Reigning WorldSSP Champion Randy Krummenacher Splits With MV Agusta

In a surprise move, reigning WorldSSP champion Randy Krummenacher has announced that he is splitting with the MV Agusta Reparto Corse team with immediate effect.

The Swiss rider gave only vague reasons for the split. In a press release, he blamed "serious breaches on the part of the company that compromise both the rider's performance as well as his professionalism, reputation, and personal integrity." Serious claims, but then splitting right before the season restarts at Jerez on the weekend of August 2nd is a big move to make.

Krummenacher won the WorldSSP championship in 2019, riding for the Evan Bros Yamaha squad, clinching the title by just 6 points from his teammate Federico Caricasulo.

What Krummenacher does next is unknown. For the moment, the Swiss rider is left without a ride for the remainder of 2020, and must hope to get a chance with another team, or if a rider is injured. His best hope may lie in replacing Leon Camier at Barni Ducati, the Englishman still recovering from a long-standing shoulder injury picked up last year.

The press release from Randy Krummenacher appears below:


With this press release, rider Randy Krummenacher confirms his intention to dissolve his contract with MVRC srl, (MV Agusta Reparto Corse) due to serious breaches on the part of the company that compromise both the rider‘s performance as well as his professionalism, reputation and personal integrity.

Krummenacher has sent the company formal notification, in which all the reasons leading to his decision are clearly outlined.

Krummenacher has also moved to inform the competent bodies, responsible for verifying any technical irregularities.

The Supersport 600 World Championship title holder has reached this difficult decision after having carefully evaluated the risks involved in dissolving the agreement, on the one hand, and the values for which he has always stood, professionally and personally-speaking, on the other.

RK: "This is not a pleasant situation and I never wanted any of this. The aim was to fight for the world title once more but unfortunately, the foundations needed to move ahead with the project with MV Agusta Reparto Corse are not there. I have had to take this decision in order to preserve my moral and professional integrity, as well as my safety. Throughout my career, I have always tried to do the right thing, giving it my all in any situation, even the most challenging. But this time there was only one decision I could make. I cannot say more about my motives at this time, but further details will be communicated in due course."


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There must be a pretty obvious 'breach or breaches' to Randy's contract for him to just summarily quit. Yet he uses fuzzy language to explain himself. He says the 'foundations' to move the program ahead were not there... What are 'foundations'? Promises perhaps? Maybe its just money needed to run championship effort. RK should know all about that since he has been a top challenger for a long time so he knows what it takes to win it... He goes on to say he needs to preserve his 'moral and professional integrity'? Those words don't seem to line up together to mean much. MV's championship efforts have appeared pretty sketchy for a long time. After winning his Championship last season with a Yamaha team, it seems curious he would agree to sign with MV at all.

I expect Krummie's agent/lawyer told him not to go into details, since keeping things private for the moment will likely provide more leverage to have MV Agusta not contest in court his breaking the contract.

Yeah, the language used is pretty odd.  "Moral and professional integrity"?  I imagine that there is indeed some fire to go along with all that smoke.  At the same time, there's a bit of questionable "integrity" to publicly casting aspersions on a team without presenting some evidence.

As far as why RK would sign with MV Agusta - he may no longer have been so welcome in his Yamaha team.  I remember that near the end of the season, he accused his team of deliberately slowing his bike down in order to favor the championship chances of his teammate.

I'm not entirely sure what to believe - it'll be interesting to watch it unfold.

My take is that he feels MV are some how cheating and he wants no part of it
what follows will be intersting

that MV have looked inside the sealed engineswithout following protocol and points have been deducted because of the fact. 3 riders are affected by the deducted points.


RK knew that the Yamahs is going too strong against his bike. On top of performance discrepancy, he saw something within MV Agusta corse that made him worry to continue association with the famous Italian marque?  What made KR announce split with MV Agusta?