Marc Marquez Withdraws From Andalusian GP At Jerez

After trying to ride on Saturday at Jerez, Marc Marquez has been forced to pull out of Sunday's Andalusian Grand Prix at Jerez. The Repsol Honda rider rode reasonably well in FP3, and was passed fit after the session to continue.

But Marquez started to struggle in the afternoon. The reigning champion put in a stint of eight laps on his first run in FP4, but only went out for two more after that. He attempted to ride in Q1, but came back in directly after his out lap, and walked out of the back of the garage and into the truck.

When he emerged from the truck wearing team clothing, his right arm, fractured last week and plated in an operation on Tuesday, was visibly swollen. It was clear that Marquez would not be able to continue, and the Repsol Honda team announced he would sit out the race shortly afterward.

This is the first race Marquez will have missed in his MotoGP career. The last time he missed a race was at Sepang and Valencia, the last two races of 2011, after crashing heavily over water on the track, at a point where no yellow flags were being waved to warn the riders. Marquez suffered nerve damage to an eye in that crash, but was operated on succesfully, and returned the next season.

HRC later released a statement from Repsol Honda team manager Alberto Puig:

"This morning the objective was to make first contact with the bike and we saw that Marc could still be fast. In the afternoon the plan was to do a longer run. Either due to the heat or fatigue from the morning, he experienced more problems and found it more difficult. Obviously we have understood that it was better not to take more risks. We have followed the plan, which was to miss Friday and see how Marc felt today. Now we have analyzed the situation and made the decision not to participate in tomorrow's race. We have followed the plan, always checking the physical condition of the rider. Marc has tried to listen to his body, to see how he responded. When he saw that he could not, we have all decided not to race tomorrow. Marc is very strong. He wanted to try, and we wanted to give him the opportunity to do it, we have supported him at all times. I think we have made the right decision at all times. A champion cannot stay at home if he thinks he has the option or a slight chance. Now he has a lot of inflammation, but it will pass. There are many races ahead and the goal is to arrive in Brno in the best way."

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..with a second of Fabio. Given the pace Marquez ran, even if the race was doable, the amount of points he would probably score...if any...would never justify the risk. I'm happy he's out, for the correct reasons. Good on him for trying, respect.

... surprised. A freshly broken and bolted arm can't react to well to being shoved into a tight, extremely hot leather sleeve and then strained repeatedly while flogging a 250+hp motorcycle.

Common sense tells that was all ridiculous to even try.

It is clear that the bar for passing the pre-event physical test does not  enough.

Has the unethical efforts of building a myth about the rider heroics reached it´s peak?

All this seemed very unprofessional by every aspect to me.

Marc Marquez is human. Quote from Matt Birt: "Marc's so smart, so clever that no way would he, first and foremost, risk his own safety and well being, but he certainly would not risk his rival's. Probably the most common sense decision taken."

Birty, Birty, Birty...BrickTop made it very clear yesterday that insanity is relative and subjective. Not many people in this world would agree with your words, Mr. Birt. Most people would say that what's smart and clever and the most common sense decision is to not choose racing motorcycles as an occupation or livelihood. Ever. There is also the possibility that Marquez set back his recovery time by trying to compete this weekend. One never knows. Odd fact: Marquez did not crash last weekend at 100mph. The onboard graphics on the telly indicate that he auto-ejected at 150kph. The conversion to mph is...93. Coincidentally his racing number.

The true insanity in this world is accepting, agreeing to and believing that the self is real. 

So, they're admitting Marc IS an alien! I hope that arm swelling doesn't set him back in his recovery. I'm going out on an 85F and sunny day without skintight leathers and carrying both the world championship and the team on my back. I'll still sweat through my ATTGAT gear. Bravo, Marc. Hard-earned breather.

Of course Marquez had to try. As long he could manage the pain, he'd have to try. Playing it safe, being sensible, thinking of the bigger picture, are all not really how this juggernaut of a motorcycle racer thinks and operates.

We've seen it in how he rides, in how he crashes and how he bounces right back after "massive ish crashes". 

If he is back at Brno, he will most probably win at Brno. 

Rossi was about finesse, Marquez is about in your face domination. Marc is just 26... and even with Fabio and Binder on the rise, MM93 has still got something that no one else on the grid has got with regard to winning championships. 

For the next few seasons, nothing (NOTHING) but Marquez being injured will come in the way of him winning more championships.