Alex Rins Taken To Hospital With Suspected Fractured Shoulder

Alex Rins has been taken to hospital in Jerez with a suspected fractured shoulder, and a dislocated shoulder. The Suzuki Ecstar rider crashed heavily in Turn 11 during Saturday's Q2 qualifying session, tumbling through the gravel at Turn 11. The Spaniard was holding his shoulder as he walked out of the gravel, and was taken to the medical center at the circuit.

After preliminary examination at the medical center, Rins was sent to hospital for further scans. At the moment, no decision has been taken on his possible participation in Sunday's opening race of the 2020 MotoGP season, but the seriousness of the injury does not bode well for the Spaniard.

Exactly why Rins crashed is uncertain. But riders have been reporting issues at Turn 11 with the wind, and track conditions, with temperatures approaching 60°C, it was easy to lose the front as the brakes are released.

Further updates once Suzuki issue a press release.


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in the video of dr.mir explaining rins' injury to davide, you see mir wraping his palm around his other fist, then tearing fist from palm to demonstrate a "fracture with dislocation" of rins' shoulder.

ouch, man.

...we want to see any rider fall. This weekend has had me thinking oil on a few occasions, yet it only was once. Memory is fickle but don't remember 11/12 being such and issue on the front before, not just the MotoGP bikes either. Fingers crossed for no more injuries.