Repsol Honda Press Release: Marc Marquez Out Of Argentina

The Repsol Honda team has announced that Marc Marquez is to miss the Argentina round of MotoGP at the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit. The Spaniard met with the specialist treating him for diplopia, or double vision, on Monday, who judged that it would be better for him to sit out the race weekend taking place in Argentina.

There was good news too, however. Confirming Marc Marquez' own report that the diplopia was nowhere near as bad as the bout he suffered after a training crash at the end of last year, Dr Sanchez Dalmau noted that Marquez' condition was progressing well, and his vision was improving rapidly. That holds out hope for Marquez that he could make a return for the Austin round of MotoGP, a track where he has previously dominated. That could also explain why the Repsol Honda press release only ruled Marquez out for Argentina, and made no mention of Austin, which happens the week after Argentina.

The Repsol Honda press release appears below:

Marc Marquez to miss Grand Prix of Argentina

The Repsol Honda Team rider has already shown very favourable improvements with his diplopia after visiting the Hospital Clínic and an examination from Dr. Sánchez Dalmau.

Marc Marquez visited his ophthalmologist, Dr. Sánchez Dalmau, at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona yesterday, Monday, where he underwent his second medical check-up after the crash in Warm Up for the Indonesian GP a week ago. In this new examination, Dr. Sánchez Dalmau confirmed that Marc Marquez’s diplopia shows a notable improvement and reaffirms that the progression of his vision is very favourable. As happened with the last episode of diplopia, Marc Marquez will continue to carry out a conservative treatment regime with regular check-ups.

The Repsol Honda Team rider will not take part in the next round of the MotoGP World Championship that takes place this weekend in Argentina as he continues his recovery.

Doctor Sánchez Dalmau

“The second neuro-ophthalmological evaluation carried out on Marc Marquez this past Monday has shown a very favourable evolution in the paralysis of the fourth right nerve affected by the fall that occurred at the Indonesian Grand Prix. Recovery is not yet complete, and Marc Marquez must follow the established therapeutic regime with conservative treatment.”


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I think not. Marc missing Argentina will surely mean missing Austin. There is no point in missing Sundays race and then flying out to begin contesting for the next GP 4 days later, that being Friday FP1 in Austin. Rehab on a dirt bike, then a superbike test will be the recovery route again. A possible rejoining of battle in Jerez is more likely. By then another 50 points will have disappeared off the max allocation for the year. The thing is how long will it be before higher powers step in and say enough is enough in the interest of his and other rider's safety. This ding on the head with recurring impaired vision thing is not like a collar bone pinned, a scaphoid tweak or a heavily strapped ankle and wrist supported with a few pre-race pain killers. 'What if' definitely applies. The 'what if' in this case is what if during free practice or any race his vision has even a momentary snag at 300 and plenty within a group of five riders as is oft the case today? The consequences are too ghastly to contemplate. Make no mistake, I am a huge backer of Marc and have been since his 125cc debut, but perhaps its time for him to call time on arguably the greatest career in MotoGP history as a racer, for himself and those around him. He can easily do like his old rival Vale and embark on doing battle within the game but off the track. Repsol Honda in Moto 3 and Moto 2 ala Aki Ayo with Red Bull KTM. Lord knows HRC need a conveyor belt of hand picked and nurtured talent.

Well said. I hope the higher powers to which you refer are listening. David’s current strap line says ‘leopards don’t change their spots’. He’s right. That’s why the decision has to be taken out of Marc’s (and his immediate team’s) hands. 

MM93 HRC Academy - I like the sound of that though there is no shortage of young Spanish riders just junior HRC riders. If 2022 is written off for Marc - HRC have got to start thinking of pulling the plug on Marc's HRC racing career and finding a replacement.

Let’s hope he will recover to such a degree, that he can really race again. Send wishes to the universe. He still belongs to MotoGP. Too soon for anything else. 

This could be the time that MM needs genuine good advice that’s in the best interest of his future health and not his ego. As anyone who has had concussion a few time knows, you can’t train yourself and stop it. It happens with severe impact or jolting and it generally tends to come a bit easier each subsequent time. The worst thing is it often it gives you the delusion that your fine and everyone else is worrying over nothing.