Marc Marquez To Miss Portimão 2 Round With Concussion

Marc Marquez is to miss the Algarve Grand Prix, to be held at the Portimão circuit this weekend. According to a press release from the Repsol Honda team, the Spaniard suffered a crash during training which has left him with a mild concussion. As he was still feeling unwell a couple of days after the event, Marquez and the team have decided to skip the penultimate round of MotoGP.

Marquez' absence at Portimão raises questions of whether he will be fit for Valencia, and indeed, whether it will be worth Marquez taking a risk on being fully fit for the final grand prix of the 2021 season. The season will end with a two-day test at the Jerez circuit on the Thursday and Friday after Valencia, and as we saw at the Misano test, Honda have brought a radically revised RC213V for the 2022 season. Given that the best Marquez could hope for in 2021 is to finish fourth, there is more to be gained from testing than from coming back too early and trying to race.

The decision is also a sign that Marquez is taking injury more seriously, since breaking his arm. The lesson learned from the long and miserable process of recovering from the right humerus he broke at Jerez last year is that it is better to be more patient before trying to come back. Marquez' decision to try to race a few days after surgery to fix his right arm ended up costing him the entire 2020 season, and any chance of the 2021 championship.

It is also a positive sign that concussion is being taken much more seriously. Coming back too early from a concussion can have very serious consequences, and a knock on effect for weeks and months after the fact. It is better to play it safe and focus on recovering as fully as possible, rather than risk exacerbating an existing concussion and paying for it down the road.

As of this moment, there is no word on a replacement rider, but HRC test rider Stefan Bradl could be called in to take Marquez' place, either at Portimão, or Valencia, or both, if that is needed.

The press release from the Repsol Honda team appears below:

Marquez to miss Algarve Grand Prix

This past Saturday Marc Marquez, while preparing for the Algarve Grand Prix with one of his standard off-road training sessions, suffered a fall that caused a slight head concussion. After a few days of rest at home and seeing that he was still unwell, today Marquez has been assessed by doctors in a medical check-up to evaluate his current status. As a precautionary measure, this coming weekend Marquez will not contest the Algarve Grand Prix.


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Can't be that 'mild' if he's forced to sit out a race..its only Tuesday,why wouldn't they wait till Thursday to give the all clear/ unfit to race decision?

That reminds me of the advice the late great Sid Watkins gave to many racing drivers, there is no such thing as a 'slight' concussion, there either is one or there isn't. A patient with even a minor head injury will be vulnerable to secondary impact syndrome for at least a week, there's little chance of Marc being passed fit by Thursday.

Given that so much discussion has been had recently about safety, or for example the fact that Marc couldn't remember crashing into the air fence at 180km/h at Jerez this year before he jumped back on the bike and completed the session.. I think they deserve some credit for making this decision.

Apart from stroking his ego from more good results he would gain very little from the next two rounds. He's a win it type of guy, not fight for 4th in the chip.

I wouldn't be surprised if he sits out the next two rounds and arrives at the test 100% rested which is much more important to both he and Honda as 2022 is their mission.

If he hits the test hurt in any way or completely exhausted after the weekend.. What a waste. That would be a huge hit (and the latter is almost guaranteed). 

This could be one of the most convenient concussions in MOTOGP history ;) 

Fingers crossed MM93 is OK. A friend got knocked off her byicle at low speed, was wearing a helmet but banged her head and had really bad headaches and felt ill for two weeks, so caution is the right option. Most important thing for MM93 and HRC is to be as fit and fresh as possible for the Jerez test to get as many km on the 2022 bike 🤞. 

..... the neck bone, the neck bone is connected to ...  

I hope Marc has hit his head with no effect on the surrounding or connected areas. But I doubt it. Honda, have you woken up 2 years too late. 

...right hand. The right hand's connected to the...points finish. The points finish is connected to the DAMN IT!

You just won the 2021 1,2,3 Cloverleaf

Great picks on the Ducati factory Boys and Fabio. Bagnaia, so late to catch fire. And a strong big pile of fuel on there to keep burning long into the night. 

You nailed it. Conceded, calling it.

Motorcycle racing, where the training is more dangerous than the sport... Stoner was right, lotta these guys do too much, can't get out of their own way.

Portimão being basically a go cart track, it was the worst place for his return earlier this year. He no doubt remembers that. And a place where nothing is to be gained now (Martin!). Heal up, kick ass later.