FIM President Jorge Viegas On Iannone Doping Ban: "Everything Will Be Published After The CAS"

Since the announcement on Wednesday that Andrea Iannone's suspension for violating the FIM doping code had been reduced to 18 months, there have been questions surrounding the verdict. In interviews and press releases, Iannone himself, his lawyer, and Aprilia had all contended that he had been found innocent of intentionally ingesting drostanolone, a banned exogenous anabolic androgenic steroid. The International Disciplinary court of the FIM, the CDI, had accepted Iannone's claim that he had accidentally ingested the substance by eating contaminated meat, Iannone and his entourage told the media.

Whether this was an accurate reflection of the verdict or just spin by Iannone's legal and PR team was impossible to know. The FIM had only issued a press release stating the verdict of the court: that drostanolone had been found in a urine sample taken after the race in Sepang, that a hearing had been held, and submissions made to the court, and that the verdict of the court was that Iannone was suspended for 18 months, from 17th December 2019 to 16th June 2021.

After the verdict was published, there were calls for the reasoning behind the verdict to be published, but the FIM has refrained from comment. There is a good reason for that: Iannone has 21 days from the verdict to lodge an appeal with the CAS, the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and until that time, the issue is still technically sub judice, and the FIM cannot say anything for fear of prejudicing any appeal that might happen.

But the FIM will provide much more openness on the Iannone case once the legal process has run its course, FIM president Jorge Viegas told Israeli journalist and TV commentator Tammy Gorali. In the course of a long interview, conducted remotely while Viegas was at his home in Portugal and to be published on later this month, Viegas promised transparency.

"At this moment, the FIM will not comment at all on the punishment of Mr. Andrea Iannone," Viegas told Gorali. "We have a commission of judges which is totally independent from the executive power of the FIM. The FIM is one of the parts in this, and in the whole anti-doping process."

"We have our lawyer that was involved in the process, and they have their lawyer. They went before the three judges from the commission. The judges asked for additional documents and evidence, and then they decided based on that. And now, in this moment, what happened is that we are in the time period during which the FIM, Mr. Iannone, or WADA can file an appeal with the CAS in Lausanne. So until this period ends, which is roughly a month, a bit less, nobody in the FIM is allowed to comment on the matter."

Despite not wanting to comment on the case, Viegas was at pains to point out that the FIM took doping very seriously, and that the CDI did not reach its verdict lightly. And the FIM president promised more transparency once the process was complete.

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Viegas is saying the press releases from Aprilia, Andrea and the media are clearly incorrect. Why would we suspend him if we thought he was innocent ? He also speculates that if Iannone did it, it was probably for reasons other than performance enhancement. I wonder what he thinks those reasons might be.....?

This particular drug is used to a high degree in the bodybuilding world as it has properties that help during the "cutting" phase of training. It is used to create more definition in the muscle. Additionally, it aids in strength and endurance. 
In a sport where athletes are doing their best to reduce their weight and increase strength and endurance, this is a "good" choice for these athletes. 
Iannone also is motivated by his own appearance as demonstrated by numerous plastic surgeries. There may very well be a component here to look his best. 
With regard to the contaminated meat defense, in the world of body building and WWE, there are two popular defenses. The first is no defense, just silence which has the obvious result.  The second is the ingestion of contaminated meat. This defense, from my research, always results in a guilty verdict and a ban from their sport. 
Should Ianonne's verdict be any different when using the same defense?

Why did he get a nose job last year, which prevented him from testing?

I believe it was surgery on his jaw/jawline.

Nothing more for me to hear. They didn't nail him and let his "maybe Asian meat?" reduce from 4 yrs to 18mos w some free months back dated. He is making noise.

Rather wishing he had taken another backmarker or two "to dinner" with him. He got unlucky getting caught, and lucky on the sentence. Time to move on, even April 2020.

Dorna dit everything to get Romano Fenati back on the track. Why are they so harsh on Andrea Iannone. I don't think that he is a drug user. Will they make a statement ?

While I thought the ban given to Fenati was too small (effectively a six race ban) it was served in full. It's Fenati's family fortune that brought him back onto the grid, not the FIM or Dorna doing him any favours. Even if they had done him favours his career is permanently stalled regardless, no team in the top two classes is interested in the guy coming 17th in Moto 3 before considering Fenati's other baggage.

FIM are probably following legal advice to say nothing until CAS have made a ruling. Iannone's playing a dangerous game. He no doubt thinks CAS will vinidcate him, but he would do well to remember that CAS agreed with Alberto Contador that he accidentally ate steroid contaminated meat, then stripped of his results for two years and declared him guilty anyway, because those are the rules.

...made a series of mistakes which lead him to making a big one, inexcusabe, yet we have all been guilty of youth (at some time...hmmm) and luckily most of us get a chance to redeem ourselves. Hopfully Fenati goes on to demonstrate just that, only time wil tell.

18 moths to Ianonne in the Motogp world is pretty much a life sentence but there's a slim glimmer of hope, very slim but it's there. Maybe that's all that is in the 18 months. The slim possibility of redemption at the Motogp level.

Let's see what they say but i think the contaminated meat story is start to look somewhere near the, 'i was shipwrecked in a lifeboat with Ben Johnson and Lance Armstrong without fresh water and we had to drink.......there was a mix up'.

....I talked to a friend, who is VERY familiar with steroids/testing/etc., mentioned the substance Iannone tested positive for and his 'explanation' and he said, 'he's lying'. 

... riders (AKA teams) are bringing their own food and beverages to each race and only consuming from that supply? Otherwise, isn't every rider at risk of the same type of contamination?

Given the increasing likelyhood of no championship this year, he may well end up with a ban that stops him racing the first few months of 2021.