recoveries Dovisioso and the Suzuki boys may never have a better chance at the title, assuming any of them can steal an early march. Honda on the other hand must be sweating bullets.

The risk of nonunion of a scaphoid fracture and resultant arthritis  is dependent upon the location of the fracture. The blood supply runs in a retrogade manner so that fractures of the proximal part are the worst. The distal pole fractures are relatively mild and fractures in the middle, or waist area are, well, in the middle. Jorge's Xray may be posted on social media at some point allowing the public to see exactly what he is facing. Either way, these guys are freaks of nature when it comes to their ability to perform while hurt. I am an orthopedic surgeon and thanks to my KTM 300 and a certain tree that ran out in front of me have personal experience with this injury.  I did not feel confident enough to ride my street bike until 6 weeks after my surgery. Toby Price just won the Dakar Rally one month after his surgery! JLo raced a MotoGP bike days after having his clavicle plated. Regardless of what that may say about me personally : ), I think that he will be ok, at least in the short term.  David's assessment of the the impact on his future testing schedule seems quite reasonable. 

Toby's Dakar win was truly amazing!

Yesterday he posted a video of his orthopaedic surgeon looking at his CT and discussing the damage he did to his scaphoid during the race. It's not very often we get to see the actual pictures of an injury. He's having the pin replaced as well as a bone graft to try to get it united. His scaphoid looked pretty I have no idea how he managed to even finish the race, let alone win!

The Herbert screw is a neat piece of kit. Short threaded sections on each end, each with a different diameter and pitch. With the proper shouldered hole, it draws the pieces tight.

Left hand WAY better than right.
Lorenzo rides hurt and rides well, doubling down his focus.
He will exceed expectations.
(ORIF it may go w/o saying, but feel free to join me in ditching the stars thing altogether, you should see the fantastic pieces David puts out that 3 people keep whacking one * at...looks like a starfishy-butthole proclimation of self all alone there. Leaving it be)
Heal up quickly Jorge! Hope its an easy one. Come whip that new bronco around and stay in the saddle while you are at it.

Unless you are a lefty. For us riders yes, left is better than right.

My brother is left handed. He came down hard, hip onto right wrist & smashed it. Wrist crushed between hip & concrete. Carpel tunnel squashed & cutting off blood supply to his right hand, They put him back together again. right wrist doesn't move smoothly any more. the distal end of the radius also custom modified, now has steps in the articulation surface.

He is lucky it was a short trip to a good hospital. Lucky to be left handed so his handwriting didn't get any worse.

My brother doesn't ride a motorcycle any more. I have invested in better gloves with a bit more protection.

Saw some unpleasant stats after a quick search. "18 of 22 scaphoid fractures with delayed or non-union. "Non-union rates of scaphoid fractures treated with a plaster cast were 5 to 10% to up to 50% " "Surgical intervention is needed to achieve stable union, restore scaphoid anatomy, and prevent/reverse carpal collapse."

Get well soon Senor Chuppa Chup.

Oh that's right JL 99 is riding a Honda this year. I hope he takes all the time he needs to be 100% right.

I crashed a GSXR in a club race and broke the scaphoid in my right hand (along with 5 other fractures in that wrist).  I spent 12 weeks in a cast because I opted to not have surgery.  It was four months before I was back on the bike.

Even with surgery, Qatar in February is very, very close.  This could really put him on the back foot.  He really should take the time he needs and not rush, but I'm sure the brass at HRC will have input on that.