Marc Marquez Out Of Valencia Race And Jerez Test Due To Recurrence Of Eye Problems

Marc Marquez' terrible run of injury problems continues. Today, the Repsol Honda team announced that it wasn't just concussion which Marquez suffered in a training crash before Portimão, but that he also appears to have damaged a nerve in his right eye. As a result, Marquez is having problems with diplopia, or double vision.

Those problems are a recurrence of the issue Marquez suffered back in 2011, when he crashed during practice at Sepang on a patch of water after marshals failed to wave the yellow flag. That crash cost Marc Marquez the 2011 Moto2 title, and a long period of uncertainty. The Spaniard required surgery on his right eye, a weakening of the muscle to try to correct the problem.

That surgery turned out to be a success. Despite the fact that there were real fears Marquez would never race again, a member of Marquez' entourage told me several years ago. The relief after he took to the track at Alcarras and rode a Moto2 machine without major problems was absolutely palpable. The test was supposed to be secret, but some BSB riders were also present, and as it was 2012, and the early days of Twitter and social media, the news soon leaked out.

Dr Sanchez Dalmau, the ophthalmologist who treated Marquez in 2011 and 2012, and is treating him again now, has chosen to follow a conservative regime of treatment, presumably to avoid complications on the eye where he has already had one operation. The problems Marquez is suffering are with the nerve which was damaged back in 2011.

There is no time frame for a return for Marc Marquez. He will certainly miss the Valencia race and the Jerez test. Whether he will be present at the Sepang test in February 2022 will only be apparent much later, and much closer to the time. Repsol Honda looks unlikely to replace Marquez at Valencia.

Marquez' absence is a setback for HRC's plan to develop the 2022 Honda RC213V. The bike, which first saw the light at the Misano test in September, is completely new, with a new engine, chassis, fairing, airbox, and aerodynamic package. It will need a lot of work to get it ready for 2022, and Honda will have to rely on the feedback from their current line up of test rider Stefan Bradl, Repsol Honda teammate Pol Espargaro, and the LCR riders Alex Marquez and Takaaki Nakagami.

The press release appears below:

Marc Marquez to miss Valencia Grand Prix and Jerez Test

The Repsol Honda Team rider will not participate in the Valencia Grand Prix this coming weekend, nor in the IRTA Jerez Test scheduled for November 18 and 19.

After Marc Marquez underwent a medical examination at the Dexeus Clinic in Barcelona last Tuesday, in which he was evaluated after a fall while practicing off-road, the rider has been resting all week at his home in Cervera.

During these days of rest, Marc has continued to feel unwell and has suffered from vision problems, which is why this Monday he was visited by the ophthalmologist Dr. Sánchez Dalmau at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, who examined him and performed the tests, which detected a new episode of diplopia.

Doctor Sánchez Dalmau

“The examination carried out on Marc Marquez today after the accident that occurred has confirmed that the rider has diplopia and has revealed a paralysis of the fourth right nerve with involvement of the right superior oblique muscle. A conservative treatment with periodic updates has been chosen to follow with the clinical evolution. This fourth right nerve is the one that was already injured in 2011.”


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Having developed diplopia on October 2nd due to other health issues, I feel for the man. I feel struck down. Riding and driving, once a joy for me, are a chore. I have to wear an eye patch as the confusing signals are just too much (I piss in the wrong bowl image, reach for the wrong glass on the table, spilling, etc). One eyed, depth perception is lost and has to be relearned. I'm 67, and will adapt to whatever the new normal is. He will have to as well. I hope for our sake he returns to the track.

^ Sorry to hear you have been experiencing that. It sounds miserable. Hope you recover well.

Hearing Marc's revisited vision difficulty after concussion brings me slight concern about next year. But not much. It has only been a week. Going to expect full recovery and extend him warm wishes. 

You heal up well too over there!

Both my wife and brother were born flat earthers. They have amblyopia. The wife uses one eye for "objects" in the distance and the other for reading. My brother had surgery twice as a child and teenager and wore the patch afterward. He said, when they removed the patch that reality was just too weird with a constantly shifting landscape. His brain still ended up favoring one eye for the sake of the mind's sanity. He was very good at sports though. He practiced using his mind to determine how much effort to use when making basketball shots from different areas on the court.

Marquez is a guy that has shown how to use the mind and a very strong will to overcome physical limitations. This is another setback and challenge for him. I'm not ready to jump on the end-of-career bandwagon. Just another unknown in a pretty strange recent era.

On a side note, Stoner signing with Ducati as a rider coach sounds like a great opportunity for all involved. Stoner using his gift and talents to help others excell in the team spirit could take his mind off of his physical ailments, and he might experience an improvement in his health.  

I'm with you on this. For us mere mortals this may well be a career-ending injury, but Marc Marquez is no mere mortal. I really hope he'll be back and at 100%, it just wouldn't be the same without him.

More than just a mild concussion. But this is some seriously bad news. Cope with the condition, yes. Ride a motorcycle in a pack of 20+ riders, less likely if not fully recoverable. Nothing but wishing Marc a full recovery. And me hoping that it is not the compounding of hundreds of crashes and injuries that have slowly worn Marc's physique and ability to heal fully. Career-ending? That would be conjecture. Calling time? The hardest thing, perhaps more so at such young age at such otherworldly level of competence in such fiercely competitive surroundings - corporate and two-wheeled. We will only know when time comes.

Perhaps Marc shall put in a favour with father Christmas for a guardian angel upon return to racing? His old one seems ready for retirement.


Just a reminder. It's early days. The last time Marc hurt his vision with a nasty bump was 2011. The following three years he was world champion.

Ik ben een ervaringsdeskundige... Verlamming van 3de en 4de oogzenuw na val met de koersfiets op het hoofd.  Ik kan je alleen bevestigen dat deze toestand voor mij zeer handicaperend is.  Ook - en vooral - met de motorfiets. 

Interessant hoewel Marc een oude blessure erger maakt. Ik wens hem (en jou) het allerbeste!
Mijn laatste grote hoofdletsel (einde aan racen) was evenwicht, misselijkheid en woordvinding. Heeft een jaar geduurd om te herstellen. Ze zijn geen grap, hè?!
Nam een ​​dag vrij van het werk, gebroken botten verzorgend in het ziekenhuis. Ik braakte in een vuilnisbak tijdens therapiesessies waar ik geen basiswoorden kon bedenken, dus werd het vrij stil op het werk. Geen fietsen voor 4 maanden, niet meer racen. Hartverscheurend.

Worrying, for Marc for sure, I am not his greatest fan, but respect his ability and successes. For Honda, this will be a massive blow and if Marc cannot return they are well and truly screwed with the bike they have made. It's Marc's bike and to get it into a shape that others can ride will take much more effort than they have put into it this year.

I hope Marc gets well soon and can return, but something tells me this on top of his other injuries might just  be a bridge too far to be a champion again.

 Devastating news for MM. Optic nerve damage and suchlike are horrible things and I don't wish them on anyone. Not a Marc fan at all but I would like to see him recover fully. There's a whole new generation who think they're fast but they may not be as fast as they think. Full fit Marc still has a half second on everyone else. One armed Marc won multiple races. Full fit being the ??? /fingers xed for full recovery