Yamaha Suspends Maverick Viñales For Austrian GP For "Irregular Operation" - But What Exactly Did He Do?

Yamaha has suspended Maverick Viñales from participating in this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring. In a press release issued today, the Monster Energy Yamaha said Viñales had been suspended for "the unexplained irregular operation of the motorcycle by the rider during last weekend's Styria MotoGP race".

According to Yamaha, this behavior was visible in the data logged by the Yamaha M1, and that data forced Yamaha to draw the conclusion that "the rider‘s actions could have potentially caused significant damage to the engine of his YZR-M1 bike which could have caused serious risks to the rider himself and possibly posed a danger to all other riders in the MotoGP race".

Though Yamaha would not expand on this statement when asked, the behavior they are referring to is clear from reports by people at the track, and is visible in the lap times. Photographers present in that part of the circuit say that for the last four laps or so, they heard Viñales leaving the bike in fifth gear at the end of the straight, and only changing up into sixth just before Turn 1.

This explanation of events is clear from the lap chart. Below are the lap times from the analysis PDF on the MotoGP.com results web page, with the last four laps highlighted. You can see that especially in Sectors 1 and 2 – containing the end of the front straight, the climb up the hill to Turn 3, and the sections between Turns 3 and 4 – Viñales is on average nearly 2 seconds down than on his laps at a more 'normal' pace.

You can also see that his top speed – measured just before Turn 2 up the hill – is nearly 30 km/h down, a consequence, most likely, of either poor drive out of Turn 1 or holding the bike in fifth rather than changing up into sixth. From his times, it looks like Viñales was holding the bike in lower gears for much longer than necessary on just about every straight on the track.

Lap # Time T1 T2 T3 T4 Top speed
18 1'25.137 17.382 26.725 24.283 16.747 307.6
19 1'27.281 17.902 27.282 25.108 16.989 304.2
20 1'25.613 17.514 26.942 24.413 16.744 305.9
21 1'25.926 17.500 26.940 24.482 17.004 305.0
22 1'25.933 17.544 27.025 24.472 16.892 305.9
23 1'25.974 17.478 27.021 24.293 17.182 305.9
24 1'30.320 17.936 28.533 25.768 18.083 301.6
25 1'31.830 19.145 29.562 25.718 17.405 274.1
26 1'30.654 18.711 29.420 25.189 17.334 287.2
27 1'37.361 18.359 29.044 27.190 22.768 287.2

Why would a MotoGP rider deliberately mistreat their engine? The relationship between Viñales and Yamaha has been souring for a long time. The Spaniard has repeatedly expressed his frustration with the bike and with the team. Yamaha tried to fix the problems Viñales was having by changing crew chiefs, bringing in Silvano Galbusera instead of Esteban Garcia, but that was only a temporary fix.

After a dramatic result at the Sachsenring, where Viñales finished last, a week later, at Assen, the Spaniard announced he would be leaving Yamaha at the end of 2021, getting out of his contract a year early. Ironically, the announcement came on Sunday, after Viñales had just finished second behind his teammate.

On Sunday after the Styrian round of MotoGP at the Red Bull Ring, Viñales was once again frustrated. The Spaniard had gotten off to a good start in the first race, but he stalled his bike on the grid when the warm up lap commenced before the restarted race. He then pushed his bike into pit lane, had to start from pit lane exit, and complained of strange bike behavior and and electronics problems all race, including erroneous messages on his dashboard.

"Basically, I had a few problems on the bike," Viñales had told us after the race. "I don't know why, but nearly all the laps I had "pit lane" [on the dashboard], like going in. And I didn't understand anything. And my dashboard was saying, "pit lane", "pit lane", so I didn't start. And I don't know why, but the anti-wheelie was working badly, and I just went. Also I was out of the points, and I just saw "pit lane", "pit lane". So maybe I thought I had a failure or something, and I went in."

Viñales also complained of electronics issues on the bike, a repeat of problems during qualifying. "Honestly speaking, for me, in the second race, the same thing happened as in the qualifying. I don't know why, but when I opened the gas, the bike was making failing, like 'boh-boh-boh-boh', so I don't know why. So I thought I had some kind of problem, but I kept running and running and running and it was OK, but in the last laps, I don't know why, it kept doing it more."

It is possible that Viñales' frustration had grown so great that he took it out on the Yamaha M1. Requests to Yamaha for confirmation of the dashboard messages reported by Viñales were refused, a spokesperson saying they were studying the data and had nothing to add to the statement they had issued.

This is not the first time Viñales has found himself in difficulties with a team. During his 2012 Moto3 campaign, Viñales decided to quit the Blusens Avintia team at Sepang, citing a lack of support and a lack of professionalism. Meetings with lawyers back at home saw him return to racing the next round at Phillip Island, and switching to the Team Calvo squad aboard a KTM, and going on to win the 2013 Moto3 title.

It is deeply unusual for a rider to be suspended by their team. It has only happened a handful of times – Romano Fenati after the Misano incident with Stefano Manzi in 2018, John Hopkins in Misano in 2008 – and it usually takes something extreme for it to happen. This particular incident looks to be the most serious split of the lot.

The Yamaha statement says that Viñales will not be replaced at the Red Bull Ring this weekend – his crew are already on their way home – and that "decisions regarding the future races will be taken after a more detailed analysis of the situation and further discussions between Yamaha and the rider". It seems unlikely that Viñales will be back in the Yamaha garage for the remainder of the season.

Who Yamaha find to replace him with is open to question. The most likely scenario, if Viñales does not return, is for Yamaha to bring in a rider from WorldSBK – most likely Garrett Gerloff – for the race at Silverstone, then swap test rider Cal Crutchlow into the factory team for the remainder of 2021. That is not a decision we will see this weekend, however.

What this means for Maverick Viñales' future is also open to question. It was widely expected that Aprilia would be announcing they have hired Viñales to race alongside Aleix Espargaro in 2022. How Aprilia feels about Viñales, and whether this situation has jeopardized that deal, should become apparent quite quickly.

The press release from Yamaha appears below:

Spielberg (Austria), 12th August 2021

Yamaha regrets to announce that Maverick Viñales‘ entry to this weekend‘s Austrian MotoGP event has been withdrawn by the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP team.

The absence follows the suspension of the rider by Yamaha due to the unexplained irregular operation of the motorcycle by the rider during last weekend‘s Styria MotoGP race.

Yamaha‘s decision follows an in-depth analysis of telemetry and data over the last days.

Yamaha‘s conclusion is that the rider‘s actions could have potentially caused significant damage to the engine of his YZR-M1 bike which could have caused serious risks to the rider himself and possibly posed a danger to all other riders in the MotoGP race.

The rider will not be replaced at the Austrian GP.

Decisions regarding the future races will be taken after a more detailed analysis of the situation and further discussions between Yamaha and the rider.

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If I’m not mistaken John Kocinski was sacked by Suzuki in the 1993 season after revving his 250 in anger and frustration until it blew post the Assen TT race. 
Btw, I wish Morbidelli could get Vinales' machinery for the remainder of the season.

As I recall, he was also fired by Honda after winning the WSBK title that year because he passed his team-mate Aaron Slight late in the season, preventing a Honda 1-2 in the series.

As for Vinales, nobody will really miss him if he's gone permanently, although it would make the paddock a duller place, lol. Aprilia would have to be out of their collective minds to hire him after this.

Aprilla seems to like riders with questionable behavior (Iannone), so why not? ;)

Most teams would prefer a rider who was fast but cranky over a stable rider who was average .

No Team races to be in the top ten , they want to win no matter how remote that chance might be .

Mav has, to me, always seemed to think he was the golden child entitled to a World Championship and anytime things weren't going perfectly it was someone else's fault. But this?,,,this should imo get him blacklisted from the paddock permanently. It might come as news to him but Motogp will struggle on without Maverick the Special Flower. And, if he's concerned that I might miss him I'm happy to assure him I'll be fine without the Prince Maverick act on the grid. Bye, Mav, it's been real...

Yeah I agree with you sir ,I think the words "entitled to a world championship " hits the nail on the head to his mental attitude.

All through the GP weekend I thought Maverick looked super happy and chilled, always smiling and blowing kisses to the camera. And then when he made a brilliant start in the first race I thought we might see the new Maverick proving everyone wrong. And then the red flag, stall, pit lane start and god knows what else. It's all gone horribly wrong.

I noted his unusually extroverted behavior, too. I wondered what was up, but now I think he might have been feeling vengeful toward Yamaha and cooking up a scheme. Based on the unprofessional way he quit the team early in his career I think it is possible that he intended to damage the bike.

The epitome of a spoiled, egotisical brat. It's not MY fault I'm not winning.....its the team! Aprilia, or any other team, should say thanks, but no thanks.

Honestly, I believe his behaviour to be that of someone suffering serious mental health issues. Yes, it's the behaviour of a spoilt brat, but I think there's a bit more to it than that. Whatever is the cause, someone with incredible talent has just peed their career up against the wall, and for that I think we should feel sad for the guy. At the age of 26 he now needs to find a whole new life for himself, a sobering thought.

Good post Colonel, I think that sums up my own thoughts pretty well.

If this year has taught us anything (Naomi Osaka, Ben Stokes, and now Mav), it's that elite sport is far more taxing mentally than many people give it credit for.

With the money he's no doubt already banked from Yamaha I'm sure a new life will be no problem. Maybe he could take up golf, and blame the club manufacturer for each bad shot.

Truly a shame to see great talent go by the wayside due to personal behavior.  The one that really sticks in my craw is Anthony Gobert. I have read the acounts from many people who would know, say that at the time, he was one of the most naturally gifted riders out there. Sad.

Oh, well. I'm pretty sure if you had given me justin bieber money when i was 17, i would have not lived to see 18...

Good luck, Mr. Vinales.

Not a nutcase flake like Mav increasingly appears to be. Gobert threw away a unbelievable natural talent, but it was just because he did what he wanted, which was get drunk and chase a good time, all the time. Couldn't have cared less what he rode or how it was prepared.

Still a shame. Party (Gobert). Insist on a level of perfection which the team will never achive ( Kocinski). Or just not able to pull it together on a week to week basis (Vinales). It is still is sad to see talent stymied by personal attributes. 

Makes me that much more amazed how the others can do it for so long at the level of pressure which being at the pinnacle presents.

I do not believe Maverick is a nutcase flake. He's just having a hard time right now. He did not arrive at a factory yamaha motogp seat by being a "nutcase flake".

The Suzuki team doctor judged him a certifable schizophrenic when he turned up a day late in Malaysia for the race, somewhat worse for wear. I was in South Africa for the GP and in a bar with two team managers and Elvis was really pissed at the other end of the bar and started mouthing of at one of the team managers. They carefully ignored him, as one of the team managers was well known for being up for a fight any time and was still young enough to have sorted Elvis out.

Extremely talent, but his childhood left scars that he could not leave behind.

Insanity. I even made a comment the other day saying that I thought MV12 was trying to do something on purpose to get released earlier than the end of the season.

It's pretty obvious that we will never see MV12 on a Yamaha again - they're definitely going to cut him and they're not going to be as nice as KTM was with Zarco as far as letting him ride for anyone else this season.

I'm curious to see how the Aprilla rumors go - I wonder if they would still take him after these accusations.

At least Rossi's drama was calculated! I do think that the more Mav smiles at the camera, the more unhinged he is internally.

Being the genius that I am, I picked MV to finish 3rd in the championship. I even stated that this was based on my prediction that he would finally mature. Guess I won't be running out to buy a lottery ticket anytime soon!


I don't know why everyone is clutching their pearls over this, as I suspect it is all going to plan.
Step 1:  Raise a big stink in the Factory Yamaha team
Step 2:  Leave the team to join Andrea Iannone's cologne company
Step 3:  Profit?

Doesn't pass the smell test.../I was just leaving

I am surprised at the force of these judgments. After all, Yamaha has its own blunders to be proud of, like last year's valve replacement ridicule, and hanging on an uncompetitive Rossi, which drove champion Lorenzo out.
Huge factories have huge egos. Ducati permanently underestimates its riders, and let's not talk about Honda... Could we not wait a bit longer before passing judgment till we know more facts?
Having said that,  I will not deny that specific character traits of MV12 have probably not contributed to a ''could be'' stellar career.
After all, only recently Cal, known as having no dubieties to speak his mind, said MV is the only man with the talent and speed to challenge MM.  

    At least he has the balls to do it. Most of the riders are schills.  

Need to sack Jarvis. Nice job managing  people.   

KR senior probably  would have punched some Yamaha guy.

  Dude will rock it on the next bike he races.

.. he stalled his bike.    .. he may have helped create the timing loop chaos or not..  but did he did ignore the "Pit Lane" messages for 20+ laps before slowing down/overreving engine to pull out of raqce on last lap..

How much time would he have lost to enter pits immediately & had teh bike 'rebooted' ?

I'll bet his "dashboard problems" were to do with him crossing the end of the pitlane then pushing it back during his start from the pitlane.  Surely a professional rider should know the start procedure and where to start from as he's been in the game long enough?

I stumbled on this news at Motogp.com by accident as this news broke and did not bat an eyelid. Standard fair for an increasingly 'maverick' Vinales. He's always been like Philip Island.... 4 seasons in four sessions on any race weekend. A great talent he is and was. I first took note of him when riding for Paris Hilton's outfit in Moto 3 back then. Where to for him now ? Aprilia would do far better to steal a top M2 or M3 talent to partner Aleix on a solid 2 year contract. I would give Iker Lecuona the second Aprilia seat. The Yamaha mess ? Easy. Throw everything at the title with Fabio, put Gerloff on the second factory bike for Silverstone. Over at Petronas, let Dive Bomb Binder #40 have a dive into the deep end of the pool at Silverstone. Nothing to lose for them in the M3 title chase really. Great opportunity for Petronas and Yamaha to evaluate one easy potential replacement for Franco who will surely be alongside Fabio next year. Cal takes the factory ride tilll end of season post Silverstone. As for Vinales, I cannot see Yamaha letting him near their operations from hereon out.

Afterall, it IS a rev limiter. Riders hit that thing all the time. Even in a victory celebrations! It's there so the motor doesn't over-rev and blow up. Sounds to me more like a made-up excuse to punish. 

a dull moment, eh?

Maverick did look a little manic, pre-race, but this? It will be interesting to hear his explanation.

Same old same old, a few snapshots through a window and suddenly his character is all too obvious ? Give it a rest. People bemoan the loss of characters like Crutchlow to be replaced by the ever more 'party press line' media soundbites from increasingly straight jacketed riders. Next day a guy rags the limiter and he's lost his mind ?

Lets say Mav thinks he's being screwed over by Yamaha. Lets say he's wrong but this is his suspicion. Makes a rare good start, battles with team mate. Red flag. Bikes perfect don't touch it. Second start everything goes to s***. Not only the stall but the electronics of the bike. If he believes, rightly or wrongly, that it's not an accident....?

Not being remotely current with engine tech these days....exactly how much damage can you do holding it on the limiter in 5th. What's the speed...+270. Plenty of air. I know limiters can throw some screwy oscillations down a crank but that's 20 years ago. The only way to over rev the thing is to drop gears but is that possible these days ? Does the clutch software protect the engine ?

This reason given for this doesn't fit..straw that broke the camels back more likely. They will not get another rider this season who will perform better. So why now ? You may as well let him be mean to his engines and run. Maybe he takes a penalty for an extra engine. This crime of a 'mad man' is ....wait let me double check....yeah he banged it on the limiter. Well we should not be too flippant after all it is a small step from that to carrying a gun in his leathers for overtakes.

I understand your point, but MotoGP bikes haven't suddenly become road bikes with impossible durability. To push the engines to the limit, they have to be as highly strung as possible. There are plenty of systems to help stop things from blowing up, but someone could still damage it if they were an idiot. It's like the traction control systems they use in MogoGP. They work, but the limits are so fine to ensure riders can push as fast as possible. The engines and electronics are exactly the same way. 

Oh totally understand your point but...how much damage ? Oil gushing all over the track ? Worthy of suspending a rider ? Put himself and others in danger to such an extent ?.....I'll call it....horse s***. They just found the excuse they needed. As i say, extra engine, grid penalty, like last year, might even be useful to give Mav a good shot at stealing points from Fabio's competition in the late season.

Maybe they want to put a rookie on the bike for the remaining races and give him a better shot at 2022. I think they should have whoever they want riding their bikes. I'm just disappointed in the drama BS

At the end of the day, I don't think Yamaha would like their engines damaged at all. Because of the regulations around engine development in MotoGP, the teams need to use the old engines, tare them down and inspect them to understand their wear and tear. This information would be critical for future engine development. As the sample size is comparatively small, the loss of any engines or corruption of the information they provide would be disasterous. I have no doubt the teams arn't thrilled when anyone revs their engins in celibration. 

That said, I'm sure with the degradation of maverick and Yamahas relationship, I can't imagine some people at Yamaha needed much of a reason at this point to pull him off the bike. But, it's impossible to know. Maybe it was just risk midigation. 

I think it's important to note that no one wins in this situation. Maverick looks unprofessional and lowers his own value, while Yamaha looks less attractive to riders.

I think they build the same engines, not for motogp, for the test team and for the lab. They run them to death and pull them apart at regular intervals. Anyway, lets move on

to blow up those engines through over-revving. Remember Vale (and Vinales too, for that matter) at Mugello a few years back? They got light over the hump at the end of the pit straight, the engine spun up faster than the electronics could catch it, and boom.

Yeah of course if an engine over revs it tends to pop but if i remember correctly that was because of an error in the rev limiter. The engines were over reving on the jump into T1 because the rev limiter wasn't working.

Yamaha may have just been waiting for a termination event. Termination for cause is a good way to get out of paying the balance on a contract. Don't ask how I know.

A few overreaches on the comments, settle down the feeding frenzy eh? No mental health concerns. Before race Mav was RELAXED because he is divorced. But they still live together, are both sides are in a "fine, fook you" stance...before the race. My take pre race was that Vinales may have an excellent race because he was so relaxed finally, he gets angsty then tries too hard at times. Sure enough, first start he was RIGHT UP THERE.

Then came the restart. Then came a different clutch feel. A stall. And a bike that went utter shite in excruciating ways.

Frustration tolerance is not high for Vinales. Judgement while frustrated is not good. The stress and intensity out there is huge. And, can demand much. Not mental illness, but is a weakness. I think he is struggling, for obvious reason. He's generally a likeable guy! He also has immense potential via his talent and skill.

Unfortunately his remarkably poor judgement Sunday may have a real limit on his future IF he is not signed with Aprilia. If he is, he gets another go on a different bike in very different team culture. 

Yamaha's bike electronics were crazy though. Indeed.

P.S. not only did Maverick repeatedly over rev late shifting gears on the straight, he also pulled into pit lane last lap rather than cross the line and finish. Utter middle finger to Yamaha. Blue can't keep the guy on the bike. And obviously via his behavior he can't stay on it either. If behavior is a language, Maverick just quit yelling that it is because the bike/team is so useless it deserves the bin. Another ugly divorce on live TV. 

Worked well for Zarco btw! Remember what some folks here were saying back when he ditched KTM? Not ruling out a successful, albeit not so consistent, Vinales - Aprilia venture, matching Aleix on points and perhaps a bit more. 

Holy crap Maverick, horrible judgement and unacceptably reactive behavior. Enjoy a few months off with your wonderful wife and wee one. Get rest. Be glad you are out of the Blue garage. But take up mindfulness exercises in addition to keeping fit of body mate. You have some growing to do right now. 

Is always on point and in balance. This situation is so bonkers that no amateur psychiatry or intergenerational sociology is needed. It's just another dimension of human unpredictability. But I have to say - resisting capitailisation - that it's really A grade bonkers. The concern for me is that Mav is the same bloke who, at Assen said on Sunday there was no issue with his place in the team and then on Monday, he was leaving the team. If that's not bad enough he won the first GP of the year. His personal credibility is under real pressure here. I have been amused by some Yamaha conundrums and some of their pretty funny explanations of them. But I cannot bring myself to believe that they have not given Mav every chance possible. It would just be so far beneath a team and group of people who seem to have too much integrity. But most of all, hard though it is - I think we should focus upon the incredible performance of one J Martin, cause that was truly remarkable and worth a lot more attention than the latest Mav god-knows-what-next.

Is always on point and in balance. This situation is so bonkers that no amateur psychiatry or intergenerational sociology is needed. It's just another dimension of human unpredictability. But I have to say - resisting capitailisation - that it's really A grade bonkers. The concern for me is that Mav is the same bloke who, at Assen said on Sunday there was no issue with his place in the team and then on Monday, he was leaving the team. If that's not bad enough he won the first GP of the year. His personal credibility is under real pressure here. I have been amused by some Yamaha conundrums and some of their pretty funny explanations of them. But I cannot bring myself to believe that they have not given Mav every chance possible. It would just be so far beneath a team and group of people who seem to have too much integrity. But most of all, hard though it is - I think we should focus upon the incredible performance of one J Martin, cause that was truly remarkable and worth a lot more attention than the latest Mav god-knows-what-next.

The problem isn't what happened Sunday. The problem is the decade-long pattern that culminated in Sunday's ridiculous display of churlishness. This pattern has persisted throughout Maverick's time in GP's. Since Moto3 I've seen an entitled brat who throws fits and walks away when he doesn't get his way. When everything is right (a famous man once said "they're only fast over here when the moon is just right") he's amazing but in motorcycle racing things are rarely just right. That's when Mav lashes out at anything he can scapegoat. That can't happen at this level. Aprilia may still give him a chance but imo his days in Motogp should be over.

O/T Maybe you can tell me what Suzuki are doing with all that sweet Monster money. I see a mostly stagnant organization that refuses to do the right thing and support a satellite team. They're World Champions, they oughta start acting like it imo. Cheers!

While we are all heckling a tantrum, MUCH BIGGER NEWS IS BEING MISSED.

Yamaha has renegotiated with Aqua to have two A Spec (non-Factory) bikes! SRT is leaving the project, just Petronas Yamaha "customer Team" now. The Moto2 and Moto3 Teams may be going away entirely. 

Bad for Yamaha, bad for Aqua, sad news for all of us. Adios SRT.


Where did you get this Shrink ? From what i read Petronas are withdrawing sponsorship but SRT stay with Yammys but B specs as you mentioned. Scrapping the Moto3 and Moto2 to protect the MotoGP team.

You are right, thanks! I have it backwards in haste and busyness. JUST released less than an he before my post, Petronas leaving the SRT Team. 

Adios Petronas (huge money!!!). Swap Petronas and SRT on above post.


Much needed good news. 

KTM is just now launching a new RC8 8c, loosely based on their prev Moto2 chassis. 890cc Parallel Twin (Ahem, Supersport new rulebook). Top kit on it. Race bike only at first. Coming to a middleweight race near you. Looks gorgeous, like one of Herve's bikes got a bit more angular sharp lines. 

Could be wrong, but believe is is 32,000 Euros, lots of torque, light and nimble, and 130hp. First batch sold out in 5 minutes. Not kidding. 

I have had a keen interest in the future of Supersport, dearly missing the loveliest of bikes to thrash on track that have dwindled to the R6 Cup. The future is arriving.

Totally agree that the KTM RC 8C is a gorgeous bike.

Pretty sure though that is a KTM branded version of the Krämer GP2 890 R.

Looks like KTM and Kramer have been collaborating over the yrs, right? Will look into that, thanks.

Think it is going towards Supersport as a torque monster? Does that excite you? (The twins DON'T excite me to ride, but that is an asset as well eh?). All about that Triumph Triple over here, and a refreshed diverse growing class. 

I believe Krämer Motorcylces was started by an employee of KTM. 

I am not sure if the end goal of KTM is to go SuperSport racing with the RC 8C, but it would not surprise me at all to hear they do, they are all about racing. Ready to Race, as they say.

All sporty type bikes are exciting and interesting to me. I also love triples! Current play bike is an FZ-09. 

More info on the Krämer 890:


Loved it. It is and isn't a KTM, I mean doesn't it look the Orange DNA? That 300lbs 118HP non production puts it in an odd niche. But, with the current changes enabling such things as the Moto2 Special Daytona 765 to run as a different production bike, something else could be coming here. The 890 Duke could conceivably be the production based homologation special. Hoping just under 130HP and heaps of torque. 


Maverick can ride a motoGp bike. MV12/25 can control the bike fine. Maybe needs to work on self control.

Was going to compare Maverick Viñales to John Kocinski, that has been done.

Mav is like me, less than perfect. Sometimes makes dumb decisions, just like me. Responds a bit too aggressively occasionally. Has been known to spit the dummy and fly off the handle. Blames others rather than accepting his own responsibility, same here.

So I can relate to Mav and I had hoped he would get it together. There will be other opportunities of success for all of us.

Even the rider on the Sterilgarda Max racing team Husqvarna has been given another chance.

Hilarious.  I'm no Mav fan, ambivalent really, but this is what people are on about, banging it in 5th gear?  Someone mentioned "oil on the track", like the engine is going to let go.  None of us know what is going on, but plenty are here to judge.  judge not lest ye be judged!  There has been some questionable stuff going on at Yamaha for years now.  The electronics is just one of them.  This is not the first handbags between a rider and factory we've seen by any stretch.  And thank God your honors here aren't the judge and jury as Zarco would have been finished in this sport going by these comments as it was not long ago he was throwing all his toys out of his pram too.  You shouldn't be talking about someone's mental status unless you are a clinical therapist, psychologist, etc, and even then it's doctor patient confidentiality.  If the man does have anything going to, I hope he figures it out.  He's got real raw talent and instead like many here willing to cast the guy away at 26, I'd like to see him get another ride, even Aprilia, and a place change.  Maybe that's all he needs, new team, new bike, new mfr.  It's working for Zarco.  It worked for Casey Stoner, and it worked for Valentino Rossi when he left Honda.  Not the first time.  

Meanwhile, Marc Marquez is banging into Aleix Espargaro, not once, but two successive race starts.  My my the fan forum experience these days. 

I don’t think Mav is going crazy.  What he is, is a perfect representation of the narcissism born of this current generation of young adults who think the world is owed to them.  They haven’t had to fight in any world wars…. Not had any particular hardship in their lives…….. not had to hunt for their food or build their own shelter..... have endless entertainment to keep them distracted…. Have the internet that spreads more mistruth than truth…… and have had parents and sponsors and fans telling them that they are the best in the world….. and all they do is soak that up and believe it.   

Mav has this entitled take on the world.  He really does…. He has the same kind of narcissism that Trump is often accused of. To not be able to genuinely reflect on your failures and have a society built around you to say “good job” no matter how much you f#$k up must build some genuinely flawed human beings…..

But I'm no psychologist... so I'm probably completely wrong.

PeteRC8 wrote: They haven’t had to fight in any world wars…. Not had any particular hardship in their lives…….. not had to hunt for their food or build their own shelter.

Really??? Just wow,,,,, how many people in, or around, or watching, or reading, or even know what MotoGP is do you think have recently kept Hitler/Stalin/Churchill at bay? or slain a wild boar for the tribe??? Or knocked up a new lean-to on the front of the cave? 

Maybe MV is just a young man who's temper/ego got the better of him? Am quite sure there's plenty of us can admit to that one.

In the AMA about thirtyish years ago, a story circulated about a few riders that would backshift and purposely grenade a freshly built engine because they deemed the powerplant not peppy enough. The only comment the mechanics received was, "Sorry." Well, a simple "sorry" doesn't cut it in this era of global spotlight and reactionary social media. 

Pit Bierer admitted to breaking the Fernandez to Tech 3 signing because he got a little angry. Apparently at Yamaha for distracting their rider by trying to poach him. Today the news breaks that Petronas is dialing back their support for the SRT team, which will be running customer bikes next year. Besides Quartararo's results, has anyone considered what has not been going well for Yamaha these days? And Yamaha have had plenty of troubles in recent times. Could the Yamaha brass maybe have overreacted a bit concerning Vinales actions last Sunday?

It is so easy to discount one's life-long dedication, talent and hard work with just a couple minutes of keystroke activity in the privacy of one's own home under a ficticious username. And also to judge one's actions and sanity! The interesting part is that the energy that may motivate a guy to bang his motorcycle engine off the rev limiter is eerily similar to the energy that may motivate people to rant and judge others through social media. Well...if one chooses to use that energy for personal reasons. And I am not saying that is what Vinales, and others (including the KTM and Yamaha heads) have done, but the possibility existed.

There are so many apt sayings for the present day Motogp gossip. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. It takes one to know one. (And my all-time favorite) What you react to in others is also inside of you. I see aspects of myself in Vinales's behavior. Flogging his machine may have just been a way for the guy to let off some steam. Not the most effective form of therapy. It does not have long-lasting benefits. I have tried it countless times over the years. But hey, at least Vinales didn't use another bike/rider as a berm. If Yamaha were to keep Vinales, I would not be surprised if he won at Silverstone. That would be fitting. But I doubt the environment in the pitbox will be very amiable in a couple weeks time.

Cheers everyone!

"The interesting part is that the energy that may motivate a guy to bang his motorcycle engine off the rev limiter is eerily similar to the energy that may motivate people to rant and judge others through social media"

Precisely.  It's all the same bag.  

The difference being that keyboard warriors are not professionals with dozens of peoples' livelihoods dependent on their doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. Now that I think about it, there is absolutely no comparison between me sitting here whining and Mav not doing his job. He finished last in Germany because he was pouting. He admitted it. He has fussed all season even after winning the opening race! He has talent but he's missing the most important 6 inches in racing. Maverick does not act as a professional acts and has let many, many people down with his histrionics. Aprilia will rue the day they signed him.

Thank you Peter. Well said. Exactly what i wanted to say but couldn't because i was punching my pc. It wasn't working correctly. Oh that sounds familiar doesn't it ?

Like probably everyone else here I don't know what is true in this story. I don't know any of the characters personally, don't know how inclined they are to be spiteful or vengeful, or Machiavellian. So I'm taking it all with a pinch of salt. But from a 'who benefits' perspective, I'd have to think it's mostly Yamaha. They wouldn't want Mav taking a single point off Fabio as he may need them all, have absolutely zero interest, investment or trust in Mav and maybe make a financial gain if they can make a breach of contract case stick. It's hard to see any gain for Mav other than the weird satisfaction that seems to comes with spite. My guess is that it's a bit of everything; that there was something wrong with the bike and Mav just tried to recklessly wring it's neck; and that it suits Yamaha to park him and paint him as the devil incarnate.

I am surprised that most seem to assume that Yamaha's press release is the truth and the only truth.

We should know better by now that there are three sides to a story. Yamaha's side, Maverick's side and the truth like it really happened.

Yamaha does not have a good track record how it treats its riders. Dare I say they are even worse than Ducati in this respect, they just seem to be able to hide it better.

This is the manufacturer that mismanaged the whole Vale-Lorenzo situation, going up to the climax that they cancelled Lorenzo's championship party when he won his last title with them. From a marketing perspective of course they would prefer Vale to win the title, but to handle the aftermath like this is just below a certain level.

They have a history of strange decision making and screw ups (e.g. not signing Casey Stoner, or Ben Spies' technical gremlins on the factory team up to a point that his swing arm broke during the race, I believe it was in Le Mans).

Nothing is what it seems, it is hard for an outsider to judge and extremely difficult for journalists to cover everything as next time, you might just not get that story or scoop because you're not on good grace with a manufacturer anymore.

Professional racing is just business and corporate politics. We all know that it in business life it happens regularly e.g. when someone is sacked or a partership ends that the true story is never told.

The wrong clutch stack height, whether by mistake or on purpose, could be the catalyst for MV stalling his bike on the warm-up lap!

Afterall MV was challenging FQ in the first race start before the red flag.......can't have MV potentially taking points off of the championship leader!

Also MV had 8 cancelled laps, I wonder when his his pit crew had informed him he had to perform the long lap penalty or informed when he had a warning for exceeding track limits?

 What is the protocol of informing the rider of exceeding track limits or for the LLP if his dash board is not functioning properly?

By the MotoGp analysis of MV's lap times, I assume he performed the LLP on lap 13. Maybe MV lost the plot after he got his second warning for exceeding track limits! 

* LLP Rules and Regulations*

I mean if he still has any left. I wonder what's like to be a MptoGP Spanish rider on the grid. I mean, if you're a Spanish fan, who cares if Viñales does not perform? You have a choice of riders to choose from, from champions  Marquez to Joan Mir, and all the underdogs like Spargaros, and the exciting young ones like Martin.

In this context, what's left for a prima dona like Viñales? Not winning is all it takes for the negative spiral to start.

Now if you're the only rider of a country has 100% support, from fans and the press. Viñales looks like passed because the Spanish press does not take his side much...

Similar to other comments that Maverick certainly has appeared to struggle with his emotions and maybe (I am no expert) with his mental health so surely Yamaha as his employer have a duty of care and maybe should have done more and I accept we do not know what they have tried but I do wonder.  Obviously hindsight is a wonderful thing but whilst I do admire Lin Jarvis in many ways, he has gone missing a couple of times in the past when situations got a bit tricky. So whilst I cannot condone or even understand Maverick's actions I feel maybe more could have been done so that things did not reach this sad state.  We will watch and see what further fall out there is and what Maverick's future holds but it does not look great.

... making big money for a straightforward, if very difficult, job and should be acting accordingly. As Jack Miller said (I'm paraphrasing here), "Our job is to race motorcycles as hard as we can, end of story. Oh, and also to talk to you dickheads (journos)." lol.  As long as Jack is in the paddock we won't have to worry about missing Cal's forthright comments.

Crutchlow to take spot, and DIXON of all people to take Cal's Wildcards?!


They better score two great riders for Aqua. On dang A Spec?!


At least we get to see Morbidelli on top 2022 kit. Sending good juju to his knee. Btw, Marc just said he is (disappointed) in his fitness right now as evidenced last Sunday. The lap times agree. Not bad, but not The Marc. Leaves a very hungry pile of riders ramming themselves in to that vacuum. Interesting moment! 

The single lap time issue for Suzuki may have just been transcended. Been expecting Mir, and just hoping wee Suzuki could find something. Ride height, here. A few more small developments sorting is reasonable to expect. Boom. On the gas. This Sunday I see a Binder in the mix. Championship? I see a Quartararo - Mir close battle.