Aragon MotoGP Race Start Time Moved An Hour Earlier To Avoid F1 Clash

The starting time of the MotoGP race at the Motorland Aragon circuit has been moved an hour earlier to avoid a clash with the start of the F1 race at Singapore. The race is now scheduled to start at 1pm CET, before the Moto2 race. The Moto2 race has been moved back to 2:30pm, and will take place after MotoGP.

The move has been made to avoid a clash with the F1 race in Singapore. That race, around a street circuit in the city state, is held at night, to fit in with European TV schedules. The F1 race is due to start at 8:10pm Singapore time, which corresponds with 2:10pm in Europe, and would have meant the MotoGP race in Aragon clashing with the F1 race.

It is unusual for such clashes to be resolved this late in the season. Normally, starting times are checked and accommodated well before the season starts. The move by F1 to a later starting time - 3:10pm instead of 2pm European time - has resolved most of the clashes, broadcasters able to show both races now. 

The press release from Dorna announcing the time switch appears below.

Gran Premio Michelin® de Aragon: time schedule change

MotoGP™ race to start at 13:00 local time

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Gran Premio Michelin® de Aragon will feature changes to Sunday's schedule.

The final race in Europe before MotoGP™ packs up and heads for Asia will see the premier class race begin an hour earlier than usual, with lights out at 13:00 (GMT +2) local time.

Warm Ups will still begin at 8:40 and the Moto3™ race will remain unchanged at 11:00. The Moto2™ race will be moved to 14:30.

The race schedule for Sunday is therefore as follows:
11:00 - Moto3™
13:00 - MotoGP™
14:30 - Moto2™


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the ‘race’ around the latest marina isn’t going to move is it? Thought most F1 viewers only watched the start & finish?! Be interesting to see the viewing figures globally, I did read somewhere a few years ago that MotoGP was catching F1 up, also that actual event attendance was higher in MotoGP but don’t remember the source. Of course you’d expect the premium car race to trump the premium bike race but it’ll be interesting to see the comparisons, particularly as many are now seeing through the marketing and corporate haze and realising, as an actual race, it rarely delivers. Even the drivers say it!

There have been 2 piss poor F1 races this season but the last 6 races have featured amazing wheel to wheel racing and races determined on the last lap. There is room for discussion as to what type of racing one prefers (2 Vs 4 wheel) but it would be disingenuous to say this season has been boring.

Coming from a 2 wheel nut.

To be clear I’m a MotoGP fan first and foremost, but F1 has given us a number of really good races this season, and is undeniably better attended (a quick google search yields annual average weekend event numbers of close to 200,000 for F1 and 150,000 for MotoGP). I don’t understand why being a fan of one so often yields animosity towards the other. Maybe it’s no different than Android lovers hating on Apple devotees and vice versa, or Calvin peeing on whatever car manufacturer logo isn’t yours, but I don’t get it. 

People find their tribe and then want to stick with it and "fend off" any rival tribes. It's built into our DNA evidently but I too find it silly. Funsize, imagine if MGP races were 1.5 hours long with pit stops. Do you really think they'd be as closely fought?

I hate these out of sequence schedules. Moto3, MotoGP, Moto2 is just wrong. It spoils the build up and anticipation. We shouldn't be doing it for Silverstone and we shouldn't for Aragon.

If you can't watch it all because of a clash or it doesn't fit in with your lunch, then use the recorder. 

its obvious F1 is of a different style to our sprint races, strategy, pitstops, tyres and the technical side being the big factors. I’m sure it would be more exiting with two WSBK flag to flag races in the day but that’s just me. I don’t really care about the future of their sport, it’s been manipulated and ‘technicalled’ to death over the last decade. I have no animosity towards the F1, but sadly there are many followers who see it as an elite ‘destination’ sport, the way Ecclestone pushed it. He showed disdain for the ‘normal’ fans camping in the woods, he wanted you to buy £1,000 VVVIP tickets. Don’t forget he almost drove the Classic circuits (Spa, Hockenheim, Nurburgring & to a lesser extent Donington) to bankruptcy; Silverstone were constantly feuding with the organisers about the (approx) €14 million sanction fee for what the circuit CEO at the time (Phillips?) described as a ‘mediocre product’. I have a friend who subscribes to the lifestyle side of F1, chirping about their VIP experiences on social but not knowing (or caring) anymore than I do about the sport. Due to the balance of vehicle ownership being massively in favour of cars, it will clearly have more popularity than MotoGP-though we are now producing 200,000 weekend admission events. We know riding bikes is way more exiting than driving the equivalent car, many or most car drivers don’t and I think that’s why many bike fans have little interest in the ‘computer game’ nature of F1. You see F1 drivers at MotoGP quite often, not the other way round. Note the numerous comments about F1 & MotoGP by our great champion Lewis Hamilton, hard to argue with him. James Whitham recently compared the two as cars being one-dimensional, bikes being in 3D, I agree.